The Courage To Face The Dark Side

When one is living in a state of constant reaction to their emotions, trying to control them, calm them or suppress them, they will always come up again at some point to show you they are there. Often events will show up that your soul wants you to learn and grow from. When you ignore the lesson for too long, an even bigger lesson will sometimes present itself that will give you no choice but to look at yourself.

When you look at life as a lesson, and know that every situation you encounter is an opportunity for you to grow, you will keep an open mind and heart and not take events so personally. But that is not as easy for everyone.

Facing the darkness within, is the exact key to living a life full of love, joy and harmony. Without looking at the darkness there is no light. The more you surrender to your own darkness, and let your darkness be revealed, expressed through words, released through sounds, or cleansed by spirit, the more you will come into alignment with the innocence that you are and the pure essence of your own light!

The more you face your darkness, the more your own power & light shines!

Om Shanti, Love, and Namaste!