Sexual Repression to Expansion

sexual repression to expansion  Sexual Repression to Expansion

How does one go from being sexually depleted, lacking desire, energy or passion to finally feeling their own pleasure again?

I consider the body as a being of energy, light and movement, and with awareness, and knowledge of what is going on inside the body, what is going on in the mind, how the body feels physically, and the energy surrounding the body, one can get access to how to alter it to feeling how they “choose” to feel!

That is a lot to sort and figure out, one might say! However, really, our bodies are capable of so much more than we realize, and we ourselves have the ability to adapt, alter or change how we feel at any given moment. We can shift our focus onto what we are thinking and feeling, by what where we choose to place our attention. So, if we can do this, why not alter how our entire body feels at any given moment?

Some call me an Alchemist, because I have the ability to do this, however, it is a fun process to figure out what is going on, what is blocked, and then hone in to exactly the path to shift one’s physical sensation and reality.

So on to the subject of “Sexual Repression to Expansion”:

What are you dealing with emotionally? You can take on practices to sooth your feelings, clear them or calm them down.

Where are the emotions stored in your body? You can do visualization exercises, energy healing practices, chakra clearing and guided visualization or meditation to alter or dissolve the un-happy or stuck feelings that are not filled with light, joy or love.

What does your energy feel like around your body? Does it feel heavy or dark? Does it feel mucky or clouded? Does it feel intense like anger or a wall? Does it feel confused or sad?

How does your body feel physically? Are your muscles sore or tight? (and where). Do you feel tired, lethargic, or weak and maybe prone to getting colds (weakened immune system).

Once you discover these 4 main areas, and whether some or all need to be addressed, you can go deeper into tackling the energies that are causing the repression. One area may take significantly more importance than another, and possibly need to put all your attention on it for a while before moving on to the next. After all these are done, then you can go into the specific chakras that are asking for the most attention, do some chakra clearing practices, movement of the energies, and work on releasing the weight within in. That’s when it starts to get fun!

Once all the issues have been resolved, the chakras are moving, cleared and open, then you can go into the tantra meditation that will create expansion! And from there anything is possible!

If this sounds easy, try it out for yourself! See if you can take it on and create the movement you desire! And, if you need a little help, feel free to ask for it, and send me a message!

Lovingly to your pleasure and success,

Asttarte xoxo

What Intimacy Therapy looks Like

What Intimacy Therapy Looks Like


Intimacy Therapy, Healing and Transformation

Sessions consist of consciousness. This is the start and the base of everything. Consciousness is tantra. Tantra is love. Love is connecting and uniting in bliss, and truth. Presence is being aware of everything in the moment we are together. In every moment we are together, the mind is shut off, the heart is open and becomes in tune with checking out our desires from within to see if they match.

At the start of each session, we will sit down together in my counseling room and I will ask you what your intentions are. I will also ask you what your intentions are for your life. And, in the session I will focus my energies to support you in the moment we are together, but also the broader picture of your life in general.

If you feel ungrounded when we begin, or when you arrive, from your drive to get to me, or from something else, I will guide you through a meditation to help you become calm and feel more at peace. I use my intuition with everything I do, and I am guided strongly in the most perfect way I know.

Sessions can include all or a any form of healing work I am specialized in. See this blog for details on the types of healing tools I use. As you grow to know me, in future sessions, I may include other tools to support you when needed, however, I only give what you are ready to receive, open to receive, and need.

I may give you a massage with healing, Healing Massage; sensuous energy, Breathwork, counseling, energy work, stretching, acupressure and meditation. Many masages move into Sacred Massage. A Sacred Massage can include any tools used in a Healing Massage, plus the addition of more sensual touch, and a deeper love connection. We may also do a session of Intimacy Therapy. All of my work is Intimacy Therapy, and everything is based on love and healing. Please be prepared to face yourself and heal at your core if you choose to take this on. I will offer support and unconditional love at all times.

I do my best to match your desires, and often they are fulfilled. If they are not, I ask for you to tell me during the session so that we can shift gears to match you to what you need. My desire is for your intentions to be as clear as possible before we get started.
Everything done and performed is up to spirit!

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All of these Sessions must be pre-approved, have an initial consultation and several sessions in White Tantra prior to any of this work.

Asttarte Deva