Colors of Tantra

Colors of Tantra

 White Tantra

When it comes to tantra, white tantra is the beginning and foundation of all other levels and types of tantra. White Tantra is where one starts the journey to explore, look within, heal, surrender and be open to a deeper level of consciousness within themselves. In order to expand to any other level of tantra, one must plant his roots in white tantra, and begin the journey to samadhi here. In many ways, White Tantra, is like the Yoga that is commonly known in our society, however, the asanas are different. In yoga, you have your classic, vinyasa and hatha yoga styles (as well as some others), and these are commonly known as moving into specific poses, positions or in sanskrit “asanas”. In Tantra Yoga practice, it is important to do your yoga practice, as well as other “asanas” that allow one to go deeper.

The other “asanas” in Tantra, may be focused breathing practices and meditations to help open the chakras, clear the energy and expand the chi, kundalni or energy flow in the body. Some other practices in white tantra, may be very focused and specific breath work practices to help open up these chakras, clear energy, as well as release deep core emotions stored in the body. Often these practices can induce kundalini opening and sexual arousal, however, their intention and most significant impact on the body, is the opening of the heart, the cleansing of one’s soul and the deep healing of their feeling and emotional center.

In many ways, I believe White Tantra to be the most powerful, the most important and to go to the deepest places within us. Some people are not ready to do the intense breath work or advanced meditations in tantra yoga, so it is best to start with more gentle yoga breathing practices, or other practices from different cultures, systems and modalities. For MOST people, and practically all, it is important to do your soul searching, your deep emotional healing, energy cleansing and soul purification. Often it is not aware of what one needs to heal, cleanse or clear, so when I work with people, I discover exactly where they are at, and then we tune in to working at the most foundational level of their healing. We will work with any of the sessions listed on this site, and for modalities not listed on this site, we will have a consultation, and discuss what exactly is needed. White Tantra is about healing the Whole Self, and anything that is important to you, we will address!

Additional “White Tantra” Healing Sessions are¬†throughout this site!

Healing Sessions with Asttarte start where you are, and exactly what you need! Every single person needs something different. Find out what you need and what will support you the most!

Quantum Intuitive Healing

Deep Relaxation Therapy

Holistic Emotional Energy Therapy – Guided Journey and Emotional Healing

Body Awareness Intuitive Healing – & Chakra Balancing

Integrated Energy Therapy


Reiki is a method of clearing the energetic, spiritual dense energies around the body, purifying the aura, chakras, and energy field and helping to move deeper into the physical body for cleansing and purification…

Soul Coaching for Your Life

Spiritual Massage

Private Yoga

Psychic Intuitive Readings


 Pink Tantra

What is Pink Tantra? And why pink? Pink Tantra, is what I like to call, the area of healing the heart; the ability to love oneself and other; to give and receive love! And, the one area the makes a significant difference when it comes to loving a partner or another human being, such as Relationship Coaching!

I have been offering Relationship Coaching for about 7 years now, and truly love to see the results that show up for people and the improvements that our sessions provide for them!

Pink Tantra is the tantra of love, and for True Tantra, tantra is all about love in the end anyway!

Pink Tantra is the area of tantra to help heal, support, open and cleanse the heart chakra!

Let’s journey together to experience what that truly means and how pink tantra can ignite, transform, unravel and open up the heart!