The Energy Around The Body

In some of my Tantra Yoga classes and training, we learned about doing energy scans and clearing energy with another in your presence, sitting across from each other, standing across from one another or in other dynamics. As an Energy Healer for over 13 years, I take this energy clearing a step beyond just the simple energy scans that I learned in Tantra classes.

There is a direct connection to embracing in love as there is in one’s energy field being pure, cleansed and sacred. When one has an energy field of pure essence, the divine connection of union can be then manifest into a warm deep embrace of love. It is not only I who needs to have pure and clear energy, but it is also you. As your energy is purified, and mine is clear, the deep utter embrace of intimate healing of love happens. I only open my physical body temple to the level of openness you have in yours.

Cleansing one’s energy field can either be an easy task, or may be necessary to spend a larger amount of time nurturing. If you are generally living a stress free life, and are mostly happy, than cleansing your energy field is an easy job. However, if you are extremely stressed, carrying weight on your shoulders from your marriage, your partnership, other relationships or work, then it may take more work to develop the sacred union of intimacy through tantric touch, intimacy healing and sexual healing that you may perhaps be pursuing. I may do a brief energy scan on your body as you enter into my Healing Temple, however, if you are dealing with larger psychological issues then we may need to go deeper, and spend more time on the layers of clouds that are living around your body.

An energy field is like a dirty diamond that once washed can shine to its purist beauty. And, as humans living in physical form, we are like sponges that take on layers of stress in our daily lives, and until that stress is removed it will linger around your body waiting to be purified and released.

Om Namah Shivaya


Amazing Sex & Relationship Educator – Reid Mihalko

To all of you who have known me for some time, I am sure it is always nice to get referrals to other Tantra Practitioners and teachers of who I highly recommend. Well, this teacher is one not to miss. This is a man of power, and if you need a little boost to your love life, or your relationship to your loved one, or your relationship to yourself, I highly suggest acting on this now! Reid is recently co-authoring with another amazing Dakini and friend of mine, Kamala Devi ( and he is one of the top Tantra Coaches of our time! He will also be teaching in San Francisco, but most of you who know me stay pretty local. If you are traveling and want to see him, please let me know and I’ll get the two of you in touch! see info below!
Blessings and Love, Asttarte

Sex and Relationship Educator, Co-creator of Cuddle Party and Speed-Flirting

cell: 917.207.4554
316 East 70th Street, Ste. 5RE • NY, NY 10021 •
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Psychic Sexual Healer

It stumbled upon me today that there is a deep connection between my sessions of Tantric Healing and that of being an empath. I don’t know if you know this, or perhaps don’t quite understand the depth of it, but I am an empath. Other words for an empath are intuitive or psychic. An empath is someone who feels others pains; by usually feeling the same exact pain in their own body as you do in yours.

Examples: If you have a headache, often I will feel a pulsing sensation in my head on or close to the area of your headache, or if you have a broken heart, I may feel a tingling sensation in my own heart, or if your legs are tight and cramping, I may feel a heavy weight and pressure on my legs while I am sitting close to you.

Before embarking on this intense path of tantra and sacred sexual healing, my focus was only on the intuitive healing side of this new age phenomenon of healing. However, I have chosen to open myself up to the more vulnerable energies of sexuality, and in this there are risks.

The risks of being in this work, as a Healer, is that I become a sponge and take on other people stresses, just by them being in my presence. I don’t have to do anything. I just sit with you, be with you, and can sense where your stress is, where your pain is, where your body is hurting, if your heart is hurting, if you have a headache, if your legs are cramping, if you are uncomfortable, and if you are going through turmoil in your personal life, or have had trauma in the past. I can even feel if you are anxious, stressed, or nervous being in my presence. However, the advantages of this is that I move into your space at the level I feel you are ready, and do not push you into doing anything you are not comfortable with. And also, will protect my space if I sense you are trying to dive into mine too quickly.

The point of all of this is that being an empath, and taking on others stresses and pains, I have to cleanse my energy quite often so that I can be a clear vessel of light, love and healing for the next person. I also cannot open myself up at the level some of you may want me to right away, because I feel where you are shut down, and guarded, and your ego or personality is perhaps trying to push through the stress you are feeling and unintentionally pretend it does not exist by releasing sexual tension.

I can only open as much as you are open, and if you are carrying pain or are armored, the best thing I can do for you is to help you open up where you are guarded so I can then get to the point of your intention in working with me, in a tantric and full body expansion of love and bliss. However, that love and bliss cannot be experienced until the weight on your shoulders and the energy imbalances and blocks are removed and cleansed away.

This involves tantric energy clearing practices, emotional release work, chakra balancing or other energy clearing practices I offer on beinginbliss, breathing and being present to the blocked energy, getting in touch with the pain or block you are feeling, and in a sense letting it breathe so it can release and move on. These practices can be done while in the presence of receiving a tantra session, or can be done on their own.

The more open, expansive, and connected you are to the divine and living a spiritual life, the deeper of a connection I can create with you, and hence, the more I will be able to support you and help you in your desires.

With love, light, and awareness!

Asttarte Shanti Shakti Bliss Asttarte Deva

Thoughts on Tantra

letter to a friend:

Tantra is about being with the moment – not judging negative emotions as something bad, or wrong or being afraid them, but rather using them as tools to go deeper into the psyche, the unconscious, to create more love and presence in the moment to what is. While in the presence of your beloved, as you see she is perhaps angry or sad, instead of yelling at her or being upset that she is angry or sad, just letting her be sad, letting her be mad, and being a witness, loving her through her pain, so the pain can eventually depart – release and let go – by having been present to the pain, holding consciousness to it, accepting it, allowing it to be heard, seen, and accepted will ultimately allow it to leave. This then will allow the other to trust, feel loved, and feel a deeper connection to herself, to you and to everything all around her.

Just like when you go to get a massage, the MT does not force the muscles to relax and release the tightness. The MT holds loving presence to the pain, the tightness, the area where the body is holding stress – and as this area is accepted as it is, knows it is loved, it can feel the ability to expand itself, and in that expansion, it can be vulnerable, release what it was holding onto, and let it go, and then the tightness, the pain, surrenders and releases.

A book you might like is called The Joy of Feeling, by Iona Marsaa Teegarden. It is from my Jin Shin Do Bodymind Acupressure training, and has a lot of Psychotherapy, Taoism, Chi, Energy Psychology, and methods for releasing trauma, pain and deep held emotions. It is not a book on tantra, but this is the basis for tantra. It’s a way of using Body-Mind Consciousness to empower, grow, and heal.

Yes, I know that the journey of life is not about always healing, but when things come up, and you can be a witness to them, it allows the patterns to change, so the dynamic and magnetism to unhealthy situations clear their layers and more loving situations, experiences, and people are then drawn to you.

Having been raped as a child, and again as an adult, I would not have healed or recovered by controlling my feelings, but instead letting myself feel whatever it is, so I can shift into deeper love – of love, forgiveness and acceptance to everything that has happened to me and live a life of love through transforming the darkness that happened before. Transforming the present allows the past to be transformed as well, and connection to the divine just happens. As I allow myself to be who I really am, the real me underneath the outer shell can be revealed and be free! And every moment is an opportunity to allow that freedom to be experienced!

We all have had stress in our lives, and in our childhood that stress carries over into our adulthood, the relationships with our friends, lovers and co-workers, and as you suppress your feelings only more pain manifests, but as you allow the pain in the present to be revealed through loving presence, all the pain from the past can be transformed as well.

Perhaps we have similar goals, but the journey to getting there is just different, or the description has different words, but the love in the end is the same!

Another book you might like is called: The Wisdom of Listening, or any book by David Deida or Osho. Asttarte Deva

Tantra is Not the easy path

For those of you who are looking for an easy fix, or an easy way out, you will not find it with tantra. If you want to run away from your problems, or escape into a fairy land place where everything disappears and all your daily struggles go away, you will not find that with tantra. Some people want the easy life. They don’t want to have to work. They don’t want to have grow or go deep into themselves to work out their own problems and find a solution. They would just rather not do anything at all. As you know, from my recent partner, this was his way of working things out; by not working them out. Being a Dakini and a Tantra Practitioner, there was a difference in beliefs.

The Tantric path is about going as deep as you can possibly go until you find the answer, instead of the former, not looking at all for any answers and walking away. I am here to help others transform themselves to move into light and find the love that is missing inside, and in order to find that love, one must dig to get there, and doing nothing resolves nothing. Doing nothing, creates a situation where disconnections happen, walls are built, resistances are created, the mystery of silence then forms and the relationship turns into a dark hole where there is nowhere to go and no way of getting out. The only solution left then is to walk away and find love once again.

When you embark on a path of tantra, you have to be willing to face all of yourself; your fears, worries, concerns, resentments, patterns and look at the dark side of yourself. This is the only way to then turn yourself back into light. When the person you love, or you yourself do not want to look at what is causing you pain, then the pain stays inside you and it is only you then who is causing it, and no one else. No one can heal without the desire to look at their own wounds, and in whatever form they are in, the best solution is to shed light on them, so they can then be given permission to leave.

Through tantra, all of the dark sides of ourselves are given permission to leave, from being awoken to the surface, being given the opportunity to express itself, be heard, loved, and ultimately then surrender and allowed to leave. Without presence to anything painful, it only stays inside, hidden, unknown, and afraid. This can reflect someones relationships, their health, they career, their family, their friendships, their free time, and their freedom within their own lives. Transformation in any area of life, can be created through tantra, and given the opportunity and expression to be free!

With Love,
Asttarte Asttarte Deva

Sexy Sexy Writing & Keeping in Touch!

What do all of you like to read about? Sexy writing, erotic experiences, spiritual writing, healing, tantra, or something else? When you come to my blog, what is it that inspires you? What turns you on, and what turns you off? I’d really love to know. Many of you who come back to my blog, come back for a reason. Some of you, don’t ever tell me that you are visiting me, and I’d love to know who you are.

There is a poll on the sidebar of this blog called What websites do you like most? Would you check it out?
There is a Followers list. Would you be so brave to include yourself? You can use an anonymous or screen name if it make you feel better. I’d love to keep up to date with my friends and clients, and perhaps we may help each other, inspire each other, and stay connected.

You all have meant so much to me. I’ve been able to stay in business because of you. I’ve been able to continue to do the work I love, stay on this path of healing and growth, travel to Sedona for the Conferences most years, and have been able to offer my love and healing on a consistent basis. The more I get to share, the more I get to share. As well as the more love that comes my way, the more love I can give to you. All of this means the world to me. Years ago, I worked in the Corporate world, and I knew then that lifestyle was not where I was supposed to be. Now, that I work from home, I can create the lifestyle that allows me to continue to grow to support you and I am now ready to open myself up to support you even more.

Don’t ever hesitate to contact me, write to me or say hello. I’m always here and would love to hear from you!

Blessings Always,

Asttarte Asttarte Deva

Looking For Volunteer Students

Since I am new to the teaching realm of large groups of people and it is my intention and desire to connect to others on a larger scale, I am looking for a small group of people who are willing to participate in a class setting for a few practice rounds until I announce this to the larger scale and look for Yoga Studios or places to rent out of to offer.

If anyone has a large enough space in their home or they know somewhere I could use space for free or at a low donation, please send me an email or call me. I am looking to have a small intimate group of people, about 7 – 10 tops, and those of you who feel safe and comfortable with me already. You may bring your friends or your wives. It is a great opportunity to introduce your partner into the work you have been doing with me, or have wanted to.

So, I am a newbie in being in front of groups of people, but a few familiar faces will make it that much easier!

Please call me or write. The times I would be available would be Thursday or Friday evenings, and also Wed evening. Donation for class could be $10 – $15 or at what you feel it is worth!

See for more information!

Namaste! Asttarte Deva

List of Classes & Events Coming Soon!

Tantra Yoga Classes

All classes will be taught in a group setting and locations will be announced as they are discovered.

The Power of the Breath & The Value of Hugging

This class is a gentle tantra class for beginners who wish to learn a new art of healing and a way of creating connection to the divine and to those in their lives. We will focus on the deep breathing taught in regular yoga class, discuss and explore the limits of boundaries and safety for your comfort level in hugging others in the class. Hugs are safe and create connection and healing in a way never taught before.

You will learn how to breathe while hugging and create awareness to where in your body you are armored, and where you are open. You may also learn where you are too open and where you are too closed. You will never have to do anything you don’t want to. And saying “No” is not a crime.

1 1/2 to 2 hour basic class – $20.00 donation

Yin Tantra Yoga

Yin Tantra is a combination of the benefits of Yin Yoga and the power of Tantra breathing practices enmeshed in one dynamic, fun filled and relaxing class. Most poses will be held on the floor on a yoga mat. Please bring a mat with you, in case the class is not offered in a yoga studio.

1 1/2 hour Yin Tantra – $15.00 donation

The Breath of Awakening – Advanced Tantra Yoga breathing practices.

The Breath of Awakening is a class for Advanced Students of Tantra or those who are ready to reclaim their power, expand and awaken their body to new levels of ecstasy, and transform their stress into a full body bliss experience.

1 1/2 to 2 hours of Ecstasy – $25.00 donation

Tantra Dance

We will come together with the intention of moving into a space of effortless and free form movement. You may roll around on the floor, shake your body in kundalini waves, make sounds of primal instincts, dance to the rhythm of the music and create connection in ecstasy of love. Let go of your limitations and expand your boundaries to a new level with Tantra Dance.

This gathering will be fully clothed. All connections of love will be through the eyes and brief touches as you move around in your dance. There will be drummers present and all I ask is that you bring a blanket(s), water and an open mind.

3 hours of Tantric Bliss Dance – $25.00 donation

Donations are to cover costs of rent.

Welcome to the beginning of my Tantra Classes.
I look forward to seeing you in class.


(I honor the divine in you as you honor the divine in me!)

See also at and Asttarte Deva

Pagan Polyamory Healing Festival

I just returned home from a powerful Sex Positive Polyamory & Healing Festival. I arrived after all the workshops and classes were over and it was still amazing. It was a full fledged top of the line everything included Sex Positive event, from BDSM to the simple and gentle practices of Reiki or Erotic Writing, and Cuddle Parties. Check out the site with the list of events: and
This was my first time attending this event and I’ll be sure to make it there another time. Since I am probably not going to make my bi-yearly Community in Sedona this May, I wanted to make it up with something similar, however, this was in the same line of energies it was a totally different experience. I had never gone to something where there were couples making love naked in the middle of the lawn while people were walking around casually about the area nude or in very strange clothing. Just as an observer it was quite unique and almost awkward, however, since I’ve been in the Tantra community scene for several years and have known of these happenings, nothing can scare me at this point. There was this one girl called the Condom Fairy and she walked around in multi colored socks up to her knees with short black boots, wearing a black mini skirt and topless.

I loved the event where there was a Sacred Ritual performed where we went over isues that arrive in relationships and how all people in a relationship have walls that need to be cleansed and that we all need to do our work. We created sacred space and cast a cirlce to hold the erngy together as one. Then we did a breathing exercise in a cirlce holding hands, to awaken the sexual energy in our bodies, and in a group of almost 100 people making howls and sounds of ecstacy and pleasure it was quite a site and joy to witness and be a part of. Afterwards we did what they called a spiral dance. Everyone held hands and spiraled closer inside the circle to allow everyone to make eye contact and move sidewayds causing the circle to get tigher and going deeper in the middle. As we were doing this I held hands next to the organizer of the event and the very open and vibrant woman she was, we both continued the howling and breathing in our tantric breath until she and I were the only ones out of the whole group howling and making deep sounds of moans. We caused a snowball effect and everyone in the circle started following us, until she got tired and I was the only one who maintained the deepe breathing and howls and ahhhh’s outwards as well as releasing pent up energies, stresses and sadness. I released my frustration for Elie walking away, sadness for having to make this action when my heart has not wanted to, and moved to a place of deeper peace in knowing everything is going to be ok.

I connected with old friends I hadn’t seen since before I had my baby, received energy work, ate good food, cuddled a bunch with different people and was acknowledged and given the space and respect I needed to open once again. I met a new lover and connected with someone close by who carries the energy of a Daka, and for that I am truly grateful! I received a Psychic Reading and got confirmation to not wait to teach my Tantra Classes later this summer, but to start now, and make it happen to create the Tantra Community here I have been wanting for years. She affirmed that I already have plenty of structure in my life and to let go of the contents page or the title of my book, and just to write…from the middle. So, I am going to take her advice and not create an order to the creativity, but just let it flow! I then later cuddled with her too, and connected to the sweet presence of a lady. Yes, we just cuddled, a sensual cuddle, but a cuddle none the less, and it stirred up inside me exactly what I needed! Being a single mom, a Dakini, having a Healing Practice and little time to myself, it is imperative that I make the time to have a personal life for myself, and going to this event was the start of something amazing!

Check out my classes that will be offered at

Love to everyone!
Asttarte Asttarte Deva