Other Recommended Tools

  • Sexual Enhancement Products




  • Spiritual Healing





  • Flower Essences


  • Meditation

Any form of meditation to help you relax is  good one, but meditations specifically to heal issues you are dealing with are the ultimate!

  • Yoga

Yoga is going to help you gain the flexibility in your body to make great love, and give you peace of mind, uplift your spirits and your mood! This is something you can do alone or with your beloved!

If you are interested in yoga, and want to give it a try, feel free to reach out to me, to see which style of yoga might be best for you, and I’ll be happy to give you a referral of a studio.

IntuitiveSoulHealings.com (or feel free to see my writings on yoga here)

  • Imago Therapy

Excellent excellent form of therapy to help understand the language your partner is speaking and create the intimacy in your words before you can create the intimacy in the bedroom!

  • Non-Violent Communication, or NVC

Great for Couples if you can stick with it!

There are courses all around Philadelphia and abroad!

  • Moorehouse Foundation

Basic Sensuality Course

Highly Recommended!


  • Tantra Training

Any workshop or course you can find that you are drawn to and feels like a fit most likely will be good for you! If you need a recommendation or want to know about a teacher you found, feel free to reach out to me!

There are many courses in NY City, along the East Coast, Hawaii, California, Arizona, Texas, some in MD, NJ and PA and others in Europe, Africa, Egypt and India.

  • Landmark Worldwide

All and any of their courses!!!

The Communication Courses are called the Love Courses, but you need to take the basic courses before you can get to those!


  • NET

Otherwise known as Neuro Emotional Technique

  • EFT

Emotional Freedom Technique. Feel free to try to learn this on your own, and receive a guided healing session from Asttarte anytime!

Emofree.com, or FasterEft.com

  • EMDR

Eye Movement Therapy

There is no other simpler and powerful form of therapy than EMDR. If you have any trauma, stress or PTSD, EMDR is excellent!

  • The Work of Byron Katie


Sometimes you can get a free Session if you call in advance!

  • Open Relationships/Polyamory/Swinging

When you are bored, struggling, need intimacy in your present relationship, sometimes opening up to others can help you see what is missing in your own relationship, or bring back the gratitude, appreciation and love for what you already have!

Reading Osho & David Deida, Charles Muir, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Carla Tara, and any other of my friends!

Other Suggested Links:

For Relationships with Mental Health issues

(to help women and men involved with someone with mental illness)


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