Emotional Healing Coaching

 Emotional Healing Coaching

Emotional Healing Coaching
Intuitive Emotional Healing. Let go and feel amazing again!

Asttarte’s Emotional Healing Coaching Sessions are tailored to meet the needs of those who are willing and ready to truly work on themselves. The Emotional Healing Program is for your emotional well being, to transform how you are feeling, where you get stuck in your thoughts and feelings or where you may be deeply sad, angry, upset, or stuck. We will choose one of these modalities during your Healing Program Session, and a partial or full Coaching Session.

Quantum Intuitive Healing

ascensionAll levels of healing, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, and energetically. Quantum Intuitive Healing is a process where I can see the energy that’s blocked on the body, and then I help support the person to travel inward to unravel the weight, block or denseness in that area to remove it.  After it has been removed anything your spirit and body is open to is able to receive. Often this process cleanses the energy field around the body and any emotional blocks one is experiencing. It’s very gentle, powerful, intense and magical!


Intuitive Healing, Intuitive Energy Healing, Emotional Healing and Intuitive Training.
Intuitive Healing, Intuitive Energy Healing, Emotional Healing and Intuitive Training.

Deep Relaxation Therapy

Receive support and guidance to travel to the parts of yourself incomplete, separate and unresolved within yourself and outside of yourself in your psychic field. You may have spiritual contracts, agreements or vows made with others in this lifetime or others that are holding you back and keeping you stuck. Let’s travel together to see what is needed to heal and unravel into the spirit and bring you fully back to yourself. You will be left feeling validated, acknowledged, understood and your heart will soar open!


Emotional Energy Therapy

Intuitive Emotional Energy Therapy – IEET – Guided Journey and Emotional Healing

(A form of Spiritual Psychotherapy, Hypnosis and Gestalt Therapy).

With Intuitive Emotional Energy Therapy, we will journey together to help you feel guided towards the path to your deeper self, inner self, or child self and unravel the patterns that are keeping you stuck, in fear, sad, confused or in pain. In this process we find the area of pain in the body, travel to communicate to it, help it to open and speak what it has longed to say, and come out feeling free, loved, clear and a huge weight lifted off of you! Whatever is your greatest need, we will walk together in the journey to your own freedom.

Suggested at least 5 to 10 sessions.

Go deep in your personal healing, your deepest and most hidden emotions and reveal the truth of who you are. Through EET, here we begin a journey of self exploration and take you to your own limits of what feels comfortable and safe for you.


Body Awareness Intuitive Healing

Body Awareness Intuitive Healing

These Sessions are intuitively guided. You will be guided to scan your body and tune in to how you are feeling in each area of your body that experiences discomfort or pain. You will then get clarity on exactly where your stress is coming from and how to release the pain your body is carrying. We can then move the Session into a direction of focused intent, desire, and manifestation of what you really do want and create a structure to help make it happen! 🙂

These Sessions are similar to: Quantum Intuitive Healing, Deep Relaxation Therapy and Emotional Energy Therapy.




There is a power in breathing that no thinking or talking can match. Breathing into healing heightens ones capacity for healing the mind, the heart and the spirit in a way that uplifts you, renews you, and cleanses you. The description of writing on this subject is hard to understand without experiencing first hand what the effects of intense breathing can offer.

Breathing is not the only form of healing the mind and heart that I offer, however, it is one I practice most, and share most out of anything else in my work. The breath creates miracles, and because intentional breathing that is controlled, focused, and disciplined in a specific pattern is still uncommon in our culture, it is still considered rare, unheard of and its benefits are unknown. However, the breath is as a natural as a baby resting in its mothers belly, but intentional breathing to release blocks in the mind and body is a miraculous transformational tool that harnesses our deepest powers and gives us access to the pure innocence in our hearts.

Sometimes when the situation you are dealing with is very intense, has a lot of emotion to it, or has a pattern where it has either been going on for a very long time, or has been affecting you in your life in unpleasant ways, I will suggest we do a Breathwork Session. A Breathwork Session is a session where I will set up a very cozy and comfortable position on the floor for you, and you will lye down on a thick mat with blankets and pillows that suit your comfort level. I will guide you in breathing a deep continuous flow of breath with no pauses in between the breaths. The breathing exercise is a very intense breath that can sometimes cause one to feel dehydrated, but the positive impact of the session can awaken feelings stored deep inside to bring them up and out where they will no longer affect your life. The Breathing Session can also leave you feeling euphoric and blissful. It will help you open channels in your energy system where you get in touch with where in your body you are blocked and we will work together to clear these blocks so you can come back into harmony, health and full body peace!


Asttarte’s Tapping Emotional Release

Work with Asttarte one on one to receive supportive emotional clearing, letting go of beliefs, feelings and patterns in your life. She will teach you her practice, and guide you to continue the journey on your own. In a private session we will unravel the core of what is currently going on, and help start the path to go deeper into the self. With self healing commitment to healing, and maintaining a practice over the long term will create the most effective results.


Emotional Coaching

In the Emotional Healing Program, Emotional Coaching is going to support you in your emotional well being, your feelings, and what stops you emotionally in your life. You may be guided to your inner self, journey to discover who you may be incomplete with from the past, or awaken to see what may be in your view and in your way that has you be upset about something in your life.

(for your Relationships, Family, Spirituality, Career or any area important to you) “Transform any area of your life that is getting in the way of having the life you deserve!” Has your life lost its zest? Are you happy in your relationship, your career, your family, but there is something missing? Did you lose your zest or passion for being there or being fully active in what you are doing? Are you at odds with your loved ones or family? Are you resigned, scared or disinterested in talking about it and would rather not deal with it at all, but deep down, you know you have to? “When the rest of your life is getting in the way of having the life you deserve.”

Coaching to transform any area of your life that is keeping you from the life you deserve.

Asttarte also is specialized in Sex & Relationship Coaching, and helping individuals with hurtful relationships, childhood abuse, rape and anxiety. For sex & relationship coaching, see LoveSexandTea.com/Relationships, and LoveSexandTea.com/SexCoaching, and for women, see HealingSacredWoman.com

For all of Asttarte’s Healing work and to be Pre-Qualified for all Sessions, see AsttarteDeva.com, email or call directly!

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