Couples Marriage Coaching

Couples Marriage CoachingCouples Marriage Coaching

I’m thrilled to announce I’ve been doing more Couples and Marriage Coaching Sessions! Some couples choose to come see me separately and one on one, and some choose to see me together. While, I am great at one on one coaching, I am even better with couples! When someone comes to me privately, my focus is on helping the individual, and all the issues they are dealing with. However, not all the issues may be obvious when they come alone. I only see one persons perspective this way, and will always take to their side. When they come together, my goal is to support both individuals, and I have a bigger picture to work with, and an awareness of whats going on from both perspectives, and hence, a much bigger understanding of the healing that is needed.

I then pick up on the joint energy between the couple, the joint patterns, the joint triggers, and all the work that is needed to heal a relationship can be done right there on the spot. I still start with a gentle breathing or meditation practice, then move into coaching for each individual, and conversation of course will happen for both sides; taking turns.  We may move into forgiveness practices, acknowledging the other partner, eye gazing, breathing together, and emotional processing that is needed for each person that is at the core of the feelings inside of each of them. If we can move beyond all of these practices and the issues have been resolved, then we can move to the next stage of healing for your beloved and your relationship.

I still teach Tantra and Spiritual practices, however, they come after we have sorted out the major obstacles that are keeping your relationship separate or distant. Just like private sessions, working with the couple, both parties need to feel like they have gotten the support they needed, and each persons feelings are taken into account, as well as each persons individual issues and triggers. If the issues go beyond my abilities as a Coach, and the person needs more clinical help, we will discuss how I can be helpful alongside this, to continue the growth and healing of the relationship.

Both people in the couple must want to heal their relationship in order for the relationship to improve. If only one person wants to heal, and the other does not, we will address that in session. Or, if only one person thinks the other needs to work on them-self, and the other does not, we will find out if this is true, and how one in the couple can help the other to heal or grow. Sometimes, the support of just knowing your Beloved cares about you and wants you to be happier and feel better, and being a witness to your growth is all it takes. And sometimes, this inspires the other person in the relationship to realize they need to look at them-self too!

The cycle of making the other partner wrong is at the core of all relationships! When you can take personal responsibility for your half and how you are being with your partner, most obstacles melt away!

Love, Asttarte

How Do You Nurture Yourself?

How Do You Nurture Yourself?

how do you future yourselfHow Do You Nurture Yourself?

How you nurture yourself all depends on what it is you are dealing with in your personal life.

Are you dealing with health matters?

Are you having relationship challenges and feeling your partner at arms length?

Is your family avoiding you and ignoring you or your feelings?

Are you having a higher level of stress and anxiety than normal?

Are you feeling more angry than normal, more tired than normal?

Are you feeling isolated, alone, sad?

How do you nurture yourself in these different situations? They each have different paths one would take to feel better, heal, come to solutions or happiness depending on the circumstance.

The first thing that is helpful is to do a daily meditation practice. You can start with 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, or 30 minutes. Just that short window of time will make you feel so much better. some people like to jump in and start with an hour. If you have the time, go for the hour. If not, try a smaller time frame.

Then do something that’s going to nurture your soul, perhaps a new spiritual practice, such as yoga, chakra healing, reading a spiritual book, learning about angels, crystals, breath work, or even getting acupuncture, massage or a reiki treatment.

Another excellent practice is drinking a specific tea that is helpful for your situation. There are many teas on the market, and many you can make at home. Most teas are made with natural herbs and are a cheaper solution than buying multiple bottles of different herbs, or oils. Herbs and essential oils can be costly when buying in bulk, but teas are very affordable. Try to match your situation with the type of tea that would be helpful for that. If you don’t know, try seeking a tea expert, an herbalist, or feel free to reach out to me for suggestions.

Next, write down everything that is going on. It is very helpful to write down your feelings, and using your writing as a sort of therapy. Writing is very cathartic and sometimes when you write down what you feel, what happened, and the situation, it can help you let it go and feel so much better about things. Then you are able to move on from it, and almost feel empowered that you expressed yourself. Some people don’t like to write, but try pushing yourself a little, via a wordpress document, in notes on your computer, or even writing in a spiral notebook or nice journal book. It sometimes feels very good to write things down with a real pen or pencil. It touches a different part of the brain and releases energy pent up in your throat and lower chakras, believe it or not. It’s not going to have the same benefit as a meditation, or chakra healing, but it is still quite powerful.

Are you an artist, musician or do you like doing things with your hands? This could be a great way to nurture your inner self, and help get through a challenging event, experience, or point in your life. You don’t have to be an expert. As long as you do it, put your heart into it and are intentional, anything you do can be helpful, and in the end, amazing!

What is it you are dealing with? Talk to me here! I’m happy to respond!

Relationship Trauma & Anxiety

Relationship Trauma & Anxiety

relationship trauma & anxiety

Relationship Trauma & Anxiety

For the past three months, my life has altered in a dramatic way. Things happened that I had no expectation or awareness they could, and life has taken an unexpected turn. Something happened very personal, that caused me to have to take a serious measure and a stand for myself and my son. I had to file for Protection against a man I have loved profoundly for the past nine years, and a man I thought had loved me in return. I had no idea what the results would be with this action. I had no idea if I would gain the protection I sought, or what would then follow if I had not. Although, I knew I needed to take a stand. I knew enough was enough. And, I knew the stand was more for my son than for myself.

A forced legal custody arrangement was placed on the spot immediately following my inability to acquire the permanent protection, and my body was manifesting symptoms I had no control over. All the meditation, prayer and energy work I did on myself could not stop this process. All the prayers I did for him could not stop this process.

During the time of the temporary protection (around a month and 1/2), I became super clear I had been in love with a mad man, and someone who has extreme mental illness. It became clear I had spent years trying to help him heal, and he was in utter denial he needed it, and in utter denial there was a reason for him to seek any form of help that could be a solution, albeit temporary to his dangerous psychosis. I am very clear this man has Bipolar, as one of the many aspects to his behavior, however, that aspect would be a gift if that was all it was. I am not a Clinical doctor (yet), but I am very aware of personality disorders, disassociation, mental illness and mental health. If I could be the fairy that waved her magic wand over this sad unconscious soul, I would have done it years ago. And, in many ways, I tried, granted unsuccessfully.

It would make sense that stress or anxiety (and even symptoms of PTSD) could show up when anyone has to deal with another person of this character (sociopathic/psychopathic/schizoid/anti-social/depression). Thankfully I’m so proactively working on myself I don’t have the extreme of ptsd in my system, but considerable anxiety has had its way of taking over.

How could anxiety show up and manifest when dealing with such an extreme person?

It could show up as:

hyperventilating (or panic attacks)



loss of appetite (or increase)


depression (lethargy)


serious disconnection from spirit (or spiritual practices)/loss of faith in God

energy blockages/energy stuck/cloudiness

During an intense change in a relationship, when you were going on a certain path and direction with someone you loved, with goals of marriage, living together and family, and then the sick person you love takes a sudden turn and changes their mood, behavior, feelings toward you from deep love to utter distance, changes the way they walk, talk and act, and becomes abusive and attacks you and those you love, having symptoms such as the ones above are extremely normal. Don’t let this delusional person tell you any different! If they start pointing fingers that there’s something wrong with you, that’s only confirmation of their illness.

My symptoms manifested mostly as hives, and I studied everything I could to determine how to treat this. My own research was far more successful and helpful than going to my doctor. I found home remedies online, and these were the most successful that I tried: (I also added my own techniques here as well)

oatmeal baths

cool or cold compresses

the herb nettle (can be found at a health food store)

fish oil capsules

meditation and relaxation (and deep breathing)

chamomile essential oil (most awesome was Wild Chamomile Oil; more expensive but fantastic). German Chamomile Oil, and Roman Chamomile Oil. The oils in jojoba oil do work and if they are all you can afford, get it. The pure oils of course are more potent! This helps with anxiety, stress, sleep and throughout the day.

chamomile tea (not as strong as the oil, but nice)

valerian herbal remedy

determining food triggers

witch hazel (helped only slightly)

Bach flower essences (rescue remedy and others you are drawn to)

Cosmic Love Essence

Healing Sessions, Reiki, Energy Healing (receive from friends or healers, and do self healing if you are trained as well)

Chakra Balancing (meditation, working with crystals, pendulum balancing, yoga, etc).

Relaxing Baths


Therapy, EMDR, Psychotherapy, Support Groups, Group Therapy, Counseling

Landmark (

A Course in Miracles

Hanging out with friends and family

Reading, movies,

Exercise, yoga, rock climbing, skating, walking, staying active, etc.

Walking outside in cool or cold air

Anything that makes YOU happy!


Stages After Leaving the Abuser Could Be (in quotes taken from The Sociopath at the Breakfast Table):

frightened – “that the same thing will happen again, or that you might lose control of your feelings and break down”, that he will hurt you again, and your love for him is too strong to stay away.

helpless – “that something really bad happened and you could do nothing about it, leaving you feeling vulnerable and overwhelmed”, that you can’t control how powerful he is, in his vindictive ways, his seductive ways, and his false image of love.

angry – “about what has happened and at whoever was responsible”, and at those who took his side and didn’t believe you, at yourself for trying to help him, and who didn’t protect you or your child

guilty – “that you could have done something to prevent it”, when he shows love for you again, when he finally says he’s sorry, that you shouldn’t have given up on trying to help him to get help

sad – “particularly if you or other people (your children, perhaps) have been affected”, sad in particular that your child will be exposed to this man for the rest of his life, and you may not be able to protect him, sad and scared your child could be fated to become just like him.

ashamed or embarrassed – “that you have strong feelings you can’t control, especially if you need others to support you”. I am happy to accept the help when it comes my way, but this may be relevant for others. Ashamed that I as a Healer, could not see this or prevent it.

relieved – “that the danger is over and that the cause of the danger is gone”. I have come to this point, however, there’s always the risk that he will become like this again, he changes several times a year (or every other year depending on his triggers) into a new person. When co-parenting, there is no escaping; only managing. It’s best to stay friends and minimize reasons for him to become triggered.

hopeful – “that your life will return to normal; people start to feel more positive about things quite soon after a trauma”. Every person is different. If it was a repeated trauma, or a long term relationship, it could take longer than ‘soon’ as this book says! This perhaps is the less severe case, and milder psychosis. You can’t always agree with everything in a book.

The process of grieving, however, does come to an end, and one can assume they will come back to balance, so long as they don’t return to the relationship as it was. If, in all this effort, he does get some help, I will be grateful, however, with his assumed imbalances (chemical, non-chemical and untreated), it is not likely he will ever heal, or heal completely. The best solution, is gaining strength and power and protecting myself for when he does change again, because most likely he will…in due time. You can’t ever trust a psychopath or a narcissist to stay sweet. Assume he’s only doing doing that, to try to get something, or win whatever game he’s playing. And a Psychopath/or Anti-Social/or Mama’s Boy, is almost always also bipolar, so don’t expect him to stay the way he is right now. You never know when he’ll change his mind!

In God and Goddess’s Arms,



Extremely helpful books:

The Manipulative Man, Identify his Behavior, Counter his Abuse, Regain Control,  by: Dorothy McCoy, Ed.D.

Psychopaths and Love, by A.B. Admin

The Sociopath at the Breakfast Table; Recognizing and Dealing with Antisocial and Manipulative People, by: Dr. Jane McGregor & Tim McGregor

Women Who Love Psychopaths; Inside the Relationships of Inevitable Harm With Psychopaths, Sociopaths, & Narcissists, by: Sandra L. Brown, M.A.

Why Does He Do That; Inside the Minds of Angry & Controlling Men, by: Lundy Bancroft

When Dad Hurts Mom: Helping Your Children Heal the Wounds of Witnessing Abuse, by: Lundy Bancroft

Stop Spinning, Start Breathing; Managing the Memories that Keep us Addicted, by: Zari Ballard

Who’s Pulling your Strings; How to Break the Cycle of Manipulation and Regain Control of Your Life, by: Harriet B. Braiker, PhD.

Emotional Vampires; Dealing with People Who Drain You Dry, by: Albert J. Bernstein, PhD

When Love is A Lie; Narcissistic Partners & the Pathological Relationship Agenda, by: Zari Ballard

Other Helpful Books:

Narcissistic Lovers; How to Cope, Recover and Move On, by: Cynthia Zayn & Kevin Dibble, M.S.

Why is It Always About You; the Seven early Sins of Narcissism, by: Sandy Hotchkiss, LCSW

Disarming the Narcissist; Surviving & Thriving with the Self Absorbed, by: Wendy T. Behary, LCSW

The Wizard of Oz and other Narcissists; Coping with the One Way Relationship in Work, Love and Family, by: Eleanor D. Payson, MSW

Boundaries and Relationships; Knowing, Protecting and Enjoying the Self, by: Charles L. Whitfield, MD

The Object of my Affection is In My Reflection; Coping with Narcissists, by: Rockelle Lerner

The Enabler; when helping hurts the ones you love, by: Angelyn Miller, MA

Where to Draw the Line; How to Set Healthy Boundaries Every Day, by: Anne Katherine, MA

Women Who Love Too Much; When you Keep Wishing and Hoping He’ll Change, by: Robin Norwood

Coming Apart; Why Relationships End & how to live through the ending of yours, by: Daphne Rose Kingma

I Know This Much Is True, by: Wally Lamb (Oprah’s Book Club)



Energy Manipulation and Control

Energy Manipulation and Control


energy manipulation and controlEnergy Manipulation and Control

Have you every had the experience where you went somewhere to do a kind deed, and then someone went from being helpful and giving to rude and controlling without a moment’s notice?

Today I had a strange experience, at a Hallmark, where I went to buy my mom a gift, and the woman at the register ended up calling the cops. I was a bit dumb-shocked to say the least. We were having a great conversation, about reiki, energy healing, yoga and the healing arts, and as we were making the transaction at the register, she told me the total amount for the starfish earrings I was getting was $9.49, and I handed her a twenty dollar bill, 4 ones and 49 cents. I said, “can you hand me back $15, a ten and a five?” She wasn’t paying attention at this point, and had given me 2 fives. She didn’t see that there was four ones and 49 cents on her counter. She said, “I already gave you two fives.” I looked at them at the counter, and said, “you just owe me another five.” Apparently, she had never taken the ones and change.

She looked at me and said, “I’m going to have to recount my money.” I said, “all you have to give me is a 5 and we’re good.” She still apparently was oblivious that the money on the counter was for her. Five minutes had gone by, and I’m still waiting. I had no idea she wanted to have me wait to count her entire til and have me standing there for over 10 or fifteen minutes. At this point, I was frustrated. I said, “mam, this doesn’t have to be complicated.”

She said, “If you interrupt me again, I’m calling the police.” I just looked at the counter, looked at her drawer, and looked at her. Obviously she was extremely angry, about something I didn’t know what. And, she wanted me to take some punishment of some kind of her lack of awareness of what I handed her, and the amount that was the difference. Saying, “it’s simple math” didn’t make her very happy. At some point I felt her control. I felt her anger, and she was adamant on doing it her way, and making me wrong for having a thought about it, and wanted to start over her counting process 2 or 3 or more times.

Perhaps if she said, “I didn’t count the additional change you gave me. The balance is worked out” it would have been fine. I would have gotten it, but she wanted to make a small situation into a really big one, and hold me there until she resolved her counting process several times. So ultimately the cop showed up. He was a super sweet, patient and nice man. He stood there watching me watch her. She had us both wait until she was done counting. By the time she was done, she said, “You owe me a dollar. My til is short one dollar.” By this time I wanted to be done, and said, “I’ll pay your dollar that you’re short, but I don’t owe you a dollar.” The officer handed her a dollar of his own, and said, “This is ridiculous. This shouldn’t be a big deal.” She felt satisfied, and while standing there I apologized for interrupting her while she was trying to count. She said sternly, “I accept your apology.”

I said, “Are we done?” She said “yes.” I went to leave and the officer followed me outside, and said, “Come talk to me.”

We went outside and walked to the side. He said, “Are you satisfied with how it ended?” And, I said, “I think she just got really confused, and she was really upset.” He said, “Yes, she turned something tiny into something huge. I hope you feel you were treated fair and you got complete.” I said “thank you, she was just super upset.”

She certainly gave me anxiety by using this manipulation tactic and projecting her anger outwards.

Not only was she upset. She was controlling and seriously angry. She had commented that because I’m a Life Coach, teach meditation, yoga and healing that I shouldn’t “act this way”. I think more she meant, “You shouldn’t make me upset when you are a Life Coach, Healer, Yoga Teacher, etc”. However, no one can control another person’s upset. If someone becomes controlling, demanding and angry, its on them. It came from within them. Energy transference from someone dominating you to make you scared, or manipulate to keep you in fear, or hold their “fangs on you”, is not the way to sort something out. She was not responsible on how she forgot what I handed her, and if she did remember, she was using control for another reason. It wasn’t nice. All she had to do was acknowledge the action, and acknowledge the error, but not everyone is willing to admit their mistakes. And they choose to put their mistakes on others. It’s sad to be at the receiving end of this, but I’m grateful the cop got it, and was apologetic and kind to me in the end!

Perhaps she was confused. Perhaps she was jealous. Perhaps she wanted to see if she could make me upset. And, perhaps she went from being open in one moment, to getting triggered, and has some hidden agenda to make people wait for her as her way of controlling them. And, if she doesn’t get what she wants in doing this, she feels out of control, and hence, needed to call the cops. I feel bad for her, but it doesn’t seem she is in the right profession and I feel privy to filing a complaint on her. Or, I too, can let it go. But I do hope she doesn’t treat other customers in the same way. No one deserves that!

Perhaps, too, she just needs some love, and some real healing herself!

reiki gentle


Sending love out into the universe to all of those who need it!

Intimacy to Healing

It is a beaIntimacy to Healingutiful experience when one can allow themselves the pleasure of pure and innocent connection, love, holding and cuddling! Sometimes new energy opens, expands, clears and heals in this innocent encounter. Cuddling with a stranger is a beautiful thing, but cuddling with someone you love, feel deeply safe with, connected and care for is a whole different experience. Perhaps your Beloved, your husband or wife in sharing this cuddling is an ultimate high, to allow your heart to flow back to its true fluidity, and open up to intimacy, sensuality and sexuality. In this, sex can become a gentle, tantric, healing experience!

I love when my heart opens after deep energetic cuddling and connection! I love when my energy lifts, clears, and is filled with divine sacred union. I am grateful for the awareness of this energy, and the love within my heart!

Who have you cuddled with lately?

What have you gotten out of its experience?

Have you cuddled with a friend, a lover, a boyfriend/girlfriend, husband or wife?

How did this make you feel?

Did it open you up to deeper intimacy with someone else, your significant other, husband/wife?

Did it warm your heart and make you feel more connected to the universe/appreciation?

I’d love to hear what it created for you, and how it inspired you! Please use this blog as a means to write for yourself!

Blessings and Namaste,


Emotions in Your Muscles

Emotions in Your Muscles

emotions in your muscles


Often, we experience Emotions in Your Muscles, when at any moment you are feeling pain or discomfort in your body. Many times people go to a physical therapist or massage therapist to help get rid of pain in their body, but in fact, what the pain they are experiencing is the stress reaction to the discomfort or uncomfortable feelings in their body.

Our muscles carry feelings, and many times when a person does not know how to channel the energy of an emotion out of the body, or perhaps the emotional weight is too strong, then those feelings get stored in the body.

We as humans have many different emotions, and since we are mostly made up of water and energy, emotions that we are experiencing have an easy time in just settling in one spot when a feeling is not addressed, looked at, processed, or the energy of the feeling has not moved.

Everyone deals with their feelings in different ways, and in fact, there are so many types of practices on the market these days, that people don’t often know which to choose, which is best, and sometimes get stuck on a modality not aware that other things can in fact help them. Some may go to physical therapy, some massage therapy, some tai chi, chi gong, yoga, acupuncture, walking, jogging, exercise, therapy or counseling, meditation, or others. However, the intention is to get rid of pain, and the answer may be different for each person, the result is the same; a release of discomfort, movement of the energy or emotion and joy or peace in the body.

Some people don’t know that dealing with their anger or upset at their partner, family member or friend, may be the cause of the pain in their neck or pain in their back. Or, that their frustration with their child or challenge at work is the exact reason they are having trouble sleeping, having a hard time relaxing or discomfort in their body. Sometimes the most challenging things can have the simplest answer. And, often it takes an outsider to help look at the issue or concern and go deeper into finding a solution!

The ways I would help support someone with pain in their muscles, is in fact, any one of the modalities listed on any page of this site!

I hope for you, you are always asking for help when you need it, know a practice or practices that can help, and if you don’t, to please reach out at the time that is perfect for you! I am here if you ever need support or desire to go deeper into your journey!

Purifying the Chakras

Purifying the Chakras

Purifying the ChakrasWelcome to the gift of your spirit, the zest for life, a nurturing energy that purifies the heart, opens your throat, your speaking and creativity, your intuition, your wisdom, your passion for love, and a center to ground you to your truth once again.  When one’s chakras are clouded, mucky, and stuck, so too is ones life, their heart and their spirit and the energy that brings ones journey to feel nurtured, loved, fulfilling and supportive of their true calling; their passion and drive and the very source of what makes life worth living.

I love how spirit reminds me of the importance to be pure, and when I am not, life shows up as the same. As I purify myself, and my energy is thriving, so too is all life around me. Each chakra has a significant importance to a very specific area of your life, your energy, your bodies flow, the emotional nature you are made up of, and the very core thing that drives you to be as natural and authentic as you!

There are many books on the chakras, and many teachers who bring wisdom of insight on the chakras. However, I like to remind those with interest, the importance and relevance the chakras have on every single aspect of our lives, and how all parts of our lives are impacted by the level of clarity our chakras exist in. You may find knowledge on the chakras through yoga, or chi gung, or reiki, taoism, chinese medicine, ayurveda, massage, different religions, books on meditation, health, psychology, and many others.  However, not one will be more right than the other. They all have wisdom and they all have truth.

“To be pure is to be you, and to be you is the greatest gift life has to offer!”

When we are clouded, we are letting life control us. When we take the time to become clear, and pure, we bring a freshness to life that offers a new set of eyes each and every time we cleanse ourselves to our wholeness again! Choose to be clear, and you choose to be you! I will choose me over and over again! I hope you too, choose your true self every time!

The root chakra, anchors you to the earth, helps one feel secure, connected to their bodies and the world around them.

The second or sacral chakra is ones center of creativity, their relationship portal and the openness or closeness one has to be intimate with others.

The third or solar plexus, is ones control and power center, and the area one allows to be controlled by others or to choose to take control of ones life in their own hands.

The heart or 4th chakra, the area of giving and receiving love, the most basic human need, and yet often the one many block or resist out of fear, sadness or worry.

The 5th or throat chakra, the area of ones speaking their voice, their truth, to be heard what is deep inside of them, and the place their creativity leaves the body.

The 6th or third eye center, where one can see the future, their intuition, inner wisdom, insight, ability to trust in the unknown, and receive spiritual guidance and messages.

The crown or 7th chakra, where one is connected to spirit, God, the infinite and the essence to all that is; where one feels the openness to their innocence and the sacredness to the divine.

I am grateful for another opportunity to be cleared, and a vehicle to open the door to wisdom, and a place for my creativity to be opened and anchored in the world! I hope you all have a chance to create clarity for yourselves and the support to allow the purity to unravel. If not, let us set the tone for another opportunity to grow! Feel free to call or email and ask for support as you need it!

As my beloved Sufi friend says, “People are medicine for the people!”

Many Blessings and love, light and sunshine!


The Power of Your Own Energy

The Power of Your Own Energy

The Power of Your Own Energy

How do you know what your own energy feels like? Do you ever notice how people respond to you differently in different moments? Perhaps you are feeling sad, or depressed. Do you notice how people often will avoid you, or keep their distance during those times; even unspoken. Even your phone will ring less.

When you are feeling vibrant, charged up with energy, excited about life and full of life, do you notice the extreme opposite response to those around you? How people just want to flock to you, they “want some of that”, they want to know how or why you feel that way, and even if they could just take a taste of it they might be happy, or perhaps, learn what you are doing. In Landmark terms, this would be called, “The Occurring World”, how the world occurs for those around you. And, the occurring world can change as often as you change, when you speak different words, and when you vibrate at a different energy. (The people around you don’t even need to change.  When you change, your whole world changes, but this is a separate topic we shall address later).

Even your animals will respond to you differently when you are vibrating at a different frequency; one of higher love, or joy, or happiness. They will want to play with you, or be near you; perhaps longer or more frequently!

How do you know what energy other people pick up from you? In other words, what is the vibration you are giving off to the universe, and how is it impacting those around you, and how do you change it, raise it, or improve to so the people around you will be drawn to you like bees?

You can be like your own Energy Master, and shift, move, play with your own energy; like a Chi Gong Master or a Martial Arts Instructor, as you will it, so shall it be!

{~However, it is ALWAYS important to honor how you are feeling, when you are in moments of vulnerability. When the moments of vulnerability, in particular have more to do with what is going on inside of you, rather than energy you took on or felt from others.~}

You can pull the energy up from the Earth!
You can raise the heat in your own body!
You can cool yourself with elements of water.
You can move the energy around with your mind and visualize it changing,
expanding or circulating it so that it flows.

How do you change your own energy? Will it!!!! It is with your own intent that you can shift your energy, AND, personal development, deep release work and emotional clearing will also make a HUGE difference in the ability to will it to change. When you are incomplete with your personal healing and in the middle of a huge grief process, per say, or deeply raged about something you had no control over, then there is no way you can will these feelings off. They are too big.

Your own energy has enormous power, and if it is blocked, then the power is hidden! If your energy is open, circulating, expanding or flowing, then you have all the access to do with it what you will. We will discuss more about expanding and playing with your own energy in future posts! Look for a post called: Changing Your Own Energy that will follow up this post! 🙂

Acupressure and Shiatsu Healing

Acupressure and Shiatsu Healing

acupressure and shiatsu healingAcupressure and Shiatsu Healing

The most powerful healing you’ll ever find!

The form of Acupressure that Asttarte use’s works with not only relaxing the muscles and having an overall rejuvenating experience, it also helps to heal different ailments relating to the physical body as well as the emotional body. Jin Shin Do Acupressure is used by many Psychotherapists all over the world, since it helps to facilitate the emotional causes of the stored emotions in the patients’ bodies. It helps to alleviate old illnesses and pain and bring a sense of well being and feeling of being cured after going through a certain amount of treatments that your body needs.

Acupressure is similar to Shiatsu and Acupuncture; which are also an Asian form of Bodywork that work with pressure points and meridian lines in the body. Each meridian is connected to a different organ in the body and each organ stores a different emotion that keeps us from being our true self in the world. Acupressure is much more effective than any other form of bodywork in that it helps to not only heal and relax the muscles, but it also gets to the root cause of the problem; which most often starts from stress and emotions that have been stored and carried in the body for many years. This is why it is used by many Psychotherapists all over the world.

Acupressure uses simple, direct finger pressure to help relieve common tensions and discomforts. The basic technique consists of holding an acu-point within the affected area with one hand while, with the other hand, holding one or more acu-points which help release that tense or sensitive area.

Most sessions take at least an hour to complete. For the first time receivers, it may take longer since the head, neck and shoulder points are naturally tight. Head, neck and shoulders is the first segment Asttarte begins with for any treatment of Acupressure. Depending on how tense you are, it can sometimes take 30 minutes to do the head neck and shoulder release. If you are limited in time, Asttarte will tailor the session to fit your schedule.

Asttarte calls in the Ascended Masters, Angels, your Higher Self & any other light beings to which you feel connected and works with their presence throughout her energy sessions. This helps to magnify the healing and bring your intent into stronger manifestation. This also helps to relax you and the environment before she begins the session. If you wish for her to call them in during an Acupressure treatment, please ask her before she gets started. The Angels will be with you always, if you call on them or not. Calling them allows their presence to work with you; since they cannot help you unless you ask them.

Asttarte has worked with energy since the spring of 1996. She has been guided by spirit to be a healer since March of 2000. She has studied with professional healers all over the world. She has worked with and is open to all faiths. Asttarte has been following the guidance of her spiritual teachers, or some would call them gurus, living saints or Boddisatvas from India whom are Ammachi & Chalanda Ma. She has also been studying extensively the teachings of Dr. Joshua David Stone, P.H.D., who is a Spiritual Psychotherapist, and teaches people how to evolve and ascend their entire being in this lifetime. Her studies are in an effort to do exactly this and be a Spiritual Counselor to all those who walk on her path.

Asttarte is also certified in other healing modalities as well and would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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There are several segments that Asttarte uses to treat for Acupressure. Some of the are: the Basic Back Release, Abdominal Release, Potency Release, Female Regulating Release, Deep Breathing Release, Shoulder Release, & Clear Thinking Release.

Examples of other treatment plans with a description are below:
The First Treatment Plan: balances the yin and yang energies in the body, moves blocked circulation, works with the heart, digestion, apprehension, nervousness, depression, and hypertension. This is also good for: resistance to colds, flues, joint and muscle problems, nerve achiness, general weakness, headaches, immune system, and defense attitude. This helps cases of AIDS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Crohn’s Disease & Fibromyalgia.

The Second Treatment Plan: distributes reserved energy, receives stored energy from kidneys, lethargy, drowsiness, sleepiness, kidney, urinary, menstrual problems, frigidity, impotency, blurred vision, hypertension, hyper-energy, insomnia, cramps & stiffness, joint & muscle pains, arthritis, rheumatism, & glaring eyes. This treats cases such as: Manic-Depressive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder and Endometriosis.

The Third Treatment Plan is another segment to help people come up with their own ideas. This helps with digestion, sexual organs, blood circulation, unites all yin & yang meridians, Spiritual peace/unrest, responsibility, obligation, conception, childbirth, circulates blood supply to uterus, male sexuality fertility. This also helps with constipation, prenatal energy, nervous stability/instability, controls bladder, associated with insomnia and nervousness, nourishes spine, brain and back & helps release neck stiffness.


She is also certified in other healing modalities as well and would be happy to talk to you about them if you have any questions.


Specific Energy Healing Treatments:

Specific Energy Healing Treatments:

Healing Sessions of Energy Healing –

Usui Reiki

This is a very gentle form of reiki. It can be used to heal physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual parts of ourselves. It is a very powerful, yet, subtle shift in our awareness. One must be able to sense energy to feel its power and presence, otherwise, it may feel like nothing is being done at all.

Shamballa Reiki

Shamballa Reiki is a form of reiki that utilizes all the symbols of Usui Reiki, as well as Karuna Reiki, Tera-Mei Seichem Reiki and more. Shamballa Reiki has over 300 symbols that can be accessed and used when a practitioner, and some channeled are often symbols of Shamballa. This energy is like a lightning bolt of fire and goes very deep and creates a feeling of intensity.

Tera-Mei Seichem Reiki

Tera-Mei Seichem is another form of Reiki not often spoken of. It is a highly vibrational form of healing, however, with a very subtle vibration. Tera-Mei Seichem is quite unique since its’ energies are of the elements of our Mother Earth; earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. It helps for grounding, intensifying healing, heals from the root cause, gentle love from a higher source, and assists to manifest your desires.

Kundalini Reiki

Kundalini Reiki is a very safe and gentle way to awaken Kundalini energy. The Kundalini energy is also referred to as ”the Kundalini Fire”. The energy runs up through the body, through the “main energy channel”, and out of the Crown chakra on the top of the head. An open Kundalini means that over a period of time, a complete cleansing of the chakras, the body and the energy channels are open.

IET – Integrative Energy Therapy –

Integrated Energy Therapy Integrated Energy Therapy is a form of healing that uses acupressure and a hand gesture technique to cleanse the physical body and aura of emotional blocks from the present or past. IET cleanses the body internally and externally, using a method to pull the energies out from the body clearing the aura, or energy field with a simple movement of the hand in connection with the acupressure point the practitioner holds. It helps to relax and rejuvenate the individual and gives a feeling of complete lightness after a session. IET is a frequency of energy connected with Angel Ariel or any being the practitioner feels draw to the most, but directly links their heart chakra to the heart chakra of the divine.

Igilli Energy Healing –

Igili Energy Therapy is a light gentle touch energy therapy where one feels relaxed and at peace within. Igili Energy Therapy was incorporated into formal teachings by founder Victoria Pendragon who named the technique in honor of a group of 7 angels from the Pleiades. Igili healing occurs when the practitioner’s energy goes into the body and stays there so that the person can learn why the imbalanced energies started in the first place. In an Igili Healing session, energies are integrated and dissolved within the body, rather than released like other healing systems. Healing energy from Igili supports an individual in a space of loving compassion so that harmful imbalanced energies dissolve over time.

Frequency Balancing –

Frequency Balancing is a treatment modality that focuses on balancing the four main components of the human energy system. (Four of the main components of the human energy system are: Acupuncture/meridian lines, Chi – the energy that runs through the meridian lines, your aura, and the chakras – the energy center that receive and send chi throughout your body). Frequency Balancing is for people who want to come back to balance. During a FB session, I will intuitively scan your body for the blocks, and then use methods of clearing and remove the excess energies that are no longer needed. Frequency Balancing is a method of energy healing where I use my hand as a laser to clear away any stuck energy, as a light coming out of a wand, or an invisible ball of light to create a vortex for cleansing. FB helps people to reduce stress, promote healing, balance emotions, clear a person’s energy meridians and balance the main energy centers of the body (the front and back major chakras).

Axiotonal Alignments

When you receive a Full Body Axiotonal Alignment, you connect to the cosmic lattice, clearing your meridian lines, and balancing your chakras. It helps one to re-establish a connection to your Overself/oversoul bringing “the energy of the future” to you.

Intuitive Healing Sessions – Intuitive Healing Sessions can incorporate any form of healing I offer. These sessions are guided and there is no protocol for what may happen. It is a place where we let go and surrender to what may come!

Fees: $100 to $150 an hour depending on your circumstances!

I am guided in all the work I do.

I sometimes use: crystals, colors, incense, healing cards, a pendulum, white sage &/or sweet grass, candles, and soft music. Energy sessions and massage sessions are quite different, although they are often incorporated together, depending on the individual’s wants and needs.

My Healing Practice

My Healing Practice

My Healing Practice

My Healing Practice involves an integration of healing modalities that are unique to the field of wellness, spirituality, health, emotional and energy healing and transformation. I do sessions that are focused on a singular method, or Sessions that combine several practices. The types of modalities that I include are: Integrated Energy Therapy, Igilli, Usui Reiki, Shamballa Reiki, Tera-Mei Seichem Reiki, Chakra Clearing with Angels and Crystals, Frequency Balancing, Axiotonal Alignments, Breathwork, Spiritual Counseling, WellSea Approach, Jin Shin Do Bodymind Acupressure, and Shiatsu Massage. Whether I focus on one method or another, the client and his or her openness to my “knowing” of what direction to take determine the integration of modalities. Each session may be completely different depending on the information I receive of his or her needs. The types of healing are all labeled differently, however, the focus, intention, compassion, and energy put into the session is the same. They all are targeted to help the person to release stress, relax, heal from physical or emotional symptoms and to help them open up a door that can lead them closer to their dreams, desires, and become a stronger beacon of love and light. My sessions help the client to learn about himself so that he can ultimately teach himself in life and utilize opportunities to become whole.

My methods of healing are unique. I use my own power of intuition to fill the needs of those who ask for my assistance. I do not go by any written or established guidelines or rules. I use the guidance of my higher self, the angels, the ascended masters and any divine light beings that enter the presence of the client and myself where I am working. I ask for the client’s higher self to participate in the healing session to assist him or her in whatever he or she may need, as well as asking them to join my higher self so they can work together as a team to help the individual on the table. When I begin a session I ask the participant what they are in need of and what their intentions are. Then I begin to explain what I offer.

The type of work I do fits in with Natural Healing through a process of getting in touch with the body through love, patience, trust, compassion, and time. The clients ultimately learn what they may need by practicing self-love. They grow to being able to feel all of their feelings, internally and externally, through internal forces and the outside world. Each session is geared towards being able to be with their body, being in touch with their feelings, being aware of every moment, every instance, every move of energy, every time a change of energy moves throughout their body inside or out. The type of healing I practice helps others to see their natural powers with ultimate relaxation. It helps them to start to trust their own inner knowing. It helps them to be more patient towards themselves. Natural Healing is about letting healing occur in a gentle way with love. My sessions are filled with complete love and a natural affinity in helping all of the person; not just part of him.

I’m passionate and love what I do because it brings miracles in people’s lives. The type of healing I do helps people from all walks of life, with any symptom, problem, situation, trauma, or difficulty, or even those who are already in a place of contentment; or perhaps those who think they are and are not.I would love to see all people come to a place of harmony within them, and be comfortable with every experience in which they embrace. I have seen people grow to become greater than they could ever imagine, and my work is the key to unlocking this gate.

The proof of my work is the testimonies of others who have changed their lives positively through this experience, through my presence and through love. There have been studies illustrating that energy therapy sometimes is the best healing form to help those with severe situations. One can establish confidence in this work by the experiences of those around them, the articles in the newspaper, magazines, stories they hear, by their own experience and by trusting their own feeling if it is something beneficial for them. Another reason these forms of Natural Healing have solidity is due to fact that teachers and practitioners have for decades and even centuries passed down these methods to successive generations to continue this work. As more people are becoming open to new healing forms, these modalities are becoming known and accepted by the general public. Many of these teachings have come from the great masters of India, China, and Tibet. These teachers have reached high authority through their work. I hope to become one of them.

I hope I can touch you in some way and help you transform what matters to you most and to help you gain a knowledge you never knew was possible.

Asttarte Deva Rose, originally written 7-31-03 (when living in a house in the woods with a 10 foot by 10 foot window looking out at the trees)


The WellSea Approach – Full Body Acupressure & Shiatsu focused on Wellness and visualization

You have just received a full body healing session with the WellSea Approach Acupressure. Now what?

What is the WellSea Approach Acupressure?

The WellSea Approach Acupressure is a combination of Jin Shin Do Acupressure, Shiatsu, and Wellness. What does this mean?

During a session of WellSea Acupressure, the practitioner asks the client where they are feeling good that day. After the person receiving finds the area that feels good, the practitioner then asks what area in the body this good area can help. The client then chooses one area to work on in that moment. Even though there may have been several areas of discomfort throughout the day, the area of pain that is felt in the moment that the person is feeling, is the area that should be focused on.

When someone is receiving a healing, it is always best to work with the area that is present in the moment. This approach helps to target the area that your mind or body is most strongly connected to. If you work with an area or feeling that is not as strong, the area that is stronger will eventually come back to hurt you, bother you, or cause you to lose concentration from the area that you originally chose if you did not chose an area that had the strongest feeling to it when you first started.

The WellSea Approach is a method of light gentle acupressure, using gentle finger pressure, hand placements, and visualization to help move the stuck energy in the body. The less pressure being used to release the area of discomfort, sometimes the easier the pain in the body will release. When the practitioner and the client use visualization together to help move energy, the treatment can become very powerful. The more communication between the practitioner and the client, the more effective the session will be, and the faster the healing will occur. The WellSea Approach combines an advanced form of Soul Body Acupressure with the approach of becoming well, rather than focusing on how much pain one is feeling. This approach helps the individual to look for a solution, looking to the future, and gives them a feeling of hope, instead of a feeling of loss and emptiness after a treatment. The WellSea Approach helps people to become empowered within their own body, as they learn to realize how powerful their body is, and how it ultimately learns how to heal itself.

What if I don’t sense where my area of discomfort is?

If you cannot sense an area of discomfort during a session, the best place to chose is the area that has been bothering you the most. Some people are not as sensitive to pain as others. There are advantages and disadvantages to this. If you cannot tell where you have discomfort when you are lying on the table, chose a larger area that is tight, sore, or tense, and I will begin to hold different areas in this location, and together, we can pin-point the exact area or areas that need to be released and relaxed.

Why Acupressure? What if I don’t understand how this technique can help me? How do I know this is the best method for me?

If you are unsure if this is the best method for you, tell me. We can talk about your situation, and come up with a treatment plan that feels comfortable for you. There are other methods of healing I can use if you do not feel this is right for you. I am your practitioner, and I want to help you. If you have any concerns if this method is helpful, or unhelpful, let me know.

What if I cannot feel energy moving in my body?

Not everyone is able to feel energy moving in his or her own body. Not all people have the same abilities to their own sensitivity. If you cannot feel the energy moving in your body, don’t be alarmed. There are other ways you can tell that tension has been released.

How do I know if an area of pain has released?

When the area we have been working on begins to feel relaxed, you will know it is starting to release. When you no longer feel any pain in the area we are working on, then you will know it has completely released, and we can work on the next area.

How do I know when it’s time to move to the next area?

In addition to feeling pain release, you may also feel energy moving down your arms or legs. Energy may move into your fingertips or toes. This sensation is the bodies’ way of moving the energy that was blocked in a specific area we were working on that may have been stored there for a long period of time. The body is a very powerful healing machine. Holding points to release tensions is one way to let the body know it no longer needs to hold onto that tight area. As I am holding a specific area, after a brief period of time, the body then learns that it can let go.

How do I know if a session has really helped me?

After a session, you may not know that the session has helped you for several days, and often in the 1st few sessions, it takes several treatments before you can notice that it is helping. My recommendation, if you are serious about getting better, is to give yourself at least 5 to 10 treatments before you make a decision about the treatments. The more you listen to your body, the more your body will heal.

The focus of the WellSea Approach is to align your body so both sides of your body become parallel to each other. It may take time before you notice that your body is out of muscular alignment, since your muscles may have been holding in an imbalanced position for a very long time, and you may have become used to the tightness, that it feels normal. After a certain amount of sessions, you may notice pains in your body that you did not have before the treatment. This is because when removing one layer of tightness, often you will feel tightness in another area since the first area has relaxed.

During the session, many things happened that I’ve never experienced before, but I didn’t feel comfortable mentioning them or knew what they meant.

Sometimes an individual might feel different emotions that they had not felt in a long time. These emotions are not something you have never felt before. They are often feelings that have not been experienced in quite some time. This experience is normal. As the emotions come up, all you have to do is be aware of them, breath into the feeling, and watch them leave. If you have trouble letting the feelings go and want to talk about them as they come up, you may do this and I can assist you in your process of releasing them.

Other experiences might be visions of many difference kinds. You might see colors, images, pictures, scenes, energy, or anything that your imagine can take you to. These visions are perfectly normal if they come up. They are portraying to yourself your own process of healing and can often give you messages about your own growth, your process and where you are emotionally in that moment. If you wish to share them with me I can help you understand more of what they signify. Or, if they are images that are not pleasant and you want to get rid of them as we are working, I can also help you in visualizations on the table that can assist them in leaving.

If the WellSea Approach is always working with acupuncture points, how is it different from Acupuncture?

Acupuncture works with needles. The doctor gives the patient needles and lets the patient rest on a table in a room alone. The patient has no contact with the doctor to let them know how they are feeling while they are in the room alone. Often they become relaxed and fall asleep. It is a less personal form of healing, although, very good. It is different in its’ approach.

The difference in the approach is that in WellSea Acupressure, the practitioner stays in the room with the client, and they communicate with one another to assist the body in releasing areas of tension on a minute-by-minute basis. Anything can shift in the body at any moment, and when having the practitioner in the room any area can be targeted as soon as the area of discomfort arises. Two hands are also used in WellSea Acupressure. For this reason, several points can be held at once, a ball can be used to add to two points in different locations, and the feeling of compassion and support is often felt from the person who is receiving a session.

WellSea Approach also can be very helpful when the client experiences a release of emotions that come up from doing the acupressure work. In some instances, different feelings of emotions come up during a session of Acupressure. The practitioner is trained how to be supportive, nurturing, helpful, and to be a good listener to the receiver. In a sense, it can also be like a counseling session, although having the added benefit of receiving bodywork at the same time.

WellSea Approach works on acupuncture points that rest on specific meridian lines. Each of the meridian lines is connected to different organs in the body. Each of these organs stores different emotions in the body, from the present or the past. Sometimes old emotions come up that had been carried in the body for years. When this happens, the person receiving may be in shock that they are feeling this way. I as the practitioner am trained to listen and be a good healer. I will offer nothing but love and support when this happens. Sometimes, releasing emotions is the only way to heal the body. The body and mind and connected. Often you cannot heal one without healing the other.

How is the experience after a session different from other techniques?

* After a session of WellSea Acupressure, you might experience several things different than in other methods. Some of them might be:

* A greater sense of well being than prior to the session.

* Deep sleep, memory of dreams when you awake the next day, better rest

* A feeling of greater alignment in your body

* A feeling of lightness and relaxation

* A stronger desire to stretch or do yoga and a greater ability to do so

* More alertness and ability to focus

* A greater knowing to your own feelings

How do I know when to schedule the next appointment?

My best guidance for you in making your next appointment is to listen to your body. If your body is in pain, it may be time for another session. If you are feeling overwhelmed, or is stress, it may be time to make another appointment. Your body will always tell you when you need to pay attention to it.

If your situation is more serious than occasional feelings of pain, and you are always in pain, I would come as often as you can.

Sessions can be made 2 to 3 times a week, once a week, and then go to once a month, and eventually once every couple of months. If you are already healthy, then once every couple of months is all I recommend for WellSea Acupressure. If your body is in a lot of pain, a couple times a week is best in order for you to get back in alignment.

It is up to you as to how often you want to give your body a treatment. If you are hurting, it is your bodies’ way of talking to you. I am here, as a guide, and I will help you along your way.

If there are questions that I did not answer, feel free to email me or call.

For more information in WellSea Acupressure, you can visit and, as this is the basis for this work.

Asttarte JAH, Melchizedek Priestess
Healing with the Angels, Usui & Shamballa Reiki Master
Advanced Integrative Energy Therapy, igili, Full Body Axiotonal Alignment
Full Body Energy Scanning, Full Body Energy Balancing, Full Body Chakra Balancing
Full Body Meridian Clearing, Jin Shin Do Acupressure,
WellSea Approach, Spiritual Counseling, Ascension Classes
Shiatsu Massage, Relationship Counseling

What is Shamballa Multidimensional Reiki?





~Shamballa Reiki ~
What is Shamballa Reiki?

‘Laying on of hands’ is very ancient form of art. Since time began, people have been doing it. Putting your hands on someone is a natural impulse for those who have been injured or are not well. An example of this, are mothers. A mother often puts her hands on the wounded spot when a child has been hurt. Human touch carries healing care and love. This energy is known by many names: Ruach in Hebrew, Prana in India, Chi in China, and Reiki in Japanese.


Energy is natural and is what Shamballa and Reiki practitioners use. However, the Shamballa healer has contact to this energy in a much more significant way since the practitioners are attuned and once attuned the healer’s energy is increased at a frequency much higher than what is naturally given to them upon birth. The attunements boost the healers own life energies, and unites the person to the source of Shamballa Reiki. This Source could be called anything that the healer desires: God, Goddess energy, the first Source, Energy, Chi, etc. Reiki has no connection to any religion, so one is free to call it what they like. I myself like to call this source Mother Father Creator God of all that is.

The method of an attunement is not a healing session. The Attunement initiation. The first initiation is known as Shamballa I. The person who receives this initiation has established a magical gift from Source. After receiving Shamballa I all one has to do is to place their hands on themselves or someone else and say (to themselves or out loud, as they wish) “Shamballa On!” The energy will flow. is what creates the healer after the first

After someone starts to practice using the energy, they may go through a whole of experiencing things that they had never seen or felt before. Some feel more than others. Some feel nothing, but never the less are still channeling the energy. Some see more than others, some sense more than others, and some may not feel a change in their abilities at all. However, they will most often feel heat or tingling in their hands. “It is like plugging in.” Every time you lay your hands on yourself or someone else, the energy is there. All you have to do is call on it. The intention is what holds the key.

Shamballa is not only intended for those who wish to become healing practitioners. “It is also for people who want to become whole themselves.” The Shamballa attunements make it possible for someone to heal himself or herself. The attunements of Shamballa make it possible for you to heal yourself, both physically and spiritually. With Shamballa, you are able to break habits and addictions, to heal yourself on a mental and emotional level. People who are suffering problems with health and who have mental imbalances should receive Shamballa attunements. It is simple to do Self-healing by using the hand positions that are taught in the Shamballa course. These positions are not only for healing yourself, but they are also used for healing others. After the attunement has been it is a good idea to do a self-healing When it is possible, one should also practice on others. Practicing on others or yourself helps to settle into the energy and become used to it. This is a process and takes several months to adjust to the energies. Be patient with yourself, as the transition may be a rough one, but after the period of cleansing it will be very rewarding. session daily.

When you embark on the quest of Reiki, and especially Shamballa, it is very often the case where you heal one problem, which then leads to healing others. And this is very important to be aware of. Pain is often felt in a completely different place in the body than where the pain originated. For an example, headaches are often caused by emotional stress. “Healing the headache also heals the emotions. We should know as Shamballapractitioners that most of the dis-ease we suffer in the physical has its source in the emotional and mental bodies. If we root out the cause, the effect simply goes away. As healers we should encourage people to talk. By doing this, we can help them to discover the source of their dis-ease. We might hear some terrible stories, but we should not react to them. We should transmute the energy of fear into love, by being love ourselves. This really means that we give loving support to them. By allowing the healee to go through this process, we allow them to find out what is wrong. This may even be form past lives. If a person starts to get emotional and you are not experienced in dealing with this. Just ask the Shamballa guides to help you. Master Germaine especially has said that he is always available to Shamballa initiates. Stay calm and the universe will look after you. Know that after the release the healee will have grown a lot another thing to realize as a Shamballa healer is that it is not always possible to heal people, because the dis-ease that they suffer from might be a part of their soul’s purpose in this life. If this is the case, and the eventually die from it, know that death is also a healing process. Death is usually a lot less traumatic than being born! Modern societies try to deny the fact that death happens everywhere. They think that if they deny it, it won’t happen. Death happens everywhere, every day. You must realize that it is merely a transition. In this age, death can be avoided by the ascension process. This is a process of becoming light, and being able to stay awake and conscious through the dimensional change.” “Sometimes it happens that people block the healing. This usually occurs when they don’t believe in it. You must always first seek their permission to heal, and this will usually mean that they are open to it. But it could also be that they are feeling a little apprehensive in which case loving perseverance will soon release the block. Remember, it up to the healee to choose whether or not they become whole.” “Shamballa relaxes and rejuvenates. Some would say that Shamballa cannot replace missing limbs or right congenital birth defects. I say that this is limiting the system. If it is not the souls choice to suffer this, in this life, I say that we can, with the aid of the Source, accomplish anything. The seed blueprint for creation is wholeness, and wholeness is Love. Reiki is love, so don’t limit yourself. Do every healing with the result firmly in your mind. This result of course is wholeness in accordance with divine will, whatever that might be. If you always looks for results in accordance with divine will, you will find that you can facilitate the healing of anything, even those that are usually described as terminal.”

“Don’t worry that you may take on the disease of others, because if you work with the Shamballa guides and the Source, this will not happen. The more healing that you do, the more healed you yourself become. Stick to the principles of Shamballa/Reiki, and don’t interfere with the religion and beliefs of others, and step into service with love. Allow yourself to LET GO, and let the Shamballa energy do the rest. Allow the magic into your life and become one with the Source. The more you let go, the more it will flow.”

“Age is no barrier with Shamballa. Infants benefit from the attunement, and it starts their life on a path of service. Senior members of society benefit from being able to heal themselves and others. Shamballa is not only for those that want to heal others; it is for everybody. Being attuned to the Source brings wholeness.”



This information was taken from the Ascended Master Germaine, through John Armitage (Hari Das Melchizedek) Shamballa Multidimensional Healing Manual.

What is an Axiotonal Alignment?

þ Full Body Axiatonal Alignments þ

“Bringing in the energy of the future.”

“Our galactic body of creation controls its renewing functions through meridian axiatonal lines which are the equivalent of acupuncture lines that can connect with resonating star systems. These axiatonal lines are not limited to a physical body or a biological creation, but are open-ended and can connect the body vehicle with axiatonal lines that emanate from the various star populations and exist as chemical code mechanisms.”

“Man is a floating biological sub-system existing between Magnetic fields.”

“The human evolution is a preconceived experiment within a world of happenstance relativity.”

“The axiatonal lines can exist independent of the Overself but still require the governing functions of the Higher Evolution.”

“The axiatonal grids tend to enter and interface with the biological activity taking place on higher or lower vibratory frequencies within the space being used by various biologies. The grids are not governed by the laws and mechanisms controlling physical evolution, for they operate by means of their own accretion of energy for maintenance.”

“Man at this time is being advanced to a new biological program of creation.”

“A whole new specie is being created at this time by the bringing together of the Adamic Overself-human creation which will allow this spiritual-biological expression of the Christ Race to be advanced to the next consciousness time zone of creation.”

“The axial lines are part of a fifth-dimensional circulatory system combining color and sound, which are used to draw from the Overself body the basic energy used for the renewing of the human evolutionary body.”

The combining of Medical Astronomy and Molecular biology allows for “the tRNA molecules to cause cells to alter their normal properties, which will then receive the original genetic transmissions given through a ‘spin point,’ to a cell.”

Axiatonal lines, thus, cause new patterns of cellular circumvolution to take place.”

“The spin point takes energy and weaves the light grids which form the fabric of cellular regenesis.”

“The spin points receive their energies via the axiatonal lines.”

“Through the axiatonal arrangement, both acoustical vibrations of spiritual Light and Living Light.”

“The key then opens the door for sonic vibrations generating gravitational light within the body.”

Writings above are taken from the book: The Keys of Enoch, (Key 317: 1-62)


When you receive a Full Body Axiatonal Alignment, you connect to the cosmic lattice, clearing your meridian lines, and balancing your chakras. It helps one to re-establish a connection to your overself/oversoul bringing “the energy of the future” to you.

AXITONAL ENERGY recharges continually all bodies and also assists to clear away negative patterns of the emotions and the mind.

An example to explain what the axiatonal energy looks like, or feels like, is this:

All around us is a sea of energy. It flows and swirls, ready to be activated at any moment. The sea looks like an imagined net of invisible lines throughout all of space and time, everywhere around you, in everything and in every place. It extends from the ground, into the air, into the sky, and out into the universe and even beyond our own. A few terms for this are: the “cosmic lattice”, universal grid” and “living universe.” However, there are not only lines all around us, but there are also lines within and through our own bodies. You can see this when looking upon a chart of acupuncture lines if you have ever been to an acupuncturist or chiropractors office.

At one time, our own acupuncture lines were connected to the cosmic lattice that surrounds us. The lines were known as “axiatonal line” or axiatonal meridians. They connected all levels of our self on all dimensions. They feed into a fifth dimensional circulatory system. The lines helped maintain our physical body and organs. The lines were then severed and the human body was left with enough energy to sustain life, but we were unable to access the higher energies of the universe on higher dimensional levels.

The FULL BODY AXIATONAL ALIGNMENT helps to re-establish this connection to the universal grid and new axiatonal lines are created. The more alignments received, the more lines are then created to allow for this connection on deeper and deeper levels. The first FULL BODY ALIGNMENT is the beginning of this process to bring us back to the light beings that we once were, and that we are now working towards this accomplishment on a universal level to ‘our’ planet Earth; Gaia. Spread the light with you.


A FULL BODY AXIATONAL ALIGNMENT does not mean the same thing for every person. Things that could be enhanced could be as simple as ‘being more aware of the things that are around you, ‘being able to see things you could not see before; having more intuitive and natural abilities,’ ‘feeling more connected with the world and the things that are around you,’ feeling an increase in your five senses,’ or ‘having an enhancement of various types of your 6th sense of psychic awareness,’ or ‘just feel better all around physically.’ Remember, life is precious and a treasured journey. There is no rush as we are all working to evolve and become better people, however, we can only do it in the pace that we are ready. Enjoy each moment for what it is, every day.

What Marie Regine Essassani said about her alignment, a European teacher of Axiatonal Alignments, received the pattern for conscious alignment, reconnection of the Axiatonal grid in 1995:

“The AXIATONAL ALIGNMENT is the most precious gift ever offered to Humanity. It transforms the Earthly instrument (the human body) profoundly and totally. It dissolves the structures that kept in place the seven chakras system. The limiting ways of functioning by which the antiquated system held human consciousness confined also dissolves.”

Her definition of the Alignment:

“The Axiatonal Alignment is a very subtle grid of light that is infinite in nature. It is the perfect blueprint behind the severed, stained and distorted acupuncture grid and meridians. Through the Axiatonal Alignment, on very subtle levels, the earthly instrument (human body) is re-aligned, reconnected and activated.”

A FULL BODY AXIATONAL ALIGNMENT is a two-day process to perform that takes approximately an hour or more. It is done in a quiet setting, one on one. It is preferred to do the two alignments within a few days of each other rather than spreading it out over several weeks.

COST FOR THE FULL BODY AXIATONAL ALIGNMENT IS: $327.00, Re-alignments are: $138.00

I bless you all on your journey of wonder and light!


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What is igili Healing with the angels?

Questions you might have about igili are:

What is the Igili Energy Therapy?

Igili energy therapy is a light gentle touch energy therapy where one can feel relaxed and at peace within them.

Where did Igili come from?

Igili is a name of a group of 7 angels that came from the Pleiadian times. The Founder of Igili is Victoria Pendragon.

What is the difference between Igili Energy Therapy and other energy therapies?

Igili is so much like the energy of reiki that often people can get the two confused. However, the difference with the energy of Igili is that when the practitioner works on the client, the healing is occurred within the body. Igili energy goes in the body, and stays there so that the person receiving can learn the lesson as to why the imbalanced energies started in the first place. The energy of Igili then works immediately to support the individual in a space of compassion so that these harmful imbalanced energies can be removed. This occurs only through the disintegration of them as they dissolve in time.

There are no guaranties to the healing of Igilli. The only guarantee is your commitment to your own process of healing. I wish you much love and joy on your journey.

Igili Energy Healing from the Angels

Igili (pronounced EE-GE-LE) Energy Healing is a modality that was introduced by a woman named Victoria Pendragon. She channeled in this energy early in 1998.

The energy was brought to and through her by the angels. Igili is a word from the ancient Hebrew language for Angel. In the days when the planets and the Earth were coming into form, billions of years ago, the Angelic energies swamped all levels of reality. Many of the angels who came to earth chose to be embodied as human beings. The angels, who chose not to be in the flesh, chose to work with the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water in order to assist the beings that lived on Earth in their physical bodies. The angels that chose to assist the people on Earth with these elements were known as the angels of Igili.

Igili is a successfully transformational energy. Igili recognizes the fact that any pain or disease in the body is only an information- guided energy that the body is not able to absorb. Other modalities pull the trapped energies that are within the body out. This then relieves the body of the information, where the ‘lesson’ would normally have taken place. The mind, body, spirit, and soul are then unable to learn the lesson. However, with Igili, instead of the energy being removed from the body it is integrated within. It disperses within the body and the lesson is learned. The energy is absorbed and the mind, body, spirit and soul can move forward and heal. Igili is a modality that is different than any other. It can be used in conjunction with other forms of healing, although when used alone, one receives the full benefit of the work of the angels. Like other forms of healing it can be used to access the energies in the fields around the body, just as all other forms of energy healing are used.

Igili is an intuitively guided energy just as Reiki, Shamballa, Tera-Mei Seichem, IET, Kundalini, Lotus Light and Frequency Balancing are. There are no special hands positions, nor is there a special order in which to proceed. In using Igili I will go where I sense to place my hands and how to move them just like all the other forms of healing. Although the exceptions are IET and Frequency Balancing, as there are specific movements for these modalities. The flow of the treatment will depend on what is occurring throughout the energies at the time of the session. There is no form or guideline to follow in the session as they are guided through the energies of the angels and the higher power of the creator. Although the one thing that is certain, is that I as the practitioner will be with you whether you can feel me or not. Contact me for a session of Igili.