Polyamory and Marriage: When You Want Your Husband and Someone else shows up!

Polyamory and Marriage - when you want your husband and someone else shows upWhen You Want Your Husband and Someone Else Shows Up. This is the pitfall of many relationships. A woman is craving connection with the man she loves, and what happens is that her man is unavailable. He’s busy or preoccupied, or his interest has dwindled and he has other concerns and things he wants to focus on. She’s deeply saddened and desperate to gain his attention, but he’s always somewhere else, emotionally or physically.

In a Polyamorous Marriage this is perfectly fine. There is an agreement between both partners that they are allowed to be with other lovers, so long as the structure of the relationship is maintained. However, if the foundation of the marriage is rocky, or there has been very little connection, intimacy and commitment between the two partners, straying from the marriage can feel like cheating, or in Christian terms “committing adultery”.

When you’re in love with your husband (or significant beloved) and there is no intimacy, your heart tears up inside. You want his commitment. You want his willingness to do what it takes to be there for you, stay by your side and give you his all! But when you have waited and waited for him to show up in this way, and all of a sudden someone else shows up, most of the time, it is like God giving you the gift you have been waiting for! You fall prey to this new amazing being that you are so deeply drawn to, and your wish has been granted. Then the big question is: what do you do next? Do you continue to wait for the man you deeply love, or do you continue to fall into the arms of another? How long are you truly willing to wait? If waiting is putting your life on hold, perhaps waiting is not what your supposed to be doing anyway. Perhaps, you ARE supposed to be enjoying life and just surrender to what life gives you!

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New Sessions, Welcome & New Creation!

Hello those new this site! Forgive me while this process is all its development! I am in training, presently, for Professional Coaching – as the foundation, which covers all areas of ones life, and as you can see my primary focus is Relationships, however, your Whole Life is part of that process! I’m still in the decision making process of how I want to market this: Relationship Coach who also offers Whole Life and Mentor Coaching, or Whole Life, Relationship & Mentor Coach all in one! How many people are drawn to each will give me my answer.

This includes all areas that would impact ones relationship ~ family, parenting, business, career, life, leadership, spirituality, health and wellness, intimacy and the conclusion is whole life and mentoring. I will be starting my path as an author through this process, not ending with one book, but the doorway to many!

I am looking for Sessions during this process. I am offering Sessions all done over the phone and in person! Don’t miss out  during this special time.

This site is in the works – Relationship & Life Coaching!

Bare with me while this site is still in its development stages. Sometimes it is best to let people know of a sites existence after it has been created and completed, but I thought I would let you know that this work now IS available, and I am offering free phone sessions while I’m in training! I need more practice for Coaching for your life, so please don’t hesitate to contact me for this! You will actually be helping me, while I get to help you too! The only thing it will cost either of us is time!

I’m still integrating how this will all go about, how to organize this, structure it, manage it, put it all together and the like.

My main focus is on Relationships and Intimacy, as this has been my area of expertise for 6 years now. And, prior to this I studied and practiced many healing modalities that dealt with the whole self, so I don’t want you to think that I stop with relationships. In fact, sometimes you have to deal with all the other areas of your life BEFORE the relationship you desire or are in actually works. As well as, when you deal with the people in your life that you are the closest to, your loved ones (family/friends and especially your most significant relationship), all the other areas of your life improve right along with it!

As you know, I LOVE writing, and I LOVE creating sites, blogs, etc; not that I want to do this for a career or anything, but it does come very easy to me. It could be from all those years working in the corporate world, as a Receptionist, Office Manager or Administrative Assistant. It was not my passion, but I was good at many elements of it and it certainly has helped me with my own business! Or, it could have been from those early years back in the late 80s when I taught myself how to type on an old fashioned type-writer or the early 90s with that wonderful gift from my uncle who gave me an electric typewriter (that was the in thing before computers).

My point is, I love helping people, and I want you to know that whatever you are dealing with, I would love to help you, talk to you, or support you!

You are a very important human being, and just because you might be dealing with something other than a relationship, it doesn’t mean that coaching can’t help you. In fact, most Relationship Coaches have to have the foundation of professional coaching and life coaching under their belt before they can take the training of Relationship Coaching, so they all are relevant! And, I will be taking a Mentor Training at the end of January which will in fact be the catalyst for covering all aspects of Coaching ~ your whole life matters, and so do your relationships with the people you care about the most; especially the relationship with yourself!

However, if you do take a peek at this, just be forewarned, this is only the beginnings of something, and may be deleted if I find I can put those elements on here!

Blessed Be!