What is Shamballa Multidimensional Reiki?





~Shamballa Reiki ~
What is Shamballa Reiki?

‘Laying on of hands’ is very ancient form of art. Since time began, people have been doing it. Putting your hands on someone is a natural impulse for those who have been injured or are not well. An example of this, are mothers. A mother often puts her hands on the wounded spot when a child has been hurt. Human touch carries healing care and love. This energy is known by many names: Ruach in Hebrew, Prana in India, Chi in China, and Reiki in Japanese.


Energy is natural and is what Shamballa and Reiki practitioners use. However, the Shamballa healer has contact to this energy in a much more significant way since the practitioners are attuned and once attuned the healer’s energy is increased at a frequency much higher than what is naturally given to them upon birth. The attunements boost the healers own life energies, and unites the person to the source of Shamballa Reiki. This Source could be called anything that the healer desires: God, Goddess energy, the first Source, Energy, Chi, etc. Reiki has no connection to any religion, so one is free to call it what they like. I myself like to call this source Mother Father Creator God of all that is.

The method of an attunement is not a healing session. The Attunement initiation. The first initiation is known as Shamballa I. The person who receives this initiation has established a magical gift from Source. After receiving Shamballa I all one has to do is to place their hands on themselves or someone else and say (to themselves or out loud, as they wish) “Shamballa On!” The energy will flow. is what creates the healer after the first

After someone starts to practice using the energy, they may go through a whole of experiencing things that they had never seen or felt before. Some feel more than others. Some feel nothing, but never the less are still channeling the energy. Some see more than others, some sense more than others, and some may not feel a change in their abilities at all. However, they will most often feel heat or tingling in their hands. “It is like plugging in.” Every time you lay your hands on yourself or someone else, the energy is there. All you have to do is call on it. The intention is what holds the key.

Shamballa is not only intended for those who wish to become healing practitioners. “It is also for people who want to become whole themselves.” The Shamballa attunements make it possible for someone to heal himself or herself. The attunements of Shamballa make it possible for you to heal yourself, both physically and spiritually. With Shamballa, you are able to break habits and addictions, to heal yourself on a mental and emotional level. People who are suffering problems with health and who have mental imbalances should receive Shamballa attunements. It is simple to do Self-healing by using the hand positions that are taught in the Shamballa course. These positions are not only for healing yourself, but they are also used for healing others. After the attunement has been it is a good idea to do a self-healing When it is possible, one should also practice on others. Practicing on others or yourself helps to settle into the energy and become used to it. This is a process and takes several months to adjust to the energies. Be patient with yourself, as the transition may be a rough one, but after the period of cleansing it will be very rewarding. session daily.

When you embark on the quest of Reiki, and especially Shamballa, it is very often the case where you heal one problem, which then leads to healing others. And this is very important to be aware of. Pain is often felt in a completely different place in the body than where the pain originated. For an example, headaches are often caused by emotional stress. “Healing the headache also heals the emotions. We should know as Shamballapractitioners that most of the dis-ease we suffer in the physical has its source in the emotional and mental bodies. If we root out the cause, the effect simply goes away. As healers we should encourage people to talk. By doing this, we can help them to discover the source of their dis-ease. We might hear some terrible stories, but we should not react to them. We should transmute the energy of fear into love, by being love ourselves. This really means that we give loving support to them. By allowing the healee to go through this process, we allow them to find out what is wrong. This may even be form past lives. If a person starts to get emotional and you are not experienced in dealing with this. Just ask the Shamballa guides to help you. Master Germaine especially has said that he is always available to Shamballa initiates. Stay calm and the universe will look after you. Know that after the release the healee will have grown a lot another thing to realize as a Shamballa healer is that it is not always possible to heal people, because the dis-ease that they suffer from might be a part of their soul’s purpose in this life. If this is the case, and the eventually die from it, know that death is also a healing process. Death is usually a lot less traumatic than being born! Modern societies try to deny the fact that death happens everywhere. They think that if they deny it, it won’t happen. Death happens everywhere, every day. You must realize that it is merely a transition. In this age, death can be avoided by the ascension process. This is a process of becoming light, and being able to stay awake and conscious through the dimensional change.” “Sometimes it happens that people block the healing. This usually occurs when they don’t believe in it. You must always first seek their permission to heal, and this will usually mean that they are open to it. But it could also be that they are feeling a little apprehensive in which case loving perseverance will soon release the block. Remember, it up to the healee to choose whether or not they become whole.” “Shamballa relaxes and rejuvenates. Some would say that Shamballa cannot replace missing limbs or right congenital birth defects. I say that this is limiting the system. If it is not the souls choice to suffer this, in this life, I say that we can, with the aid of the Source, accomplish anything. The seed blueprint for creation is wholeness, and wholeness is Love. Reiki is love, so don’t limit yourself. Do every healing with the result firmly in your mind. This result of course is wholeness in accordance with divine will, whatever that might be. If you always looks for results in accordance with divine will, you will find that you can facilitate the healing of anything, even those that are usually described as terminal.”

“Don’t worry that you may take on the disease of others, because if you work with the Shamballa guides and the Source, this will not happen. The more healing that you do, the more healed you yourself become. Stick to the principles of Shamballa/Reiki, and don’t interfere with the religion and beliefs of others, and step into service with love. Allow yourself to LET GO, and let the Shamballa energy do the rest. Allow the magic into your life and become one with the Source. The more you let go, the more it will flow.”

“Age is no barrier with Shamballa. Infants benefit from the attunement, and it starts their life on a path of service. Senior members of society benefit from being able to heal themselves and others. Shamballa is not only for those that want to heal others; it is for everybody. Being attuned to the Source brings wholeness.”



This information was taken from the Ascended Master Germaine, through John Armitage (Hari Das Melchizedek) Shamballa Multidimensional Healing Manual.

What is an Axiotonal Alignment?

þ Full Body Axiatonal Alignments þ

“Bringing in the energy of the future.”

“Our galactic body of creation controls its renewing functions through meridian axiatonal lines which are the equivalent of acupuncture lines that can connect with resonating star systems. These axiatonal lines are not limited to a physical body or a biological creation, but are open-ended and can connect the body vehicle with axiatonal lines that emanate from the various star populations and exist as chemical code mechanisms.”

“Man is a floating biological sub-system existing between Magnetic fields.”

“The human evolution is a preconceived experiment within a world of happenstance relativity.”

“The axiatonal lines can exist independent of the Overself but still require the governing functions of the Higher Evolution.”

“The axiatonal grids tend to enter and interface with the biological activity taking place on higher or lower vibratory frequencies within the space being used by various biologies. The grids are not governed by the laws and mechanisms controlling physical evolution, for they operate by means of their own accretion of energy for maintenance.”

“Man at this time is being advanced to a new biological program of creation.”

“A whole new specie is being created at this time by the bringing together of the Adamic Overself-human creation which will allow this spiritual-biological expression of the Christ Race to be advanced to the next consciousness time zone of creation.”

“The axial lines are part of a fifth-dimensional circulatory system combining color and sound, which are used to draw from the Overself body the basic energy used for the renewing of the human evolutionary body.”

The combining of Medical Astronomy and Molecular biology allows for “the tRNA molecules to cause cells to alter their normal properties, which will then receive the original genetic transmissions given through a ‘spin point,’ to a cell.”

Axiatonal lines, thus, cause new patterns of cellular circumvolution to take place.”

“The spin point takes energy and weaves the light grids which form the fabric of cellular regenesis.”

“The spin points receive their energies via the axiatonal lines.”

“Through the axiatonal arrangement, both acoustical vibrations of spiritual Light and Living Light.”

“The key then opens the door for sonic vibrations generating gravitational light within the body.”

Writings above are taken from the book: The Keys of Enoch, (Key 317: 1-62)


When you receive a Full Body Axiatonal Alignment, you connect to the cosmic lattice, clearing your meridian lines, and balancing your chakras. It helps one to re-establish a connection to your overself/oversoul bringing “the energy of the future” to you.

AXITONAL ENERGY recharges continually all bodies and also assists to clear away negative patterns of the emotions and the mind.

An example to explain what the axiatonal energy looks like, or feels like, is this:

All around us is a sea of energy. It flows and swirls, ready to be activated at any moment. The sea looks like an imagined net of invisible lines throughout all of space and time, everywhere around you, in everything and in every place. It extends from the ground, into the air, into the sky, and out into the universe and even beyond our own. A few terms for this are: the “cosmic lattice”, universal grid” and “living universe.” However, there are not only lines all around us, but there are also lines within and through our own bodies. You can see this when looking upon a chart of acupuncture lines if you have ever been to an acupuncturist or chiropractors office.

At one time, our own acupuncture lines were connected to the cosmic lattice that surrounds us. The lines were known as “axiatonal line” or axiatonal meridians. They connected all levels of our self on all dimensions. They feed into a fifth dimensional circulatory system. The lines helped maintain our physical body and organs. The lines were then severed and the human body was left with enough energy to sustain life, but we were unable to access the higher energies of the universe on higher dimensional levels.

The FULL BODY AXIATONAL ALIGNMENT helps to re-establish this connection to the universal grid and new axiatonal lines are created. The more alignments received, the more lines are then created to allow for this connection on deeper and deeper levels. The first FULL BODY ALIGNMENT is the beginning of this process to bring us back to the light beings that we once were, and that we are now working towards this accomplishment on a universal level to ‘our’ planet Earth; Gaia. Spread the light with you.


A FULL BODY AXIATONAL ALIGNMENT does not mean the same thing for every person. Things that could be enhanced could be as simple as ‘being more aware of the things that are around you, ‘being able to see things you could not see before; having more intuitive and natural abilities,’ ‘feeling more connected with the world and the things that are around you,’ feeling an increase in your five senses,’ or ‘having an enhancement of various types of your 6th sense of psychic awareness,’ or ‘just feel better all around physically.’ Remember, life is precious and a treasured journey. There is no rush as we are all working to evolve and become better people, however, we can only do it in the pace that we are ready. Enjoy each moment for what it is, every day.

What Marie Regine Essassani said about her alignment, a European teacher of Axiatonal Alignments, received the pattern for conscious alignment, reconnection of the Axiatonal grid in 1995:

“The AXIATONAL ALIGNMENT is the most precious gift ever offered to Humanity. It transforms the Earthly instrument (the human body) profoundly and totally. It dissolves the structures that kept in place the seven chakras system. The limiting ways of functioning by which the antiquated system held human consciousness confined also dissolves.”

Her definition of the Alignment:

“The Axiatonal Alignment is a very subtle grid of light that is infinite in nature. It is the perfect blueprint behind the severed, stained and distorted acupuncture grid and meridians. Through the Axiatonal Alignment, on very subtle levels, the earthly instrument (human body) is re-aligned, reconnected and activated.”

A FULL BODY AXIATONAL ALIGNMENT is a two-day process to perform that takes approximately an hour or more. It is done in a quiet setting, one on one. It is preferred to do the two alignments within a few days of each other rather than spreading it out over several weeks.

COST FOR THE FULL BODY AXIATONAL ALIGNMENT IS: $327.00, Re-alignments are: $138.00

I bless you all on your journey of wonder and light!


For more information, go to www.frequencybalancing.com

What is igili Healing with the angels?

Questions you might have about igili are:

What is the Igili Energy Therapy?

Igili energy therapy is a light gentle touch energy therapy where one can feel relaxed and at peace within them.

Where did Igili come from?

Igili is a name of a group of 7 angels that came from the Pleiadian times. The Founder of Igili is Victoria Pendragon.

What is the difference between Igili Energy Therapy and other energy therapies?

Igili is so much like the energy of reiki that often people can get the two confused. However, the difference with the energy of Igili is that when the practitioner works on the client, the healing is occurred within the body. Igili energy goes in the body, and stays there so that the person receiving can learn the lesson as to why the imbalanced energies started in the first place. The energy of Igili then works immediately to support the individual in a space of compassion so that these harmful imbalanced energies can be removed. This occurs only through the disintegration of them as they dissolve in time.

There are no guaranties to the healing of Igilli. The only guarantee is your commitment to your own process of healing. I wish you much love and joy on your journey.

Igili Energy Healing from the Angels

Igili (pronounced EE-GE-LE) Energy Healing is a modality that was introduced by a woman named Victoria Pendragon. She channeled in this energy early in 1998.

The energy was brought to and through her by the angels. Igili is a word from the ancient Hebrew language for Angel. In the days when the planets and the Earth were coming into form, billions of years ago, the Angelic energies swamped all levels of reality. Many of the angels who came to earth chose to be embodied as human beings. The angels, who chose not to be in the flesh, chose to work with the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water in order to assist the beings that lived on Earth in their physical bodies. The angels that chose to assist the people on Earth with these elements were known as the angels of Igili.

Igili is a successfully transformational energy. Igili recognizes the fact that any pain or disease in the body is only an information- guided energy that the body is not able to absorb. Other modalities pull the trapped energies that are within the body out. This then relieves the body of the information, where the ‘lesson’ would normally have taken place. The mind, body, spirit, and soul are then unable to learn the lesson. However, with Igili, instead of the energy being removed from the body it is integrated within. It disperses within the body and the lesson is learned. The energy is absorbed and the mind, body, spirit and soul can move forward and heal. Igili is a modality that is different than any other. It can be used in conjunction with other forms of healing, although when used alone, one receives the full benefit of the work of the angels. Like other forms of healing it can be used to access the energies in the fields around the body, just as all other forms of energy healing are used.

Igili is an intuitively guided energy just as Reiki, Shamballa, Tera-Mei Seichem, IET, Kundalini, Lotus Light and Frequency Balancing are. There are no special hands positions, nor is there a special order in which to proceed. In using Igili I will go where I sense to place my hands and how to move them just like all the other forms of healing. Although the exceptions are IET and Frequency Balancing, as there are specific movements for these modalities. The flow of the treatment will depend on what is occurring throughout the energies at the time of the session. There is no form or guideline to follow in the session as they are guided through the energies of the angels and the higher power of the creator. Although the one thing that is certain, is that I as the practitioner will be with you whether you can feel me or not. Contact me for a session of Igili.

The Gentler Side of Tantra


Radiating everywhere
I surrender
to the violet plane
I surrender to this body
I surrender to this mind
I breathe and let life in
I breathe and let fate take me
I am wholeness in peace
No one can take me back but my own
my ego, my temptations, my resistance
I am always in control
I let go and allow
as I am continuously filled with love.

Tantra is not just about a sexual experience. In fact, most people in the US, and especially the East coast have the mis-belief that tantra is completely about sex. The truth is sex is only 10% a part of tantra and the other 90% is about practices, meditation, healing, kundalini awakenings, movement of the breath and the body (and I’m not talking about sexual movement here), being authentic and in your truth (speaking your heart, communicating what you really want to say, doing what you really want to do at your core), yoga practices, and more.

I am here as a guide and I have chosen to take on the path as a Healer, and I have also chosen to go so deep in being a Healer as taking on the role of a Tantra Healer; which has its risks and its benefits. However, a lot of my experience has been with men who desire to “release”, or have a sexual encounter. My job is in telling you that this is not what tantra is about. My soul is speaking to me and is now telling me that I need to teach all of you intensely interesting men and richly sexual men that you need to get on a spiritual path that combines the essence of tantra; combining deep breathing and energy movement practices to raise the energy up the spine which has the ultimate goal of opening your entire energy being; your auric field, your essence, your radiance and presence. This is not the sexual energy you feel when you have an orgasm. This is the blissful feeling you get when you are alone; taking a bath and fully relaxed with no pressures and you feel filled with light and love. This blissful feeling is not the orgasmic feeling you get when with your partner, but rather the feeling you have when you are truly at peace on every level.

The goal of tantra is to feel so clear inside your heart and spirit that you get to a place where things bother you less and you feel better about life and about your self. Once you’ve achieved this, or in conjunction with, then the next goal is to work through any blocks in your communication or blocks in the energy between you and your beloved, OR remove the “blocks”, that is taking away that empty space that is leaving you alone with no partner at all and drawing in the powers of your being to create and manifest the perfect partner for you.

My goal is to work with you as a team player, a coach, a Healer and a friend. I hope to help sooth your stresses, mend your questioning mind, calm your nerves, resolve conflicts with your relationship, and help you manifest a partner that is perfectly aligned for exactly who you are.

I am a new mother and there may be times when I cannot get back to you right away (and my regular clients know this), but I will always get back to you.

May you always be Blessed and Loved!

Asttarte Deva