Visioning a New Dream

I am on the verge of something big, and am moving towards coaching at a level of mentor-ship, creating videos, the ability to create a radio show or school. I am on the verge of becoming an Introduction Leader, and for me this is something really HUGE! It takes a lot to get to be an Introduction Leader, and a lot of having gone through and facing yourself at a level that takes balls. I’ve done some major transformation work in the past 15 years, but none like Landmark Education. And, what’s next for me after this is a Relationship Coach Certification, Professional Coach Certification and Mentor Coach Certification. This puts Life Coaching in a totally different bracket, something that is already within these, however, the training offered in these programs take you to an even higher level.

I’m looking to create an International Healing School, that includes all forms of Healing Arts, Coaching, Private Sessions, Teaching and classes that are available online, via email, ebooks and videos.

Something big is DEFINITELY coming!

Honoring Your Own Integrity

Sometimes when a situation arises, and you feel you need to take a stand for yourself, it may oppose other people’s viewpoints, opinions, or desires. However, if you stay firm to your own feelings and convictions, everything will fall into place out and you will have honored your own integrity and have stayed true to your view. This ultimately will lead you to self-satisfaction, honor with your heart and inner peace.
What happens when you don’t honor how you feel; when you let other people have their way, you keep your feelings to yourself, and when you suppress your needs and desires? This often leads to a loss of power; a lack of self-expression, a creative expression that gets lost, a sexual passion that gets forgotten, an opportunity that got missed, a need that didn’t get fulfilled and in some cases a routine for your child that got off schedule or the lack of self-care for yourself or others.
Tonight, I had an experience where I shared a need I felt was important to honor for my son; where it would have put his sleep schedule and evening routine off for an hour, he would not have gotten to bed until almost 11:30 at night and then would have put him into staying asleep in the morning until mid morning, totally altering the next days routines and schedule. I did not want to make my son have to sacrifice his own well-being, putting his schedule off and not getting his needs met, which ultimately would have made his father’s and my own needs and routine thrown off as well. I stood for what I felt, and requested his father find another ride or consider what his son would have to go through for him requesting to give him a ride, making his son sit in the car for an hour. So instead, he surrendered and took the train home.
Sometimes when we don’t honor how we feel, it actually can cause more upset than it would have if you just said what you felt. Giving away your power and forgetting yourself actually can create distance between people and does the opposite of what we all desire; experiencing love, being a family, & having commitment and ease between each other.
Speaking your truth, in the end is what actually gives you power, and when you hide behind someone else, there’s no you to be vivid, be real and be alive in this world!