Lessons for Parents – Innocence of Children

Lessons for Parents – Innocence of Children

Lesson 1:
There are myths about sex regarding children that as a willing tantrica, I took guidance from my teachers, and to my surprise, their experience was different than my own.

Myth: You can be openly intimate with your lover(s) in front of your child until they are about 2 to 2 and 1/2 and they won’t remember anything.

My child certainly remembered what my lover and I were doing, even when he was only 6 months alive. Either he is a genius and remembers everything, or the assumption children do not remember is just a myth and is different with each child, so play with caution parents!

Lesson 2:
Most of us who are adults now in their 20s, 30s and 40s grew up with parents who taught us to keep our sexual passions under cover. We were not supported to pleasure ourselves as children, and were taught that this was dirty, naughty, or against their religion. Now, as many parents are coming to realize, this suppressed us and we actually had to retrain ourselves to come out of the dark, and in fact, some adults still feel ashamed or embarrassed to self pleasure even now. When witnessing our children and the innocence that they are, their natural tendency is to touch all areas of their own body. It is how they learn and gives them confidence and acceptance for who they are. As adults now, my suggestion to you, is to allow your children to have naked time and be who they are going to be. And, if it bothers you, give them a time limit and have the experience end at a certain time, or have them go to their toy room. Otherwise, you’ll just be training them to be as suppressed as all those who came before them.

Tantric Mom

Tantric Mom

What is it like being a mom who is a tantrica, who has a business of sharing tantra teachings, being loving to many, and at the end of the day has a child to care for?

Every day is unique, as is every moment. I offer myself as I am open and refreshed. There are many times I just want to take a full day and indulge in the bath, get pampered at a spa and escape to a Tantra Temple with other practitioners and tantric lovers to share energy and healing and be amongst those who are like myself.

What I end up doing is dropping off my son to school or to his daddy and taking a deep breath that I am finally alone, and the actual act of giving sessions to clients is my meditation, my sanctuary and my heaven. It fulfills me to nurture others, and especially to those who respond with love, respect and honor. A little toddler can be draining, especially now that his will is at its peak and “mine, give me, I want”.. this or that are his favorite words, and his favorite thing in showing me love by beating me up. I end up walking in the other direction to avoid the wild child, whilst he loves hitting, kicking, and of course never listening. Being a gentle nature, having the desire to practice yoga and to sit, relax and breathe doesn’t come easy with a wild tyrant on the loose, so I take whatever opportunity I can get to enjoy the moments of being alive, to breathe, share love, and relax with others who do understand the same language I am speaking!

I look forward to every moment I get to share with you. As I know my world is split in different roles, the role of being Goddess is my savior, and I love being with other adults who share the same passions as my own; the opportunity to grow, experience bliss and the art of sensual touch. There is nothing greater than this!

The Courage To Face The Dark Side

When one is living in a state of constant reaction to their emotions, trying to control them, calm them or suppress them, they will always come up again at some point to show you they are there. Often events will show up that your soul wants you to learn and grow from. When you ignore the lesson for too long, an even bigger lesson will sometimes present itself that will give you no choice but to look at yourself.

When you look at life as a lesson, and know that every situation you encounter is an opportunity for you to grow, you will keep an open mind and heart and not take events so personally. But that is not as easy for everyone.

Facing the darkness within, is the exact key to living a life full of love, joy and harmony. Without looking at the darkness there is no light. The more you surrender to your own darkness, and let your darkness be revealed, expressed through words, released through sounds, or cleansed by spirit, the more you will come into alignment with the innocence that you are and the pure essence of your own light!

The more you face your darkness, the more your own power & light shines!

Om Shanti, Love, and Namaste!

Our Energy Bodies

How subtle our energy bodies are when we look outside of ourselves at another human being without saying a word, and suddenly that someone looks our way and notices how amazing they feel just by gazing upon us. No words were spoken – the only thing that based their decision to reach out to us, was how they felt. It was their intuition that guided them to choose to be open to us, or to walk away. That intuition was their energy body communicating to your energy body in such a way that it felt safe, or familiar, or exciting. Nothing else made them know that they would like you, or be comfortable with you. All they know is what they felt.

Everyone’s energy body is speaking a different language. We are all at different vibrations radiating different levels of frequency and energy that goes out into the universe and the universe, or others, respond accordingly. All people on the planet are attracted to others based on their energy body. The energy body speaks many languages. We all are carrying certain energies that match our beliefs, our history, our character, our traumas, our desires and our fears. Most people on the planet are intuitive; some more so than others. However, the more open our energy body’s are to positive and healthy vibrations, the more we will attract positive and healthy individuals in our lives. Often as we expand and heal, others close to us will as well. And those who do not, that we cherish and love, who stay stagnant, sometimes will be left behind as our energies will then travel on different passages since the attraction and compatibility changes.

To achieve a state of bliss, you must be ready – emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. When you can learn to expand your spiritual body, cleansing it and purifying it, then your physical body will be ready to move on to gaining access to the bliss that awaits you underneath the (what I like to call) energetic clutter. All levels of your being are important, and before one can awaken their full kundalini power; their blissful essence, their spiritual body must be ready to achieve it.

Clearing The Energy Body

There are many tools and paths to clearing the energy body, but what’s most important is that you use the tools available. Most don’t know the value of clearing the energy body, let alone, how one goes about doing it. Clearing the Energy Body, is a celebration and a renewal to the real self that is sitting and waiting for you to awaken.

Many practices mentioned on this website are excellent ways of clearing the energy body; such as chakra clearing and balancing, IET, all types of Reiki, and energy healing, meditation, and breathwork. Other tools are emotional release work, massage therapy, and yoga.

When one clears the energy body, they can connect to the wave of bliss waiting inside themselves and as the outside awakens to the inside, the inside then merges back out again with the outside. The energy of the entire person then flows in a spiral from the internal to the external; the physical body, to the energetic body, the feeling of touch to the skin, to the senses of ones energy and auric field all around them. The whole person then experiences a wave of bliss and love and a connection to all that is, is achieved.