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All Types of Sessions Available

For Your Spiritual Development & Intimacy Needs

If you have never had a Session with Asttarte before, nor have never had a Spiritual Healing Session, we will start with “Phase 1 Session”, or any combination of Spiritual development, energy movement, meditation, reiki, bodywork, any Coaching listed on this site (See separate Coaching pages). I may suggest for you to learn additional practices and do homework if you are a beginner.

All Sessions $150 per hour.

Extended Session and Short Sessions – Now Available

Short Session 1 hr.

Session 1 and 1/2 hrs.

Session 2 hrs

Retreat Session 2 and 1/2 hrs

Pamper Session 3 hrs

Half Day Session 4 hrs

All Day Session 6 hrs.

All Day Session 7 hrs

Full Weekend – Friday night to Sunday

Any Session can be created from an hour, hour and 1/2, 2 hours up to a full weekend.


All Fees are due when services are rendered!

Types of Sessions, Tantra and Spiritual Development

Phase 1 Initiation

Sessions For Spiritual Healing – Sessions for Spiritual Healing are focused on your spiritual connection to source, your self, your inner energies with your soul, your outer energies with the universe and your connection to life. These sessions help you to gain a greater awareness of who you are, your role in the world, and allow you to gain greater energy and love connection to yourself and your beloved. Some things we may do would be learning the basics of meditation, aligning, clearing and balancing your chakras, teaching you the basics of the breath, learning about the many layers of your energy field, receiving guidance or full body healing sessions in Shiatsu Massage, Jin Shin Do Bodymind Acupressure, Thai Massage, and engaging in deep dialogue about your spiritual beliefs and how one might merge spiritual healing with them, Spiritual Counseling, Emotional Healing and more!

Sessions for Energy Movement – Sessions for Energy Movement allow you to shift any blocks of resistance, fear that is hidden underneath distractions, body armoring or misunderstood desires, allow for deeper intimacy with your beloved and your greatest teacher; yourself. These sessions help to create openings and expansions so you can feel freer in your choices, your desires, and your role as a man or woman in the world. These sessions can be empowering, uplifting, releasing, relaxing, cleansing and rejuvenating. Sessions for Energy movement can be done with sound, the breath, body movements, energy and the powerful hidden energy of our thoughts. Some Sessions in Energy Movement might be the many faceted forms of energy healing and clearing I offer to teach you or to give you healing in, guided visualizations of your breath and your energy, massage techniques, breathing practices, chakra healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, and more.

I very much look forward to expanding your awareness, raising your vibration and clearing your energy field to attain the most love, bliss and intimacy you desire!


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