Spiritual Initiation – Soul Vibration

As I sat in the giver role this evening for a client tonight, I re-experienced the presence from the higher vibrations of energy healing radiating through my palms, and the pulse of energy moving through me. It was captivating to witness someone in their response, while melting under the palms of my hand and lifting the stresses of their day and perhaps week or months.

All my sessions incorporate a Spiritual Initiation, and as they allow themselves fully to receive the healing that is divinely guided through me, we are both given a gift to the source; to the soul of vibration from which we both came.

I was engulfed with gratitude for their deep satisfaction and appreciation of the healing I offered, and know that this Spiritual Initiation in my giving, was the first rebirth of many more to come!

In connecting to my own essence of divinity, I feel an utter peace in remembering my connection as an Egyptian Priestess and Channel to the Divine!

Om Love to the angels, and heavenly realm on Earth!

I will be offering new Spiritual Initiations in Sessions and package plans. Please ask for those interested.