Trusting Intuition


Intuitive Healing, Intuitive Energy Healing, Emotional Healing and Intuitive Training.
Intuitive Healing, Intuitive Energy Healing, Emotional Healing and Intuitive Training.

When it comes to trusting intuition, how do you know it is coming from a place of higher wisdom or from your mind? There is a fine distinction between listening to your hidden voice within, and the chattery thoughts that come in and out with that wisdom.

When you’re beginning the spiritual journey, or coming back to it after taking a break, listening to your “inner wisdom” can be tricky, yet, powerful once you take it seriously. The higher mind is always wanting to come through, and yet, we often allow our thoughts to control us and run the show!

Often when we hear self doubt, inner criticism, negative beliefs, or fears, we are in fact not listening to our “inner wisdom”, but instead our mind. Our mind often wants to run the show, so in order to shake off those thoughts, and get to the good stuff, our pure thoughts, wisdom and intuition, we must not let those doubts control us.

Intuition comes from practicing meditation, breathing into your body, breathing into your breath, hearing the little sounds, breathing deeper into your knowing, surrendering into the thoughts that show up, and continuing to breathe through your feelings, your thoughts, fears, judgments or other feelings that may come up. As one continues to breathe, they will begin to start to notice the subtle beauty inside their mind, hear the power that has been hidden underneath their insecurities or fears, and grow deeper into a knowing and a trust of something much bigger and greater than they are!

Trusting one’s intuition is a gift and beauty not to be taken for granted, and when one listen’s they will learn new facets of themselves, a greater love for them self, a greater peace in the all, and a stronger trust of the unknown. One may be guided to take a class, make a phone call, write that story, start a journal, begin a project, or rekindle a connection that had been absent from their life. One may learn the power of trusting, the value of meditation and the beauty of healing.

Intuition is not the same as meditation, however, in meditating, intuition becomes stronger. And the more you listen, the more you trust to listen more!

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