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Professional Relationship  Coaching

Your place for rekindling the magic and igniting the fire. Remove the blocks to your relationship and reconnect to the one you love the most! Before you think about splitting, consider Relationship Coaching. There is usually something that is in the way that keeps you from remembering how important your loved one is to you. Wait, don’t give up on the one you love the most. Try a Relationship Coaching Session with Asttarte.

How Relationship Coaching Can Help You:

When you are at odds with your family, your lover may seem far away!
When your career is struggling, and your relationship is filled with stress!
When you’re frustrated at home, and the rest of your life doesn’t seem so important.
When you’re struggling with your health, your weight, or your body, your loved one(s) can feel what you are dealing with and may want to help you, but don’t know how.
When you and your partner have trouble agreeing on anything, or having compassion, and the intimacy and connection is missing.
When you’re sleeping in separate bedrooms because of a fight the night before, and you think it doesn’t bother you, but your heart feels broken.

Intimacy Coaching

When your relationship is suffering and you’re caught in a rut, sometimes there are other areas affecting that special love life of yours.

Enhancing Intimacy in the bedroom by transforming how you’re being in your most significant relationship.

Catering to men in their 30s, 40s and 50s.

Specialize in single women, widowed women, and women in a relationship that feel alone!

Bereavement Coaching

Letting go of past loves so they don’t interfere with the one you are with today.

Family Coaching

To create a team in your family that supports your goals as individuals. To remove barriers in your childhood family that are impacting your family as an adult. To heal the wounds with your parents or siblings and change the relationship with your present partnership.

Parenting Coaching

When your children become more of a priority than your own relationship. Sometimes when a child comes to the scene a couple will put all their energy and effort into the children instead of each other. When all your energy goes into the child, the children think this is normal. You then have to meet the demands of the child and the parents lose momentum and forget their own personal needs. They grow to become roommates, business partners and friends and forget the reason the came together in the first place!

Spiritual Coaching

Learning where you are blocked in your spiritual life so you can be more present, grounded and centered. Perhaps your spiritual life needs attention and its your heart that needs a little rest! Create a sacred, meditative environment and be fully present with the one you love.


Must not need Psychotherapy Treatments or if need Psychotherapy, to have a commitment to see both your Therapist and I, as your Coach.

If recommended to join a 12-Step Program, be willing to do so.

Must have completed a large portion of Self Awareness and be ready to take your journey to the next level.

If interested in a Coaching Session, please email me at or schedule a consultation at

I look forward to seeing you! 


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