Men Who Act Like Boys

Men Who Act Like Boys

Women who are on the path to healing themselves at some point get to the place of realizing that they may be putting up with men who act like boys and need to put their foot down. A lot of women who are soft, overly kind and forgiving, and accepting and loving, at one point or another realize that this way of being with men in their lives, also has caused them to be attracted to those they can “take care of”, or “love the poison out of them”, and in some cases “control the men” into kind, responsible, loving beings. However, eventually, women realize that these men cannot and will not ever grow up with their help. They must figure out their own paths, their own healing journeys and stand up as men on their own. Many of them never will, and those who do, God Bless You!

To the women I see as sisters, I stand with you, and raise my arms up high, that it is time, we stand as women, as one, and affirm that we deserve to be treated as WOMEN, as Goddesses, and as divine creatures, and no longer accept irresponsible men, or men who need us to take care of them, but instead, men who can truly take care of us, and stand strong in their power as men, take root in themselves as warriors, and take on roles as successful business people, or workers, and lift their women up to the righteous beauties they are, and surrender to their women; rather than taking control, demeaning them, belittling them, and making the women in their lives feel worthless, powerless, and weak, but instead beautiful women who feel supported for being the true self they are.

Men who try to overpower you, control you to doing what they want, condemn you for having your own opinion, manipulate you to doing what they want, coerce you into their dreams, diminish anything that is important to you or anything you have to say, ridicule that your opinion matters, blame you for their problems, avoid the important conversations that get to the root of these things, punish you for not doing what they want, possess you and keep you all to themselves and in a sense owning you, and then expect and assume you will provide for them or take care of them, feel needy towards you, and then angry YOU don’t take care of them, are NOT men, they are BOYS, that need a good spanking, a little punishment, and some major distance so they really understand that they CANNOT act that way with you ever AGAIN!

I, as a woman, who has been putting up with a boy, understand the journey, and the struggle to leave this type of man, especially one you believed in so strongly that they would grow up, especially one who made promises after promises with nothing to show for, and only displayed anger, upset and distance that you didn’t do anything they wanted, take a stand that it is time to move on, ask for the help I need, and put an end to the cycle.

AHO, to all the Goddesses out there who join me!

Blessings of love, serenity and peace to all of you!


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