What Do You Like To Read About?

I’m starting a new chapter of my life, and with all my blogs and websites I have created, I am in a deep awareness that I’ve wanted for most of my life to be a professional writer and author. I know some of you who have known me for some time probably have misplaced me, gotten confused about the writings, but all in all, it’s all me, all written in different moments with different reflections on the same or similar subject.

I am sure all of you know that my goddessoflove.us site is down. the person who created that site is no longer in contact with me and it is best that I start fresh and new. I am creating a site called AsttarteDeva.com for my tantra Sessions, Coaching, and Healing. This will start out as a 5 page site to make it simple for all of you, and so I can focus my energies on maintaining the expansive site AsttarteDeva.com that I have grown to love and in time would love to hold as a space for a Temple – a Healing & Retreat Center. Now, I am definitely going to need help to make this happen, however, it is in the cards!

So, my reason for writing now – What Do You Like To Read About? I have been writing extensively about the subject of love, unhealthy love and healthy love; how to heal in relationships and how to transform issues that come up in them. It presently is called When Loving Isn’t Enough. I would like to declare that I am committed to writing this and will be seeking guidance and support to stay on this project to make it happen this time.

I also am preparing a project to create for a grand awakening in my field and the new arrival of my energetic awakening since the departure of my Beloved. Since I am still in the grieving and letting go process, it is something I am putting as a second priority next to When Loving Isn’t Enough. I may post writings for this project on this blog, or may add them to my other blog at MyLoverMyBestFriend.wordpress.com When Loving Isn’t Enough is more of a psychological read and delving deeper into the consciousness of a committed primary partnership. I want to pronounce my commitment to this and would love to hear positive feedback on it’s progress, as well as any thoughts on what you like to read about. Subjects such as: Enhancing the Love you Have, or Awakening the Bliss inside of you.

www.SexBlissLifeCoach.blogspot.com Asttarte Deva

Gathering for Sacred Sexuality Healers

A Conference and Gathering for Sacred Sexuality Healers

Theme: Creating Alliances, Raising Consciousness, and Cultivating Professionalism

Our 2008 conference was immensely successful and we are on track for yet another amazing Sedona conference in 2009!
The response, support and early registrations are their own testimonial to the power of these conferences. We encourage you to register early as our conference space permits us 200 people. You really don’t want to miss this event!

Who will be there and what will be happening?

The real question is, who will not be there! This conference will attract some of the best and most well-loved presenters in our field from the US, Canada, Europe, and Australasia. Come together with your spiritual family to play, share, learn, grow, laugh, cry, celebrate, network, refresh, love and be loved! Continue down this page to see a list of the quality presenters and presentations being offered. The list is growing all the time. Please refer back to the site often for the latest news and additions to the

Come early and attend one or all of there Pre-Conference Events:

Click here to Embody Your Ecstasy with the Divine Feminine-Awakened Masculine Institute Certification Training” for Men and Women – Spiritual Practical Module with Joan and Tomas Heartfield, Caroline Muir, and Saida Desilets

Click here to find out about the “Tantra Nova Theater Work Shop” with Freddy Zental Weaver

Click here for the “Awakened Masculine & Embodied Presence” held by Baba Dez & Tomas Heartfield on 5/7/09 from 1-5:30.

Click here for the “Divine Feminine Communion for Women” held by Caroline Muir and Joan Heartfield on 5/7/09 from 1-5:30

Also, join Lawrence Lanoff and Baba Dez for another outrageous, juicy, and fun-filled pre-conference Thursday evening: “The Divine Activation Sequence”, for all Conference Attendees. (5/7/09 – 8pm to Midnight). Click here to sign-up.

May 8 -10: Enjoy the Conference and Evening Activities, Performances, and Parties.

May 11-16: Stay after the Conference for the “5 day Sacred Sexuality Intensive for Teachers and Practitioners” by Kamala Devi and Baba Dez. Click here for more details and to sign-up

Who is invited?

Please join us if you are: Currently working in the sacred sexual healing arts; In service to the world as a daka/dakini or tantrika; beginning to realize that your calling as a sexworker has a more sacred dimension; or desiring to incorporate sexuality into your healing work.

Spouses, partners, family members, supporters and friends of practitioners are also welcome. If you’re not sure, give us a call and ask. This gathering will be a delightful blend of innocence and experience, beginners and advanced, from the worlds of tantra, sexwork, sex education, escorting, bodywork, massage, counseling, therapy and spiritual awakening.

Why should you come?


You should join us because sacred sexuality enriches our lives! You should join us because we will be sharing our wisdom with one another – emotionally, spiritually, physically, practically, legally, and financially. You should join us because it is healing to be with peers who understand the unique pressures and challenges of working in this field, to remember that you are not alone. And you should join us because it is powerful to relate to people who know how to fully embrace life.

What will I learn?

This spring we will hear presentations from some of the most successful teachers and practitioners in our field. There will be a blend of presentations, hands-on demonstrations, and group wisdom circles with open discussions. We will be showcasing new books and other educational tools as well as screening documentaries and films on Sacred Sexuality, its Teachers and Practitioners.


Caroline Muir: Key Note Speaker for the Conference. Communicating Sexual Healing to the Mainstream
Dr. Michael Mirdad: Exploring Sacred Sexuality and Sacred Sexuality, Taking it to the next Level

Baba Dez Nichols: Founder of the Sedona Temple and Master of Ceromonies

Kenneth Ray Stubbs PH.D.: What is a Sexual Shaman?

Crystal Dawn Morris: The Business of Teaching Tantra

EveLynn Maurine: Creating Erotic Experiences under Extraordinary Circumstances. Co-present with Dr. Rafe Eric Biggs

Dr. Rafe Eric Biggs: Founder of Soma Evolution, an inspirational speaker, leadership coach, social activist, and documentary filmmaker. Co-present with EveLynn

Amrita Grace: Sacred Work, Sacred Relationship, a co-presentation with Apollo

Apollo: Sacred Work, Sacred Relationship, a co-presentation with Amrita Grace

Tomas and Joan Heartfield, PH.D. : Romancing the beloved, tuning up our ability to give and receive what our hearts are calling for…..

Amber Seitz: Tantsu for clients

Cheryl Good: Soulful Sex with Sound. Simple Strategies for Amping Sexual Energy with Sound

Amalia Camateros: Awake the Snake Shakti Dance Journey

Kelly Reese: Healthy boundaries for practitioners and their clients

Dr Betty Martin: Bringing Eros into Healing Practice or Healing into Your Erotic Practice. Four Principles to Guide You either way

Andrew Barnes & Yvonne Lumsden: Where the triangle starts: the ins and outs of female sexuality

Shawn Roop: Leading the way of Tantra Being a Life Path With Answer

Valerie Greene: How to Involve your partner in your practice

Patrick Murphy Welage: A laughter Yoga Experience

Carolena Fleishman: Self Pleasuring and Erotic Trance Dance Ritual

Dr. Cynthia Miller: The Sacred EroticUsing Gratitude for deep transformation, pleasure and awakening consciousness

Anna Marti: Tools for your Erotic Revolution

Steven Jay: Elements of Touch – Earth, Air, Fire and Water

Tj Bartel: The Tao of Tantra, Creating Heaven on Earth

Kamala Devi: The TANTRA MATRIX: a tool Box for sacred sex professionals

Tantra Theater Troupe: Tantric Theater

Sharon Mauldin: An Invitation to the Birthing Field

Patrick Russell: Bringing the animal to the surface

Debra Dawn: Sharing Tantra with your teenagers – Round table discussion

David Griffin: Magic & Alchemy – A Western Approach to Sacred Sexuality

Richard Francis Moore: An Offering of Gratitude

Reid Mihalko: Rape, Incest and Healing the Wounded Feminine: Impeccability and Steadfastness 101

David Cates: Eating Your Shadow, A Powerful Shamanic Practice for Growing Yourself as a Healer, Radiating Integrity & Harvesting the Fruits of a Sustainable Business

Jivana Kennedy: Exploring Fundamental Concepts
Goddess Les: Tantalizing Tantric Touch Ritual & Teaser – An Experiential Playshop
Christophe Ceri: “Transformational (and fun) Erotic Events – how to make them successful & ecstatic!” And: “THE GOD & GODDESSES PARTY”tm. A Tantric/Erotic Celebration of Life”.
Lawrence Lanoff: Sexual energy into creative expression-an experiential meditation

Freddy Zental Weaver: Tantra Nova Man
Happy Oasis:Bliss Conscious Communication: Holy Communion with the Beloved
Scot Vighi: Kundalini Yoga, Awakening Primal Voice
Kyle Liston: Gold Needle Chakra Awakening
Mare Asha Simone: Energy Orgasms, Safe­Sex Without Barriers
Destin Gerek: Orgasmic Mastery: Taking clients from Premature Ejaculation to Multi-Orgasmic
Ariel: Reaching the Indigo’s
Sofia StarHeart: Cosmic Connection, Conscious Conception
Tziporah: Transformational Breath – Dancing with Spirit
Triambika: Kaulism, The Left Hand Path of Tantra
Marc David: The Intimate Connection Between Food, Sexuality, Body Image, and Tantra – Tools and Techniques for Practitioners
Asttarte Deva

What I Do To Continue Helping You

What I do for myself to continue helping you is just as important as my role in your Healer, or Therapist or Tantra Practitioner. While I am going through layers of grief and letting go of a long term relationship with my baby’s father, I have to continue working on my self to stay strong, to stay loving and to stay in my heart for you. The things I do for myself are the same things I always recommend you do for your own journey of growth as well.

I take Yoga classes of physical asana – I have been going to Power Yoga classes again lately. Power Yoga was where my first love of Yoga started back in 2000. I had done Hatha Yoga in 1999, but Power Yoga was when I not only enjoyed Yoga and liked it, but I LOVED it. This practice sculpted my body, and ten years ago I was 25 and it was easy for my body to tone into a sculpted figure. Now, after having a baby, it still is just as easy. My metabolism is higher than it has ever been, and my focus is on toning those abs, those buttocks, creating opening in my arms so I can continue giving great massages and carry my toddler, opening my hips so I can sit and dance with ease, and elongating my hamstrings and calves for comfort and flexibility in my sleep and to maintain doing sessions on the floor mat. However, doing Yoga is not only beneficial for physical health, it is also beneficial for emotional, psychic and spiritual health. It is helping me to feel comfortable in my own skin, regain strength where the loss of a loved one had pulled me under, and to slowly over time come back into my power. I can’t thank the simple practice of Yoga enough. Being a Yoga Teacher myself, it gives me more of a reason than ever to do it, and my Yin practice is maintained at home, and whenever I find myself sitting on the floor.

Tantra Yoga I find to be the most powerful tool in transforming the ego than any other. The practice I like to offer clients, which I call Tantra Shamanic Breathwork, I like to do on myself as much as I am inspired and may find possible. This was the beginning of my Tantra quest, and I like to go back to my roots and the beginning of my tantra journey to help me maintain being the Tantrica I am. The Tantra Shamanic Breathwork is a great practice and is a great way of releasing emotions stored from a relationship and from life itself. I am going to dedicate doing a self session of this at least once every week. Oh what power these sessions are!

I also go to a weekly session for myself to continue to blossom as a therapist and healer to others. It may be bodywork, energy work, Shamanic Healing, Tantra Coaching, or Emotional Release work. I have found this to be the biggest catalyst that allows me to do all the other amazing work, and maintain a strong optimistic point of view. It is always important to help oneself; especially when in the role of helping others. When we are going through our own struggles, the only way out of them is to go through them, and the only way to break the patterns is to face all the facets and levels of the one you were just in. Otherwise, the same relationship will manifest with a different face. www.MetaphysicalMentoring.com

The Landmark Community – what an amazing group of people. I wish I had been open to going to this program a long time ago, but now that I am there, all I can say is thank you! www.LandmarkEducation.com

Journaling and Writing! What a powerful form of self expression and self awareness – need I say more! I am presently writing a book called: When Loving Isn’t Enough. I will be in touch as the progress of this project continues.

May you all be filled and joyed with Love,

www.SexBlissLifeCoach.blogspot.com Asttarte Deva

Transition into Singlehood

As most of you know, I have been working the majority of my career as a Dakini in partnership with another man. I had felt supported in my work with him during the three years we were together, but the longer we were together, the more he struggled with his own issues of intimacy. Since he did not want help from me, nor anyone else, we grew further apart. I need a strong, secure and grounded man to stand by my side in this work, and it takes a very brave, loyal and processed man to stand in that place. If one is not willing to do their work, then ultimately the relationship most likely will fail. My heart is still with this man, and as I continue to let him be in his decision of space, I will continue opening my heart and will be here and available for sessions.

My main priority is my 2 year old son and my career, and since I am the only Dakini I know of in the Philadelphia area, I will be visiting a new location with a stronger Tantra Community and a larger number of Dakas and Dakinis to help me move back into a powerful position as a Tantrica and to live an empowered, supported and joyous life as a single mom. If things work out my way, I will create a home in both locations, so I will continue offering sessions here and will start offering them there. From now until then I will be in preparation and getting ready. If you want to stay in touch with me, please send me an email at dakinislove@gmail.com and I will add you to my newsletter list. Until then, feel free to check out my site beinginbliss.com for information on Sessions. My Tantra site (replacing goddessoflove.us) will be up by the end of the summer. I am here now and available for Sessions and working on opening my heart more and more as time goes by.

While I am here in Philadelphia, I will be spending my time in the Landmark Community, writing, getting ready, healing thy self and here and available to give Sessions to others.

May love always shine through the darkest of times!

With Love, Asttarte

www.SexBlissLifeCoach.blogspot.com Asttarte Deva

Intention of a Temple Home

The Temple Home will be offering a whole body Retreat Center for Healing, Yoga, relaxation, therapy and Transformation in Philadelphia.

Yin Yoga Classes
Reiki Classes & Certifications
Massage Therapy Sessions
Acupressure Sessions
Healing Classes
Meditation Classes

If you are not on my newsletter, send me an email to asttarte@awakentoliving.com to stay connected with Asttarte and to hear of the new opportunities as they arrive!

Also, check out the new website for the Healing & Retreat Center with a complete integration of all possible sessions and spiritual awakenings available!

Location of home is yet to be determined. Open to discussion on possible locations in the Philadelphia area.