A Tantrica’s Yoga Practice & being a Sexual Advocate Out in The World

There is a fine distinction between being the role of student and the role of teacher, however, sometimes things happen and you can’t but be your true self!

I went to an Anusara Yoga class this morning, as a student, and being the fully expressed breather that I am, I came to find that it triggered some people and “disrupted” them in the class.

I did the normal practice that everyone does. I followed the instructions on each and every pose, and very shortly after class started, my breath started to expand to its full capacity. It doesn’t take long for an avid Tantrica and advocate to start moaning and groaning to practically anything that feels good in the body. I being the case, I started to breathe heavily, being so fully present and joyous to what I was experiencing I didn’t notice anything going on around me.

After about an hour, when I started giggling and taking deep sighs and layed there in half straddle after a back bend pose, the assistant teacher came over to me. She guided me to move my feet closer together to go back up in the back bend, and I really wasn’t paying any attention at all to the seriousness of her or the rhythm of the rest of the class. I went out of focus and came to that euphoric place of bliss and just stayed still smiling. She looked at me again, “just move your feet closer together…a little closer.” I said okay, taking a momentous breath and pushed myself back up in the back bend.

After a few minutes, I contemplated having a conversation with the teacher on asking her to “let the class know before you start that there is a Sex & Bliss Coach and Tantra Teacher visitor with us today, so if you hear extra sounds of breathing that is the reason.” Instead, she told me that she had heard from quite a few people that my breathing was disrupting the others from experiencing their own breath and being in their own body. She asked me if I could, as a teacher, take the higher road and hold back my breathing to its capacity and just breathe in a normal rhythm. I felt that this would be suppressing to my own joy and I get a lot of joy out of doing a normal yoga class; perhaps much more than the average yogi.

I thought for a moment and said, “well, I could perhaps breathe out of my nose instead of out of my mouth.” She said, “when you are the teacher, you can teach any way you want, but when you are wearing the students hat, I’d prefer you do your deep breathing practice at home and control your breath when you are here.”

I said, “you’re awesome, and I wouldn’t want to not come to your class.” She said, YOU’RE awesome and it was really thoughtful of you to come up to talk to me about this. And, ya know when I’m at home in my own practice, I let myself go there, but around others its different. Just think about it. It’s something to meditate on.”

It is something for me to think about, however, I would in no way choose to suppress my breath; especially when it comes naturally. Doing Yoga is a practice that naturally opens the breath, and if other people are not as expanded in their own bodies I cannot control that. However, what I can do is teach others how to expand themselves so they can have the full body experience that I have. So what I am taking out of this experience is perhaps, that yes, I am truly meant to start teaching Yoga Classes in a Tantric tone, and find avenues to do this, I have a gift to help women feel more comfortable in their bodies, I definitely need to go to another studio that is more liberal, and seeking for other alternatives of sharing myself and having a yoga practice is key. It sure is much more fun to do yoga with other people, but not if you have to change your identity in the process.

I totally love this teacher and love Anusara Yoga. So, I will try that nose breathing as a compromise next time, and if I still am disruptive, I suppose I’ll seek yoga elsewhere! As a Tantrica, when you nose breathe and you are connected to your sexual kundalini energy and breath, even the nose breathing isn’t so quiet! The humming and vibrational tone that comes from the throat can be just as loud, and I will consider other options.

Everything IS a choice. When it comes to choosing between feeling orgasmic or suppressed, and you have a choice, as a Tantrica I’ll make the moans. It’s much more fun, and as a Practitioner and Teacher, sometimes being self-less is the better option, AND the moaning can also be the teaching. It all depends on the audience.

I’ll keep you posted!

Keep on being your true self. If you don’t no one will know what you have to share with the world!

With Love,

The most liberal yoga studio I know of in all of Philadelphia is Studio 34. When it comes time for me to teach my classes, this is the 1st place I will go.

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Erectile Dysfunction – A Common Phenomenon

After about a dozen phone calls of people seeking help with their personal erectile dysfunction issues, I thought it was time to do something about this, and write to you.

Many men go through a stage in their life that takes them off of their normal routine of a healthy sex life, and often it comes as a shock to them; not knowing how to turn things around, and sometimes go back to the way it was just the day before. And, after many months of feeling frustrated, mostly from their partner wanting them to be able to be fully erect and feel the full sensation they had before, they start looking for answers.

First off, I want to say, ladies, please have patience for your honey’s. Sometimes they don’t know the source of this and they really do need help. It is important that they know YOU love them, accept them, and can be fully supportive of what they are dealing with. #1 this is utmost of importance. It will help them feel nurtured, cared for, and in the end get to the other side of this condition.

Second, guys, it will take a lot of compassion on your part to let your women go through what they are going through given they were always used to things being a certain way, and now they need to adjust to the changes and learn within themselves how to accept your situation, and eventually support you to heal it. If this core foundation doesn’t happen, this is where a lot of relationships start going under and can, without warning, walk a path of termination. This is not what I would want for you, however, some people can only handle so much disappointment. The good news is, is that there are answers and this CAN, I am telling you, be cured. It will take DEEP soul searching on your part, a determination to heal your inner self and take charge of the problem. Going to the route of viagra or other drugs is NOT the solution. It will only lead to other health problems later, but I can’t make that decision for you. You have to.

So guys, soul searching IS the answer. It’s not the fastest solution, and it’s not an easy one, but it is the most powerful solution. And, with Tantra and other Spiritual Healing practices, you can find yourself getting closer to your old healthy body again, and sometimes, EVEN HEALTHIER!

Sometimes the issue stems from one or more of these things:
Your Health
Past Traumas

Often when you have a health concern, this can cause stress. Often when you have stress it can be created in many ways; work, your closest relationships, family and on many occasions Past Traumas that you never even knew were traumas, but your body took them in and integrated them into a part of you, and now it has caught up with you. The most noble thing you can do would be to allow yourself to be vulnerable, surrender to what your body is telling you, and go deep within. Not every modality out there will help you. Just like food; some people like chocolate, some like vanilla and some like strawberry. We all have different likes and dislikes and our bodies respond to different modalities in different ways. The best thing to do is experiment. However, now that you are here reading this, I would like to say that practicing tantra, spiritual healing, doing emotional release practices and strengthening your sexual muscles will help. However, with a little guidance, a little push and a little practice.

Some other modalities I recommend are (I offer most of these btw):
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) (I have a great referral here)
Matrix (Matrix Work – Core Energetics)
IET (Integrated Energy Therapy)
Caring for your health and eating proper foods
Acupuncture (I know of a couple really great clinics around Phiadelphia that cost $20 to $35)
Getting Massages
and more!

Some reading material: http://en.allexperts.com/q/Spiritual-Healing-3882/2009/12/Erectile-dysfunction-1.htm

If you would like a woman and someone different than here, let me know and I can give you another referral. Or, of course, you can see me! Good luck to you, and much much love on this journey!

Asttarte Deva