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Hello everyone! I just wanted to share this clip I just discovered of my community choir. I was unable to attend this event because I either was just about to give birth to Sach or he was only a couple weeks old.

I’m excited to share this with you. Commonground started off of the base of an amazing community out in Los Angeles, Ca called Agape (Love). www.agapelive.com

This is not the complete version, but I am so excited they got a copy of this! Awesome!

Blessings All!

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Sexual Power

Some would say that during the time of Christ, whilst he was still alive, Mary Magdalene was living in her Sexual Power. She carried the energy of love divine, was completely open in her heart, shared love with her Beloved Jesus as well as the love they shared with others. In essence, they lived a polyamorous life, and were free in themselves to share this love with each other as well as the love they shared with others in their life. There were no threats. There was no jealousy. There was no fear. Jesus and Mary were the ultimate gurus and teachers and leaders of their time and were very advanced spiritually, psychologically as well as sexually.

To be totally free in my sexuality is still a quest I am working towards. To be free in speech with all of my lovers of my interactions with them will be a reward I am deeply looking forward to. The ability to be free in our communication with those we love is the exact location where we receive our power. When we are out of integrity with ourselves about our actions or desires of our actions with those we deeply care for, there is a definite leakage in our energy field that could be fully embodied when we were free to communicate all of our affairs with one another.

However, there is also a correlation to having a need to speak with those we love and feeling safe, feeling as though they will still love us and gaining an approval from someone outside of ourselves. If there has been an agreement to be open, then the openness is granted. There is no further need to express other than this. Although, when both people in a couple, or all people in a love affair can share openly about their feelings of love for each other and their love for others, it creates a depth of intimacy not normally experienced in this culture. We have all been raised to be monogamous, and to share our love with only one lover; our husband or wife, however, to keep our power, to shine in our love for many is the ultimate journey for realization, full self expression and vibrancy in oneself.

There are many fears that our culture has around this idea, as well as fears we each have individually. When we can shine in our fullness, and still love deeply those we cherish and adore, this is when we can truly shine and vibrate the passionate presence of love in our hearts. This is when we can ultimately achieve the sexual power we all are longing for.

I wish you love and liberation on your journey!

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Energetic Alignment in Relationships

Opening your heart is not an easy task, but when one is ready and has the desire, you can only continue this task. It is not about making someone else wrong, or fixing the other person, but instead, seeing the other person as your own mirror and reflection of the pain within your own body; as the interaction with them brings this out in you. As you heal, they heal. And as such, as they heal, you heal as well. Blaming the other, or putting demands on the other to meet your needs is never how you will go about getting your needs met. When you can fill those needs in yourself, or with others and allow things to come to you rather than blaming the person in front of you, or pushing those needs on them, everything else will fall into place, as you desire and eventually as you need them. But the need that most know of in this culture, is an unhealthy need based on attachment and fear. A need based on love and a giving through unconditional love is the only real kind of love to live for.

I know through experience what it feels like for someone to take their love away from you. The pain of breaking an interaction or a wall being built from someone you loved so deeply and connected with so deeply, and choosing to walk away just as quickly, is one of the most painful challenges we will all face as humans. But a human also who is here to evolve, grow and transform their mind and body into a human of pure light, knows that the dark needs from insecurity and fear will only wear you down and deplete your energy, from a feeling of lack, of looking outside, instead of within. Looking for your needs to be filled outside yourself will only continue the quest of looking for those needs to be filled outside yourself.

It is time now to take your power back, and own the lack of integrity you are placing on others as your own responsibility. You are the only person who can give you all of your energy, and anywhere it is lacking is only a lack in your own soul.

Take all the space you need. Separate from others and run or walk away from this pain, but it can also be interpreted as an avoidance to your own pain. All the other wants to do is love you, but your neglect in facing the issue that is deeply wanting to be released from yourself, will only force you to face the pattern within yourself again later. Perhaps now you are not ready to look at yourself, but sooner or later you might have to.

Hoping and wishing for an answer, is never the solution. Doing the work, the hard work, is the only solution to completion, to internal transformation, an inner knowing and love. Your loved ones are just being themselves, but your response, reaction and interaction is where you hold the power. When you can allow others to be who they are, and love them just the same, love will always remain. When there is blame, need or expectation from someone that is outside yourself, you are only setting yourself up for failure. The only result is upset. Often times the upset from others is the mirror to your own upset inside yourself. When you can truly love yourself and be with all of who you are, loving others becomes simple. The task can be removed and all that is left is bliss, love and joy.

Many people look for the easy way out, but the easy way out only brings more of the same things you will have to go through again and time again. The rewards of doing the work are worth the effort, and you only have you to be proud of in the end. No one else gets the benefits. No one else gets the reward; only you.

The imbalance in relationships starts in the self. And since the imbalance starts in you, it is only you who can change it. Love just is. Anything that doesn’t look like love is only fear trying to heal.

To be continued….

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Voicing Your Truth

Do you often have trouble telling your partner how you really feel? Do you find it frustrating knowing that you are keeping things hidden from the one you love? Would you rather create the depth of intimacy that true honesty creates in a relationship?

I often find that my lovers have a difficult time hearing the truth. Either they are not ready to hear what I have to share, or they are completely numb to their feelings in the first place that anything that makes them feel is too strong of an outside force almost prompting them to go inside to their hidden cave, where they would rather not know anything at all.

More often than not, it is men who have a hard time with feelings. Women on the other hand are masters of it. Men are like the rock, the intellectual experts, the scientists, the thinkers who have strong opinions about what they think and are compelled to find solutions through their thoughts. Women on the other hand are like the flower, they are the softness, the feminine water running down stream. They are adaptable and can change form to fit their surroundings. Women are the mothers, the lovers, the compassionate innocence and hold the key for love that we are desire. Finding a balance between the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves is what we need and what will ultimately allow us to be the voice to our hearts.

It is like the innocent child who screams when he gets mad, or cries when his feelings are hurt. Children are our greatest teachers in getting to our deepest feelings. As adults, we’ve become numb to the temptations of allowing ourselves to surrender to that foreign territory, that as children it was second nature. So my recommendation is to scream when you are mad, cry when you are sad, and take rest always when you need it. Don’t ever hold anything inside.

Learn from your children, and let them teach you how to feel. There is no depth in our closest relationships without it.

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