“I was engulfed…by your sensuality.

You treated me as though I was all that mattered to you and time slowed to a near halt to witness. Dealing with my apprehension and fears, you have made me face and overcome many of them. I dare not graduate to conquering all of them; because, I want you around for a long time.

Please continue to sharpen your sensitivity, fulfill your focus and sensationalize your sexuality and the sky will open to unlimited opportunities and vivid dreams. I only ask one thing of you during your rise: Take me with you.”

regular client, 4/28/06



As you know I’ve been doing chakra meditation on my own for several months now. The idea was to harness the Kundalini energy to help me physically and mentally. I’ve been visualizing the chakras by color and location, and thinking about relaxing and releasing the energy from each while I chant the appropriate mantra. It took a few sessions, but I was surprised to feel anything at all, but I did. I started to feel a faint buzzing warmth in the first three chakras.

It took me about 2 months before I could feel anything at all beyond that.

I finally felt something in my heart, and soon after that in my brow (Unfortunately as a headache!). But I was getting in touch to a small degree with all my chakras.

Your session blew me away. By sharing your energy with me while I did a similar chakra meditation, it was a 100-fold more powerful. You were somehow able to help me release /and give to me/ energy in such a way it was overwhelming. I could feel stress, pain and tension flowing from me. I could feel a strong charge of energy. A few times it was almost too much it was such a heady experience. It was blissfully intoxicating. I also don’t think I’ve ever felt that close to someone. It was such a close, intimate experience. For the first time I think I felt really “in tune” with another human being. That in itself was a pretty wonderful experience.

The down side of this is that I am now back to my own chakra meditation – by myself. It’s a pale and poor substitute to what we shared. I feel like a junkie who got really high but now can’t get another fix. My loneliness is intensified, after sharing that oneness, and then going back to being by myself.

Still – this gave me a small glimpse of how things could be, and how powerful this work is. It is something to look forward to, to continue to learn about, and hopefully get more adept at so I can harness these energies better own my own.

In summary, all I can say is “WOW, Let’s do it again!”

Love and thankfulness,

Regular client, 4/10/06


…real treasure and treat!

Asttarté Sharananda Deva, Dakini :

Greetings! I trust that all is well with you.

Although I did leave a voicemail, I wanted to send this e-mail to you.

First, let me thank you for “fitting” me in today. I know that it was not scheduled until literally the last minute at a late hour. I felt that I should at least attempt to see you before this demanding day and weekend. I was oh so right. I really was out of balance and out of sync with myself for a couple of weeks now. I knew of no one to help me. My prior experiences weren’t worth repeating and my possibilities were very slim. I could find a therapeutic massage that left something out and a sensual that was empty and frustrating. When you met me at the door I was relieved and felt that I was going to be correct about trusting you.

Second, let me thank you for a wonderful session. You advised me to “melt” and I melted before you advised me. Great touch, reading, rhythm and sensual strokes. I was very relaxed especially considering that the cats did not distract me. I felt peaceful and safe in my very vulnerable state. Your attention to my needs made me feel that no one else and nothing else mattered to you during the time we were together. I also appreciate your level of respect to me in not taking me too far too soon. I really admired that.

Third, since the session, I have traveled from Chester, West Chester and back to Delaware County. Mostly in the rain and in moderate to high volume traffic. Normally, I would be a nervous wreck. Because of you, not once did I get close to being “bent out of shape”. I felt appreciated, balanced, confident, relaxed and (a hint) of sensual. All thanks to you and your work.

Fourth, if you allow, I would like to make another appointment with you. I will be away much of this week. If you would, please advise me of what you feel, based on this appointment today, of what I would be ready for? I mentioned tantric and you also confirmed that as a stage. Just wanted to get a feel of what you were feeling.

Fifth, I am very grateful to have met you. I have longed for an experience that awakens what was sleep or even untouched. I feel that you could remedy my need for chemistry, communication, expression, sensuality and sexuality in dosages that would be captivating and mutual without guilt, maintenance or obligation. I really appreciate your finding that and even more in me and being trustworthy to not mistreat it. I find that I would give if you receive my transparency, trust and vulnerability.

Finally, I apologize for the length. Some things can’t be said in short sentences, small paragraphs and snappy dissertations.

Sweet dreams and success for the days ahead.

New client, 4/9/06


Dear Asttarte’

Warm regards!

Please accept my sincere thanks for yesterday’s session, together. It was such an awesome experience, and I thank you for your energy, love, and sacred healing. I feel renewed in heart, mind, and spirit.


T., client


Dear Asttarte,

I am still drinking in the generosity of spirit & soul you shared with me in our session. The way you touch, speak, breath & move is imbued with such a level of mastery that my sense of gratitude grew from your first words. Even though you used different modalities, you have woven them into a beautiful tapestry which is your work, your presence. Thank you again for being a teacher, a healer & most importantly being true to yourself.

Much Peace & Love,



“A devotee of your enchantment
and perfect religion summing up my heart
a worshiper of your perfect form
obedient love slave to your gorgeous goddess feet
my loving open mouth and servant tongue
shall obey the hints of your guiding feet
to please you anywhere in any way accepting all
Michael a fellow believer in the truth of love without shame
as a sacred right beyond the laws of possessiveness
your man-friend your woman-friend your artist-friend
as well as faithful regular client
Michael who is smitten but not blind in the least
Michael who loves to recognize others
and be recognized.”

Michael, Writer, Editor and Client.


“I have been blessed to know and work with Asttarte for several years. She is a woman of wisdom, compassion, love and a deeply Spiritual Being. Astarte brings to her healing and teaching a freshness and joy; a wealth of experience, a caring for all people and the inner desire to help, to heal and to give of all that she is and that is love.”

Jim Curley, Director of One…A Shared Journey, Spiritual Life Coach.


“Asttarte is a gifted healer whose commitment to truth as a seeker and practitioner brings forth limitless possibilities in her work. Her selfless attitude of compassion and patience combined with the intensity of her belief in wellness as our natural state makes her a very effective vessel for God’s Grace to heal others through her.”


David Newman, Founder and Director of Yoga on Main, Manayunk, PA, and author, writer and singer.


“Asttarte is a wonderful healer who has a wealth of knowledge in many traditions. She is a very loving person with an open heart who personally cares for her patients and clients and treats them in body, mind, and Soul.”

Swami Ramananda, President of New Life Yoga International, author of BLISS NOW and “Wings of the Dawn” CD.


“Asttarte Sharananda Deva is truly a gifted healer who masterfully balances her heart and intuition with her deep wisdom and expertise. Her session has enabled my husband and I to release discomfort and pain easily and effortlessly and have left us feeling deeply peaceful and recharged.”

Rev. Andrea Miranda Thomas, RsC
P, Spiritual Counselor, Workshop Facilitator


Healing Website
Spiritual Pictures and more

www.SexBlissLifeCoach.blogspot.com Asttarte Deva

What Intimacy Therapy looks Like

What Intimacy Therapy Looks Like


Intimacy Therapy, Healing and Transformation

Sessions consist of consciousness. This is the start and the base of everything. Consciousness is tantra. Tantra is love. Love is connecting and uniting in bliss, and truth. Presence is being aware of everything in the moment we are together. In every moment we are together, the mind is shut off, the heart is open and becomes in tune with checking out our desires from within to see if they match.

At the start of each session, we will sit down together in my counseling room and I will ask you what your intentions are. I will also ask you what your intentions are for your life. And, in the session I will focus my energies to support you in the moment we are together, but also the broader picture of your life in general.

If you feel ungrounded when we begin, or when you arrive, from your drive to get to me, or from something else, I will guide you through a meditation to help you become calm and feel more at peace. I use my intuition with everything I do, and I am guided strongly in the most perfect way I know.

Sessions can include all or a any form of healing work I am specialized in. See this blog for details on the types of healing tools I use. As you grow to know me, in future sessions, I may include other tools to support you when needed, however, I only give what you are ready to receive, open to receive, and need.

I may give you a massage with healing, Healing Massage; sensuous energy, Breathwork, counseling, energy work, stretching, acupressure and meditation. Many masages move into Sacred Massage. A Sacred Massage can include any tools used in a Healing Massage, plus the addition of more sensual touch, and a deeper love connection. We may also do a session of Intimacy Therapy. All of my work is Intimacy Therapy, and everything is based on love and healing. Please be prepared to face yourself and heal at your core if you choose to take this on. I will offer support and unconditional love at all times.

I do my best to match your desires, and often they are fulfilled. If they are not, I ask for you to tell me during the session so that we can shift gears to match you to what you need. My desire is for your intentions to be as clear as possible before we get started.
Everything done and performed is up to spirit!

You may also go to my site and blog: www.myspace.com/tantrica.
For many Spiritual & Tantra pictures, you may go to: http://people.tribe.net/astarte_dakini

All of these Sessions must be pre-approved, have an initial consultation and several sessions in White Tantra prior to any of this work.

Asttarte Deva

Tantra Integrative Transformational Healing with Goddess Asttarte

Receive: (some or all)

Sessions filled with Safety, compassion and love
Meditation and breath techniques
Therapeutic, Sensual and Transformational Massage
Shamanic Transformational Healing
Healing tools for emotional expression and release
Relationship and life counsel
Sacred Spot massage for men and women
Keys to personal expansion and divine manifestation
True security within your own personal power
Elegant abundance in sensuality, love, sexuality, life experience and spiritual growth
Sensual love
Presence with the Divine

This is an opportunity to open up to the truth of your being-ness, your essence, your divine light within you. Growth is inevitable. Reach the divine God/Goddess within you. It is time to look into the mirror of who we really are. Own your power and face what is keeping you from your passionate presence.

We will discover miracles as we open our hearts and reclaim the calm and bliss of true presence within! I am a sacred sexual healer, singer, writer, ascension channel, massage therapist and healer. I have a degree in Behavioral Science of Anthropology and am presently working on writing a couple books. I am completing a Sacred Sexual Healer Certification and becoming connected to the Source power and presence of God as an Interfaith Minister and Prayer Practitioner. I will also be getting trained as a Practitioner of The Work of Byron Katie this year.

Open to working with men, women and couples holding compassionate, loving, expressive and sacred Intention. Sessions are also available in union with another professional Daka or Dakini as a double session.

Please call between 10am and 10pm. All sessions are performed in my home location in Bala Cynwyd. If you have a request for your home or hotel, this can also be arranged. I am available during the day, during the week. I also may be available Monday and Wed. evenings, and Saturday afternoons. Other times vary on the day. I look forward to hearing from you.

Goddess Asttarte Sharananda Deva

www.SexBlissLifeCoach.blogspot.com Asttarte Deva