Unveiling the Eyes

Philadelphia is filled with people who are armored, on the defense, ready to attack or always in fear that they themselves will be. Out of everywhere in the world, where we reside, in Philadelphia, is known to be the most angry, hostile and scared human beings. The theme is success, wealth and looking good. Most are open to yoga and know of it, as it is a practice that many think is strictly about toning the body and getting in shape. However, there are other levels to yoga that are not as known. Yoga offers healing that can open the heart at a level no other physical exercise can offer.

When people cross by each other on the street, there are very few who will take the time to look into your eyes; even fewer smile out of courtesy to be polite. It is a rare occasion that someone driving will wait for you as you pull your car out of a spot or slowly get into your spot while you attempt to parallel park. Many are impatient, rude, always rushing, in a hurry to get to x, y, and z; often not even knowing why they are in such a hurry.

In the practice of eye gazing, there is a window of opportunity that allows you to be met with love, creating intimacy with another just for the pure innocence of loving. Like the affection from a mother caressing her baby with love as she gazes at her child; that feeling of being in love with your baby that a parent often feels is the same unconditional love that can be created through eye gazing.

As you look into anothers eyes, and are met with the same persistent gaze of commitment as the person looking at you, the wall of defense, the armor that our eyes can sometimes live in, is given an opportunity to melt away. The eyes are the window to the soul, and I like to view them as an extension of the heart. As you sit in the eye gazing meditation with another, the tears of armor has a chance to be revealed, released and dropped away. Literally tears can sometimes arrive; not as a sign of weakness that you have sadness, but rather, a courage that you are willing to be seen and hold presence for or from another, and the tears symbolize that armoring falling away. As the armor falls away, from our eyes/from our hearts, a deeper connection of intimacy has a chance to be created; a feeling of safety, of love, of beauty, of pure connection to another. Only through being vulnerable and allowing oneself to be seen, be met, be grounded in anchoring your heart to the earth with the connection to another is the opportunity for deep connection of intimacy allowed to be manifest.

So love, let your love in, let others love you, and open yourself to allowing the truth of your heart to give to others in love. There is no greater gift on this planet than love. It is what everyone desires!

All my Love,


www.SexBlissLifeCoach.blogspot.com Asttarte Deva

Session Preparation

***What to do before a Session!!!***

There are several things you can do to prepare yourself before a session.

First there is preparing the mind:

You could start with educating yourself on several subjects.

The Mastery of Love, by; Don Miguel Ruiz
The Awakening of Kundalini, by: Gopi Krishna
Tantra; the Art of Conscious Loving, by: Charles & Caroline Muir
Jewel in the Lotus; The Sexual Path to Higher Consciousness, by: Sunyata Saraswati & Bodhi Avinasha

Second there is preparing the body:

  • Take a yoga class; any you are drawn to, vinyasa yoga, ashthanga yoga, bikram yoga, yin yoga, hatha yoga, kripalu yoga, iyengar yoga, power yoga, classic yoga, any yoga for beginners, athletes, or anything that inspires you. (I am also happy to offer you a private 1 hr yoga class before our session)
  • Take a tantra workshop in NY, NJ or join the beginnings of the tantra community here in Philadelphia for training you into the practices of tantra. These will be announced and are by invitation only. (check out my friends at templeoflove.info. Pamela is only in Frenchtown, NJ and Anita is offering classes in NJ or here in philly with me.)

And, third there is preparing the spirit:

  • A regular routine of a meditation on the breath, the chakras, the energy field or cleansing the mind or spirit would be an excellent practice to do before a session. I will add a post on a chakra meditation to this blog or my main site (I may choose to make my AwakenToLiving blog a 10 page site, instead of 5 and add this post plus expand it as a separate page on my site since it is very needed in Philadelphia. Many dive into tantra without knowing how to prepare or knowing that it is necessary to have a full experience). Any of the practices here will also prepare you.

You are also welcome to join my huggingpower.com classes as they are now in the birthing process and will continue getting stronger throughout the year. Locations will be announced soon.

www.SexBlissLifeCoach.blogspot.com Asttarte Deva
Empower Thyself – Intuitive Readings, Intuitive Healing

Empower Thyself – Intuitive Readings, Intuitive Healing

Empower thyself with Intuitive Readings. by trusting your souls guidance and your inner self. This can surely be the start to your next evolutionary stage, or guidance in a major decision you need to make. Sometimes we need to hear someone else give us confirmation in something we already chose, and sometimes we move through life feeling lost, alone and afraid, and that extra listening ear or intuitive suggestion can move mountains that were once in stillness for what seemed like centuries!

Tarot Readings
I love offering tarot readings and have been offering them for years. This is a way you can find answers to questions you may not know you have, or questions you have been unable to find answers on or the right words to communicate them. This is a fun experience and very rewarding!

Readings are $60 and generally last 30 to 45 minutes.
Anytime over 30 minutes, additional donations are appreciated, but not demanded.

Angel Readings
Working with angels is my regular area of endeavors; whether it is through meditation, teaching, giving sessions, or channeling. My contact with angels is what has saved me several times and is what has brought me on this powerful journey as a Healer.

Angel Readings are $60 for 30 minutes.

I’ve had many experiences with seeing angels since I was a child and have always been sensitive to energy. As a young girl, I had painted on my wall, “VIBES ARE EVERYTHING”. I learned young that there is so much out there that we can’t physically see and to always look beyond the obvious.

When I do Angel Readings I work with angel cards, channeling, prayer and guidance.


Past Life Readings & Healings
Past Life Readings can be done in an energy healing session, or by itself in a channeled session. This can help you in your present life where you are playing out old patterns from your past (from this life or other lives). Perhaps you are living out experiences and you don’t understand why life is just not working out the way you want it. This is where Past Lives come into play.

Past Life Readings are often incorporated into a Healing Session from any of the other pages on this site, or can be done on their own.

Past Life Readings are $60 on their own, and may move to $100 or $150 +/- depending on the additional Healing Service and length of time in Session.

Intuitive Guidance & Counseling
Perhaps you don’t know what you need, are confused in your life, or are unsure of what direction to take, but you know you need something and are looking for help. If you need help and can’t decide what you need, a Psychic, or what I like to call, Intuitive Reading and Counseling Session is what can help most. There are many directions these sessions can take, and I will always use my intuition and my best judgment. Your energy, your life situation, your chakras and auric field will lead me more than anything. I will follow guidance and let spirit lead me! As spirit is energy, and energy lives and breathes all around and through us; the answers are right in front of us. Sometimes we just need someone who can tune into this frequency to help us.

Psychic Readings can be incorporated in a Healing Session of any kind and will only be offered upon your asking or approval.

Intuitive Readings on their own are $30 for 15 minutes, and often move into Energy Healing or Counseling.

Astrology Readings
I will take your birth date, time and place and enter it into a program that does the calculations for me on your natal chart. Then, we will print out the information and go over the chart together. You can choose to do a compatibility reading with someone else, or an individual personality reading. I have been studying Astrology for over 20 years, as this was my first area of focus on the Spiritual path.

Astrology Readings are done in a personal format and a playful nature. I like to make this a fun encounter of discovery. I will often use books and a computer program to support me in pulling up your chart, and then we can go into more detail as we sit together.

Astrology Readings are $60 for the first 30 minutes. If we take any longer than 30 minutes it moves into a Counseling Session and we can discuss the rates at that time.
Rates are negotiable as needed.



Acupressure and Shiatsu Healing

Acupressure and Shiatsu Healing

acupressure and shiatsu healingAcupressure and Shiatsu Healing

The most powerful healing you’ll ever find!

The form of Acupressure that Asttarte use’s works with not only relaxing the muscles and having an overall rejuvenating experience, it also helps to heal different ailments relating to the physical body as well as the emotional body. Jin Shin Do Acupressure is used by many Psychotherapists all over the world, since it helps to facilitate the emotional causes of the stored emotions in the patients’ bodies. It helps to alleviate old illnesses and pain and bring a sense of well being and feeling of being cured after going through a certain amount of treatments that your body needs.

Acupressure is similar to Shiatsu and Acupuncture; which are also an Asian form of Bodywork that work with pressure points and meridian lines in the body. Each meridian is connected to a different organ in the body and each organ stores a different emotion that keeps us from being our true self in the world. Acupressure is much more effective than any other form of bodywork in that it helps to not only heal and relax the muscles, but it also gets to the root cause of the problem; which most often starts from stress and emotions that have been stored and carried in the body for many years. This is why it is used by many Psychotherapists all over the world.

Acupressure uses simple, direct finger pressure to help relieve common tensions and discomforts. The basic technique consists of holding an acu-point within the affected area with one hand while, with the other hand, holding one or more acu-points which help release that tense or sensitive area.

Most sessions take at least an hour to complete. For the first time receivers, it may take longer since the head, neck and shoulder points are naturally tight. Head, neck and shoulders is the first segment Asttarte begins with for any treatment of Acupressure. Depending on how tense you are, it can sometimes take 30 minutes to do the head neck and shoulder release. If you are limited in time, Asttarte will tailor the session to fit your schedule.

Asttarte calls in the Ascended Masters, Angels, your Higher Self & any other light beings to which you feel connected and works with their presence throughout her energy sessions. This helps to magnify the healing and bring your intent into stronger manifestation. This also helps to relax you and the environment before she begins the session. If you wish for her to call them in during an Acupressure treatment, please ask her before she gets started. The Angels will be with you always, if you call on them or not. Calling them allows their presence to work with you; since they cannot help you unless you ask them.

Asttarte has worked with energy since the spring of 1996. She has been guided by spirit to be a healer since March of 2000. She has studied with professional healers all over the world. She has worked with and is open to all faiths. Asttarte has been following the guidance of her spiritual teachers, or some would call them gurus, living saints or Boddisatvas from India whom are Ammachi & Chalanda Ma. She has also been studying extensively the teachings of Dr. Joshua David Stone, P.H.D., who is a Spiritual Psychotherapist, and teaches people how to evolve and ascend their entire being in this lifetime. Her studies are in an effort to do exactly this and be a Spiritual Counselor to all those who walk on her path.

Asttarte is also certified in other healing modalities as well and would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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There are several segments that Asttarte uses to treat for Acupressure. Some of the are: the Basic Back Release, Abdominal Release, Potency Release, Female Regulating Release, Deep Breathing Release, Shoulder Release, & Clear Thinking Release.

Examples of other treatment plans with a description are below:
The First Treatment Plan: balances the yin and yang energies in the body, moves blocked circulation, works with the heart, digestion, apprehension, nervousness, depression, and hypertension. This is also good for: resistance to colds, flues, joint and muscle problems, nerve achiness, general weakness, headaches, immune system, and defense attitude. This helps cases of AIDS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Crohn’s Disease & Fibromyalgia.

The Second Treatment Plan: distributes reserved energy, receives stored energy from kidneys, lethargy, drowsiness, sleepiness, kidney, urinary, menstrual problems, frigidity, impotency, blurred vision, hypertension, hyper-energy, insomnia, cramps & stiffness, joint & muscle pains, arthritis, rheumatism, & glaring eyes. This treats cases such as: Manic-Depressive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder and Endometriosis.

The Third Treatment Plan is another segment to help people come up with their own ideas. This helps with digestion, sexual organs, blood circulation, unites all yin & yang meridians, Spiritual peace/unrest, responsibility, obligation, conception, childbirth, circulates blood supply to uterus, male sexuality fertility. This also helps with constipation, prenatal energy, nervous stability/instability, controls bladder, associated with insomnia and nervousness, nourishes spine, brain and back & helps release neck stiffness.


She is also certified in other healing modalities as well and would be happy to talk to you about them if you have any questions.