Re-directing Your Marriage; Finding Your Lost Commitment

Most of us go along with our lives, doing a job, having a home, and living the mundane life of this conservative world; often forgetting what is most important to you.

Issues and triggers come up in marriage/relationships, and what many do to deal with them is find an escape; a place to go and something to distract them from what is really upsetting them in their hearts. Many think that it is not possible to get to the bottom of their relationship struggles, and in a majority of cases, the partner, significant other, husband and even the wife, will look for an escape route to their biggest pains. There are few brave souls who are willing to do the deeper work, but more often than not, couples feel distant, frustrated, hurt and alone.

How do you find your love again that is hidden inside your heart? You find it by taking responsibility for your actions, your behaviors, your ways of being and being authentically honest with what you are truly feeling; the pain that has turned into resentment, the anger that has turned into rage, and the sadness that has turned into despair. When you can come to the truth of who you are, speak this truth and communicate it verbally or through written letter, a new peace can replace the darkness that you are carrying around with you.

Many come to me looking for an escape, and yes, I can certainly offer you an escape, however, the goal is not to maintain an escape and continue looking for ways of running away, but instead running towards that which you are most fearful of; your own feelings, your own emotions and your hidden self inside your heart. When you can find the truth within you, and be truly authentic about how you’ve been behaving towards yourself and towards the ones you really love, your true love for your loved ones will return to you, and in your love returning to you, you get to be a different way with those in your lives, and in your being a person who authentically shows love, forgiveness, acceptance and peace towards those you care about the most, they then will give you in return, what you have deeply longed for all along.

My wish for you, is that you learn to be authentic to your own behaviors, take responsibility and allow a new vulnerability with yourself and your loved ones to awaken, and in this awakening, you get everything you ever dreamed of. Asttarte Deva

Boundaries in Intimacy

As a woman, a Goddess & a Practitioner, I have many distinctions between how I represent myself in my work and how I am for others. I am not here as a replacement for your girlfriend or wife, but I am here to offer Healing, Support and awareness to your own journey.

There have been many moments where I have been in session with clients, and I have had to move the clients arm, or tell them directly, it is not appropriate to touch me in my sacred areas, nor even try to kiss me and that it is not acceptable. There may be other Goddesses who play the role of escort, submissive, or surrogate, but this is not my profession and not something I choose.

I am here as a Goddess Healer, one who helps transform areas of your life that are not working for you, and targets the specific blocks that are keeping you from fully experiencing and enjoying your own body and your ability to receive and give love to others in your life. This is my specialty. I am like Kali Ma, and am here not for you to take on as a lover, but to learn and grow with and transcend, over time, the darkness within yourself that is keeping you from your own pleasure, joy and experience of love.

Boundaries in Intimacy are just what the words speak; if you have a desire, it must be spoken of openly and communicated before any action is taken, and if desires or needs change, then it is imperative to speak again when the new intention arises.

You must always ask permission before taking an action with your Goddess, wife, girlfriend or Beloved, otherwise, it can feel like violation, force, an expectation and in some cases sexually abusive. Women are very sensitive to their bodies, and if no words are spoken before an intimate encounter about the intentions of the engagement, there is no sacredness and there is no trust. And at the other end, when you do ask permission, make a request and set a clear intention of your full desires, needs and how you want to create the encounter, full trust, openness, love and intimacy has the opportunity to be built.

Women are not to be taken advantage of, but to be loved, honored, respected and adored. And, not one woman is an exception. Asttarte Deva

Unfolding Pleasure

What does it mean when you read the words “Unfolding Pleasure?”

Unfolding Pleasure is about the unlimited ability to unravel and peel the layers of our-self to reveal and awaken the joy, the bliss, the love, the harmony and the pleasure underneath. Our bodies are capable of continuing to release the blocks that we carry around ourselves. And just as our bodies can release these layers, so can our minds, our thoughts, our thinking process, our emotions, our hearts and our entire energy system. When all these parts of our-selves are cleared and released of the darkness held within them, we can then unfold the tight vessel and cocoon that we live in and awaken the butterfly of our true essence.

Unfolding Pleasure is an ever unfolding to our natural abilities, our pure innocence and our innate talents and joys as a human being. If everyone could feel pleasure all the time and be in a state of bliss and joy in every moment, then no work would need to be done and we would almost be walking as if we were a state of an angel that had already transcended. Everyone on the planet has layers to unravel, otherwise, we would not be here.

I welcome you to unfold your layers and be awakened to the bliss that is hidden deep within!

May you always know that your ability to be vulnerable and present to what you are dealing with in the moment, is the exact thing that will give you access to your own power and joy of living!

Asttarte Asttarte Deva