Empower Thyself – Intuitive Readings, Intuitive Healing

Empower thyself with Intuitive Readings. by trusting your souls guidance and your inner self. This can surely be the start to your next evolutionary stage, or guidance in a major decision you need to make. Sometimes we need to hear someone else give us confirmation in something we already chose, and sometimes we move through life feeling lost, alone and afraid, and that extra listening ear or intuitive suggestion can move mountains that were once in stillness for what seemed like centuries!

Tarot Readings
I love offering tarot readings and have been offering them for years. This is a way you can find answers to questions you may not know you have, or questions you have been unable to find answers on or the right words to communicate them. This is a fun experience and very rewarding!

Readings are $60 and generally last 30 to 45 minutes.
Anytime over 30 minutes, additional donations are appreciated, but not demanded.

Angel Readings
Working with angels is my regular area of endeavors; whether it is through meditation, teaching, giving sessions, or channeling. My contact with angels is what has saved me several times and is what has brought me on this powerful journey as a Healer.

Angel Readings are $60 for 30 minutes.

I’ve had many experiences with seeing angels since I was a child and have always been sensitive to energy. As a young girl, I had painted on my wall, “VIBES ARE EVERYTHING”. I learned young that there is so much out there that we can’t physically see and to always look beyond the obvious.

When I do Angel Readings I work with angel cards, channeling, prayer and guidance.


Past Life Readings & Healings
Past Life Readings can be done in an energy healing session, or by itself in a channeled session. This can help you in your present life where you are playing out old patterns from your past (from this life or other lives). Perhaps you are living out experiences and you don’t understand why life is just not working out the way you want it. This is where Past Lives come into play.

Past Life Readings are often incorporated into a Healing Session from any of the other pages on this site, or can be done on their own.

Past Life Readings are $60 on their own, and may move to $100 or $150 +/- depending on the additional Healing Service and length of time in Session.

Intuitive Guidance & Counseling
Perhaps you don’t know what you need, are confused in your life, or are unsure of what direction to take, but you know you need something and are looking for help. If you need help and can’t decide what you need, a Psychic, or what I like to call, Intuitive Reading and Counseling Session is what can help most. There are many directions these sessions can take, and I will always use my intuition and my best judgment. Your energy, your life situation, your chakras and auric field will lead me more than anything. I will follow guidance and let spirit lead me! As spirit is energy, and energy lives and breathes all around and through us; the answers are right in front of us. Sometimes we just need someone who can tune into this frequency to help us.

Psychic Readings can be incorporated in a Healing Session of any kind and will only be offered upon your asking or approval.

Intuitive Readings on their own are $30 for 15 minutes, and often move into Energy Healing or Counseling.

Astrology Readings
I will take your birth date, time and place and enter it into a program that does the calculations for me on your natal chart. Then, we will print out the information and go over the chart together. You can choose to do a compatibility reading with someone else, or an individual personality reading. I have been studying Astrology for over 20 years, as this was my first area of focus on the Spiritual path.

Astrology Readings are done in a personal format and a playful nature. I like to make this a fun encounter of discovery. I will often use books and a computer program to support me in pulling up your chart, and then we can go into more detail as we sit together.

Astrology Readings are $60 for the first 30 minutes. If we take any longer than 30 minutes it moves into a Counseling Session and we can discuss the rates at that time.
Rates are negotiable as needed.



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