2/6/14 “Are you disappointed by the poor results of conventional therapy?” Hopefully, alot of people will answer a big YES and be willing to try something different. … You blow your competition off the map with your focused loving PRESENCE! No one can touch you there! Most therapists are just marking time to collect a paycheck. Whereas you genuinely care for your clients. It’s a beautiful innocence that you care so much!” ~ Anonymous 2/3/14
“I went to see Asttarte last week; to heal my heart over upsetting text messages with a male friend. As I started to talk I ended up not just healing my heart of the pain of that message, but ended up healing my inner child!!!! The inner child of my twenties to now .was healed. I only one other time came close to healing the child of my past. It was almost four years ago. And was in a hospital And outpatient Setting. When I tried To accomplish the same thing with my therapist something was missing. I would say lets try this or that. But we never did, so I tried hypnosis. This has helped a little, but the work we did last week was like combining two weeks in the hospital, with two weeks outpatient, and hypnosis all in one (if this makes sense). I talked about things So deeply personal and painful. However the whole time threw my tears I felt safe, understood, and not judged!!!! but loved in the sense “you Matter” I use my experience to keep me going. The little girl I call Joy is a work in progress. She isn’t At the finish line, but she isn’t at the beginning Or stuck anymore. She has friends to help her now!!!! Thank you Asttarte” HM 2/2/14 …


“Your loving nurturing presence was the thing that supported me without fail in my process. Connecting to the breath was important. I fell in love with the sound of silence and my own breath. I felt like I was in a meditation most of the time. I was beginning to identify less and less with my thoughts. … When I started listening to Dolano’s open satsang, I saw the ring of truth in everything she said, except I felt a little scared when she said there was nobody. After 3 weeks of listening to Dolano’s satsang, there was an incident of calamity and chaos at work. I could feel the fear and panic overwhelmingly. I let the emotions move freely and after about 10 min a feeling of bliss began to build til I was filled with amazing joy in the middle of catastrophe! In this happening, I saw through the illusion of thought and came to know my true nature. All the dysfunctional stories I had built around sex and relatioship dropped because there was no longer any body to suffer. I felt utterly loved and cared for. I realized, at my core essence, I had always been OK! I was free at last! … Mind may still want to spin a good story. But now thoughts are seen as passing clouds, moving freely, a part of a greater whole, nothing to get worked up about. …Your love and support were essential on my path of learning what is true! I am so grateful for your kindness!!!” MR

“Asttarte is a gifted healer whose commitment to truth as a seeker and practitioner brings forth limitless possibilities in her work. Her selfless attitude of compassion and patience combined with the intensity of her belief in wellness as our natural state makes her a very effective vessel for God’s Grace to heal others through her.” ~ ~ David Newman, Founder and Director of Yoga on Main, Manayunk, PA, and author, writer and singer.
“Asttarte is a wonderful healer who has a wealth of knowledge in many traditions. She is a very loving person with an open heart who personally cares for her patients and clients and treats them in body, mind, and Soul.” -Swami Ramananda, President of New Life Yoga International, author of BLISS NOW and “Wings of the Dawn” CD.

“Asttarte is truly a gifted healer who masterfully balances her heart and intuition with her deep wisdom and expertise. Her session has enabled my husband and I to release discomfort and pain easily and effortlessly and have left us feeling deeply peaceful and recharged.” -Rev. Andrea Miranda Waters, RsCP, Spiritual Counselor, Workshop Facilitator

“I wanted to take moment while I was handling other things on-line to thank you once again for your time, concern, and consideration of my situation, and once again to apologize for the interruption. Take it as a sign of the state I was in when I arrived that I could call you to let you know I was there, know that I didn’t want to interrupt the session, and still leave my cell phone on anyway while walking to the very thing I didn’t want to interrupt. I wasn’t in a very stable place at the time. However, I wanted you to know that right now my stress level is down and, more importantly to me, my mental drive and confidence are slowly coming back. There is something very liberating about knowing the cause underlying all of this and how I can go about dealing with it, and I am still amazed at how rel
atively simple it was to get there, all things considered. As you said, you need the correct lens. Heck, even the prospect of the conference and workshop don’t seem so tedious now! My wife and I will talk tonight about what was learned and how we will go at it. Remember my comment about how it would be my luck that I could find someone who could help me with this and she’d be in Philadelphia? Well, did I call it or did I call it? I swear, the most fitting epitaph for my tombstone one day will be “Great Ideas, Lousy Timing”. If you weren’t a thousand miles away, I’d come to you for my monthly massages; I have a feeling you would be much more in touch with what was happening in my body than my present masseuse, nice as she might be. I also thought for sure from your calling and your site that you would be a Nurturing Beauty, but after meeting you and learning something of your personality it’s interesting to me that you are a Nature Beauty instead. Quite a surprise, since Nature Beauties often find it hard to control the forces they are in touch with. I just learned and experienced all kinds of interesting things today! So, my appreciation, my gratitude, and my greetings to the cat (sorry I took away his/her toe toys).” Anonymous


Here is what I have gained from working with Asttarte Deva the past 3 months:
1. A sense of intimacy with myself
2. More loving relationships with everyone
3. A healthy life style- I’ve lost 3 inches from my waistline
4. No more TV zone outs- instead I read books and examine interesting ideas
5. My attitude towards those who hold differing viewpoints has become one of compassion and understanding rather than conflict
6. I reach out to all people with encouragement, acceptance, and love
7. My love affair with women has taken a quantum leap with new understanding of the divine woman
8. More generosity and giving to worthy causes like the war widows of Afghanistan, the food bank, and the needy I encounter daily
9. I experience God in nature- Life on Earth has become magical
10. A sense of connection to all that is

How did all this happen for me in 3 short months?
It happened because Asttarte Deva is a finely tuned catalyst for personal growth!
In the three phone sessions I did with her, we covered everything from relationships, to meditation, to breathing excercises. She is like the Swiss army knife of therapists. Whatever it is you are needing in your life, she has the tools in her tool box to help you move foward.
Asttarte practices her healing art at a very high level, so there is no dilly-dallying, if you are commited to growing the Life and Love you desire.
I urge everyone considering this letter:
Don’t miss out on Life!
Don’t miss out on Love!
Don’t miss out on Asttarte Deva!

    Asttarte is a creature of Love and she will be the catalyst to change your Life!

Best wishes in your journey!
Mike Richter
Spokane WA