For those Who’ve been raped or Emotionally Wounded

I found these two sites to be of MOST importance. Many women who have these types of experiences, just deal with the consequences. Some have minimal experiences of sex because of it but truly want to connect more frequently and longer. Here is some information for the ladies, who need a little extra support!

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Healing the Wounded Self

Healing the Wounded Self

healing the wounded self

Healing the Wounded Self, the chakras and Grief

When it comes to starting a path of self discovery and inner healing, most people start with the heart chakra or the crown chakra. They don’t get to the lower chakras until later, and in essence start with the heart chakra that has to do with love, abandonment, betrayal and loneliness. Or, the crown chakra that deals more with one’s spiritual connection to God, their faith, their spiritual beliefs and trust in a higher power.

Usually when one has been on the path for a long time, the healing of the chakras will recycle themselves and they’ll go around to healing many of the chakras from the beginning, and as they release many of the issues relating to all of them, they’ll come back again to where they originally had started.

Grief is a big issue in personal healing, and some don’t get to the deeper grief of their own wounding until many years after they start their own therapy treatment or healing journey. As I am moving through my own grief, in an actual death of someone very near and dear to me; my grandmother, I am reminded of the value and significance of grief in one’s personal growth and development as a whole person.

When you allow yourself to cry, you move the energy of water through your body. As water moves, it makes room for more love, and in essence, the grounding nature of earth to settle once again. When someone does not allow themselves to cry, when in truth, their is something deep emotional inside that their body wants to release, the water then turns into ice, and becomes solid into the self as a whole. As water becomes ice, the person can then become armored and movement that might be possible is blocked. This is often how anger shows itself, and the water turns to fire and tries to release in this form instead, but many don’t know how to move the anger when it shows up, or try to swallow it so they don’t release their pain onto others; and in essence it goes deeper into the self and becomes hidden. Eventually it will show up again, but when the individual can cry out their grief, and allow themselves to really feel the deeper emotions hidden within, in the moment the feelings present themselves, they can then become free again, and feel much more love than before.

What if You’re Still Healing?

What if You’re Still Healing?

What if you’re still healing and there’s someone you love who’s worse off than you?

If you’re still healing, then all the more reason to be a motivation for the person you love. If you’re still healing, you have wisdom and experience they don’t quite understand. You can help them stick to their commitment to heal. You could be their guiding force, while you’re still taking control of your own life and helping yourself. They say, “one must help themselves before they can help another.” Yes, this is true, and when you have helped yourself, and have some experience, and there is another human being dear to you, you have the wisdom to make the assessment if they need help, and can make simple suggestions based on your view of them what they might be drawn to, or some simple paths to start. And, if you don’t, you just might know some people who can lead the way instead.

When you’re still healing and you also want to help someone else, great! You’re on the journey, you’re on the path, and no one is perfect. If you’re still alive, you’ll probably always be healing, or always be growing toward greater enlightenment, greater fulfillment and greater peace within yourself.

Sometimes, when you’re still healing, it makes you feel so much better about yourself, when you can support another as well. When you take the focus off of yourself for a while, it can be an instant boost to your own confidence, and sometimes shifting focus alone can make one feel especially good and loved!

Starting the Healing Path

Starting the Healing Path

Starting the Healing Path

How does one know when it’s time to start healing; when it’s time to start going within? How does one know truly, and what does it take for someone who really needs support and healing to surrender their ego, let go, and ask for help?

It’s been over 20 years since I started my own healing journey, and when I made the decision to seek guidance, and to start my search; it was an inner calling and a trust that there was something so much greater than myself that had the answers. I wanted to learn everything I could get my hands on, and a deeper calling was coming. I surrendered to prayer, and I asked my guidance; and my guardian angels. I let THEM lead my journey, and then my intuition took over.

There are many people who resist the healing they perhaps really need. There might be friends or family members who try to make suggestions, but only you, the “I”, the person who must go within, is the one who can take that leap of faith.

Once someone starts the journey, there is NO going back. You cannot turn off your newfound wisdom and pretend that you are still unaware. You cannot go back to your old habits and drink yourself silly to avoid your feelings. You cannot go numb, once you’ve open the floodgates. It is a long journey once someone starts, but the starting IS the journey, and is part of the process.

When you love someone, deeply, and want to remain in their life, but know their behavior or patterns is either harming them, someone they love, or you, someone must take the leap of faith and tap them on the shoulder. And the only way to help them, is to just keep on tapping. Perhaps with kind words, a gentle listening ear, or a simple offer and gift of a small book to open their eyes. And, never, never abandon them. Never give up on them; no matter how much you want to. Even if you take space from them to protect your own well being, support them from afar. It might be YOU who is the one they will be grateful for one day for your commitment and patience to help them. Of course, you NEVER want to give up yourself in the process, but you just might have been the one person to save someone else. And for that, like is worth living.

The Power of Your Own Energy

The Power of Your Own Energy

The Power of Your Own Energy

How do you know what your own energy feels like? Do you ever notice how people respond to you differently in different moments? Perhaps you are feeling sad, or depressed. Do you notice how people often will avoid you, or keep their distance during those times; even unspoken. Even your phone will ring less.

When you are feeling vibrant, charged up with energy, excited about life and full of life, do you notice the extreme opposite response to those around you? How people just want to flock to you, they “want some of that”, they want to know how or why you feel that way, and even if they could just take a taste of it they might be happy, or perhaps, learn what you are doing. In Landmark terms, this would be called, “The Occurring World”, how the world occurs for those around you. And, the occurring world can change as often as you change, when you speak different words, and when you vibrate at a different energy. (The people around you don’t even need to change.  When you change, your whole world changes, but this is a separate topic we shall address later).

Even your animals will respond to you differently when you are vibrating at a different frequency; one of higher love, or joy, or happiness. They will want to play with you, or be near you; perhaps longer or more frequently!

How do you know what energy other people pick up from you? In other words, what is the vibration you are giving off to the universe, and how is it impacting those around you, and how do you change it, raise it, or improve to so the people around you will be drawn to you like bees?

You can be like your own Energy Master, and shift, move, play with your own energy; like a Chi Gong Master or a Martial Arts Instructor, as you will it, so shall it be!

{~However, it is ALWAYS important to honor how you are feeling, when you are in moments of vulnerability. When the moments of vulnerability, in particular have more to do with what is going on inside of you, rather than energy you took on or felt from others.~}

You can pull the energy up from the Earth!
You can raise the heat in your own body!
You can cool yourself with elements of water.
You can move the energy around with your mind and visualize it changing,
expanding or circulating it so that it flows.

How do you change your own energy? Will it!!!! It is with your own intent that you can shift your energy, AND, personal development, deep release work and emotional clearing will also make a HUGE difference in the ability to will it to change. When you are incomplete with your personal healing and in the middle of a huge grief process, per say, or deeply raged about something you had no control over, then there is no way you can will these feelings off. They are too big.

Your own energy has enormous power, and if it is blocked, then the power is hidden! If your energy is open, circulating, expanding or flowing, then you have all the access to do with it what you will. We will discuss more about expanding and playing with your own energy in future posts! Look for a post called: Changing Your Own Energy that will follow up this post! 🙂