New Philadelphia Meetup Group

Check out the new meetup group for Philadelphia: Temple of Love Philadelphia!
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Temple of Love Philadelphia
The next Gathering will be on Thursday evening, March 25th!

I started this group to bring together those on the path who want to go deeper, those new to find a place to learn, and those eager for community to have a place to feel love, experience healing and be nurtured in bliss!
The purpose of the group is to help the city of Philadelphia open their hearts, their minds and nurture their soul!
People who are desiring a deeper meaning in life, a feeling of connection and a system of support should join.
Philadelphia has been untapped. There are many places around the world offering Tantra and Philadelphia has been left behind. I have been trained by mentors, gurus and teachers all throughout the world for over 14 years, but my home base is here in Philadelphia. It is time for me to share my rich knowledge of healing and love.
We will explore basic practices of healing up to extremely advanced practices of healing. Each Meetup we will cover something different. Some examples are: Reiki Shares, Reiki Initiation classes, Self Healing Practices, Empowerment For Women, Yin Yoga for Beginners, Yin Yoga for women & Mothers, Massage Gathering, Tantra Study Group, Emotional & Stress Release Techniques, Ascension Meditation Gathering (Raising Your Vibration Gathering), Kundalini Awakening Meditation, Spiritual Play Group (for parents and children), Tantra Dance & more!

You may find my personal website at and the Philadelphia Temple Practitioner site at
See also my Hugging Power Classes at

All events will also be posted at but if you want to stay in touch and be sure to get the updates you need, joining my email list on the main page of the blog under Email signup! 

Much Much Love to you!
Asttarte Asttarte Deva

Hugging Power Class went amazing!!!

“ This was a fantastic event! Everyone communicated with me about getting there. Bill and I picked everyone up
due to the snow on his street & communication was excellent and
they were all at the location waiting for us. When we arrived together,
everyone helped with setting up the blankets, & moving things
around to make space in the room.

We all joined together in love, harmony & powerful intentions. We
welcomed ourselves in a circle, and spoke of our intentions, what we were working on in ourselves presently and what we wanted to get out of the group.

We did an amazing energy orgasm meditation & moved into grounding our energies, and then talked about the experience afterwards and what everyone got out of it.
The meditation itself would have sufficed for everyone’s satisfaction, but then we moved into
a circle again to do eye gazing and connection with everyone in the
room, and again spoke about the experience when we were complete.

Then I guided everyone to partner up with each person in the room to do a healing embraced hug for healing and
everyone got a chance to give each other a hug. Women to women, women
to men, & men to men. It was a powerful experience for the men in
hugging their brothers and feeling a spiritual non-sexual connection with other men
& being nurtured by the women, & for
women to give and receive. It was awesome! ”

My intention is to have more women at the event next time and for the group to be more balanced. It’s time to find some open minded women and help women let down their guards!

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Asttarte Asttarte Deva

Creating Sacred Space

As a mom living alone with my son, running my practice alone and working 3 days a week, it is my intention to have a sacred space to offer the sessions I love with a vision of beauty, clarity and cleanliness. It was my intention, as a new years resolution, to find an assistant, and to support me in starting my tantra temple & a vision of a home that reflects a healing space.

I have moved all of my child’s toys, books and items into his own room and made room for the living room that is in view when people enter my space to be cleanly. I have moved the boxes of paperwork that were on the floor and made it appear to be a mess, to a place that is hidden from view. I also moved a leather chair that was in my child’s room to the living room which now makes it feel more cozy and comfortable to relax in for friends and company.

Everything that was in the hallway is now gone except for a couple bags I intend to give to someone in need. In the process of turning my child’s room from a baby’s room to a little boy’s room, I will be removing the crib, high chair and changing table and bringing in a bunk bed, a small table to the floor for playing and eating and a toy box. I am turning a small room that had little use except for storage and changing into something that will make my whole place a lot nicer and more of a joy for my little guy to indulge in.

Blessings to being in order and having a life of comfort!

Asttarte Asttarte Deva

Hugging Power Class

The Power of the Breath & The Value of Hugging class is a gentle class for those who wish to have a hands on experience that is safe and fun. This class will offer you a new way of learning the art of healing and can create connection to the divine and to those in your lives.

Hugging Power Class is like a Yoga class, but instead of asanas it is tantra yoga practices of eye gazing, breathing practices, energy movement with awareness and the breath and slow connection of hugging from selecting someone in the room with your eyes. It will be an opportunity to heal and break down barriers that keep people distant and letting down walls of intimacy; for the present moment and the future.

We will talk about present concerns, issues, needs or boundaries and then move into the class. You may also choose to be an observer and witness the class before choosing to participate.

It will be an hour and 1/2 or 2 of this and then people are welcome, if they choose, to move into hugging and cuddling on the floor. I will start out with a gentle meditation, a chakra opening meditation, a kundalini raising meditation, or a sexual chakra meditation. It depends on the audience and their energy and experience.

You will never have to do anything you don’t want to. And saying “No” is not a crime.
1 1/2 to 2 hour basic class – $20.00 donation or what you can.
1st class is free, unless you choose to donate!

The class is scheduled for Friday night, Feb. 19th from 7:30 until we’re done!
Feel free to RSVP at the meetup group or East Coast Tantra below!

All classes are done in a group setting with an average of 10 to 20 people.

Hugs are safe and create connection and healing
in a way never taught before.

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