Phone Sessions

Sessions over the phone include:

Phone Coaching for your Relationships, Spirituality, Sexuality and Life

Long Distance Healing

Breathwork for healing Emotions

Breathing Meditation beginners tantra breathing

Tapping for clearing emotions

Any other requests, just ask!


Sessions with Asttarte start where you are, and exactly what you need! Every single person needs something different. Find out what you need and what will support you the most!

Healing Sessions

Quantum Intuitive Healing

Deep Relaxation Therapy

Intuitive Emotional Energy Therapy – IEET – Guided Journey and Emotional Healing

Body Awareness Intuitive Healing – & Chakra Balancing


Spiritual Sessions

Integrated Energy Therapy, or IET


Reiki is a method of clearing the energetic, spiritual dense energies around the body, purifying the aura, chakras, and energy field and helping to move deeper into the physical body for cleansing and purification…

Psychic Intuitive Readings

Chakra Readings, Chakra Healing and Meditation


Health and Wellness Sessions


Integrated Massage to create balance of what someone needs physically and where they are energetically, emotionally and vibrationally. Techniques may be one or a combination of Swedish Massage, Shiatsu Massage, Thai Yoga Massage, Acupressure, Reiki and Kundalini teachings. Relax, escape and heal!

Private Yoga


Coaching for Your Life

All programs consist of an element of Coaching, or can have a full Session of Coaching. The Healing Sessions can include Transformational Coaching for your Healing. The Spiritual Sessions can include Spiritual Coaching and the Health and Wellness Sessions can include Wellness Coaching. You and Asttarte will create the Session together and join together for your healing, growth and transformation.

(for your Sex life, Relationships, Family, Spirituality, Career or any area important to you) “Transform any area of your life that is getting in the way of having the life you deserve!” Coaching to transform any area of your life that is keeping you from the life you deserve!