Couples Sex Coaching

Couples Sex Coaching for Your Relationship 

“Transform any area of your life that is getting in the way of having the relationship you deserve!”

“Get to the bottom of what’s keeping you apart, and have an amazing relationship again with the one you love the most!”

Couples Sex Coaching for your Relationship is for you if:

You’re in a serious Relationship.

You love someone but aren’t getting along.

You don’t know how to talk to them without an argument

You’re in pain because you love this person but don’t know what the problem is.

You’re frustrated and hurting.

You know you deserve to be treated better.

You used to be best friends, but now you hardly even talk.
Not only is there no sex or intimacy, but your relationship is falling apart.

Perhaps you have GREAT sex, but you feel like you don’t even know this person.

You’re thinking of walking away, but don’t want to break up the marriage, separate your kids or are scared.

A Juicy Love Affair

Couples Sex Coaching


Relationships can turn stagnant and lose their zest. When the passion is lost couples can forget why they came together and give up on the one thing that was important to them the most. You CAN revitalize your love and rekindle the flame. Get to the bottom of what’s keeping you apart and have an amazing relationship again with the same person!


For Professional Relationship Coaching & Intimacy Issues, please write to me at:


Couples Sex Coaching with Intimacy Issues



Has your Relationship lost its close connection?

Are you happy in your Relationship, but there is no Intimacy?

Is the Intimacy something you used to have, but somewhere it got lost along the way?

Are you craving a deeper connection and wish your Beloved would be more open to you?

Are you resigned, scared or disinterested in sex and would rather not have it at all, but deep down, you know you deserve it?


Save your relationship before its too late and schedule a Coaching Session today.

Coaching to transform any area of your life that is keeping you from the one you love the most!

Create the intimacy you deserve with the one you love the most!

Rekindle the flame and save your relationship!


Couples Sex Coaching to Enhance your Spiritual Connection


Are you in love with your hunny, your intimacy is good, maybe even great, but you’d like to take it to the next level?

Do you have the same kind of sex and its become monotonous or boring?

Have you lost interest in having sex, but you still “perform”, because you know it gives you some satisfaction?

Are you craving more pleasure during the moments you do have sex, but you just seem to stop having the drive to perform?

Do you want to satisfy your partner, but they are pulling away from you and you are getting frustrated?

Do you need more ideas to feel fulfilled?

Do you want more pleasure in the bedroom?

Couples Relationship Coaching with Sex Issues IS FOR YOU!



Couples Sex Coaching with Spiritual Relationship Guidance 

Learning where you are blocked in your spiritual life so you can be more present, grounded and centered. Perhaps your spiritual life needs attention and its your heart that needs a little rest! Create a sacred, meditative environment and be fully present with the one you love.


Couples Sex Coaching with Relationship/Family Issues from the Past or the Present

Why is the Family important?

What does family mean to you when you also have intimate and sexual needs?

Is your family life in your way? too much of a priority, or not a concern at all?

Do you crave time for intimacy, but there is little time alone?

Do you feel bombarded by your responsibilities as a parent, and are neglecting your own personal needs?

This is not about your relationship with your children, but instead your relationship between your partner and the dynamic of your role as a parent being a struggle to attain the sex life, intimate life or personal life you truly desire.

I see the value in Family Coaching because our families are what we are made of, they make or break us, and are what we come back to after all is said and done. Families are important to us, but so is our sexual and intimate needs, and if our family is out of order, certainly our intimate life may be out of order as well. And, when we make our intimate lives more a priority than our family life, then our needs are getting mixed up in the bunch. There is a happy medium and a balance between both worlds is what will make everyone happy.


Couples Sex Coaching with General Life Concerns

Anchor who you are and get clear on what is missing in your life, your direction and what you are really passionate about and be fully empowered so you don’t depend on your loved one to take care of you or make you feel better.

Professional Coaching is always offered in every Session; whether the Session is solely Professional Coaching, or the first Segment prior to a hands on Session of your choice (Tantra Healing or Massage, Spiritual Training, Energy Healing or other), Coaching always helps guide the Session! Coaching is a complete Session by itself or complete as a part of a Session. When the Coaching is complete, then we have more space and awareness to move on to something else!

~Namaste, Asttarte


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