Love Intimacy Heart Coaching

Love Intimacy Heart Coaching

Love Intimacy Heart Coaching

Love Intimacy Heart Coaching is for you if: You’re in a serious Relationship. You love someone but aren’t getting along. You don’t know how to talk to them without an argument You’re in pain because you love this person but don’t know what the problem is. You’re frustrated and hurting. You know you deserve to be treated better. You used to be best friends, but now you hardly even talk. Not only is there no sex or intimacy, but your relationship is falling apart. Perhaps you have GREAT sex, but you feel like you don’t even know this person. You’re thinking of walking away, but don’t want to break up the marriage, separate your kids or are scared.


Love Program

Love Program is to help build a connection, heal a connection and learn what is blocking you from creating intimacy with another. You may need to sever an old connection, remove deeper blocks in yourself that are keeping you from your loved one, or truly learn to understand your partner better. With Asttarte’s Relationship Program, you may learn deeper tantra practices to create a stronger connection, do deeper chakra healing work, breathing practices you can do with a partner, or techniques that may help you become closer with the person you love!

 Has your Relationship lost its close connection? Are you happy in your Relationship, but there is no Intimacy? Is the Intimacy something you used to have, but somewhere it got lost along the way? Are you craving a deeper connection and wish your Beloved would be more open to you? Are you resigned, scared or disinterested in sex and would rather not have it at all, but deep down, you know you deserve it? Save your relationship before its too late and schedule a Coaching Session today. Coaching to transform any area of your life that is keeping you from the one you love the most! Create the intimacy you deserve with the one you love the most! Rekindle the flame and save your relationship!

Love Coaching is offered to help guide you to transform any area of your life that you feel stopped, a lack of power, stressed, or less than vibrant in your life. Many people have relationship issues that affect their work or home life. Some have Family issues that effect their work. Others have health issues that affect their relationships. And others still have a lack of drive or ambition in any area of their life and feel stuck. Some may lack a spiritual direction, focus or belief that they need to re-awaken, re-kindle or renew to help feel a trust in the unknown, a belief in anything is possible and a deeper love for self and spirit again. With Relationship Coaching, I can help tune in to your own mind, and help you come out feeling powerful, alive, present and aware of what you need to do to help any area that is important to you!

Areas of impact are: Your Sex Life! Your Relationships your Intimacy Your health Your family Your career Your children and more!

Cord Cutting

Removing the connection you have with another person that may still be affecting you in your life, is an ex, or a current partner that is draining you energetically of your power, your resources and your full capacity of being vibrant and energetic. Cord cutting will clear the blocks to unhealthy relationship dynamics and allow you to be clear in your own energetic space once again!

Counseling and Healing for Grief

When a relationship has ended and you are left feeling lost, empty and alone, sometimes you may hide yourself at home and choose to avoid the world. When someone we love is no longer in our lives, it deeply affects how we feel, the choices we make and how we live our lives. Come join Asttarte in her healing process and be supported in your grieving process and let your heart heal.

Asttarte is trained and has been in private practice since 2001. She offers many tools and she integrates those tools to fit the unique experience you need. She will create a session unique to you! All Sessions are calm and gentle and have the intent to surrender your heart! Blessings & Namaste


Tantra Level 2

A Juicy Love Affair

Relationships can turn stagnant and lose their zest. When the passion is lost couples can forget why they came together and give up on the one thing that was important to them the most. You CAN revitalize your love and rekindle the flame. Get to the bottom of what’s keeping you apart and have an amazing relationship again with the same person!
“Transform any area of your life that is getting in the way of having the relationship you deserve!”

“Get to the bottom of what’s keeping you apart, and have an amazing relationship again with the one you love the most!

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