Health and Wellness Coaching

Health and Wellness Coaching

Health and Wellness Coaching

Every person considers health differently and chooses what is best for them based on their beliefs, viewpoints, feedback from others, family or other influences and history. When it comes to health, there are many systems one can choose from. They can choose the Western system, the Eastern system, a mix of their own, a Spiritual new-age approach, an ayurvedic approach or a Holistic All Natural style. Many of these blend into each other and some stand on their own. What one chooses is always going to be the best choice because it is them who made the choice. No one can make anyone choose differently. One must do it on their own and a decision that comes from the self.

Asttarte’s Health and Wellness Coaching comes from the perspective that you can empower your own health and also be empowered to receive guidance to make better choices. Asttarte is a Master Energy Healer and Life Coach and will integrate a Holistic approach to your health through Coaching, Intuitive Healing, Yoga and Massage.


YogaPrivate Yoga

Asttarte offers private yoga sessions incorporating meditation and yoga. The yoga that Asttarte offers incorporates a practice of breathing deep into the body, surrendering into poses to create elongation of the muscles, proper alignment and deep peace in the body!

Yoga is excellent for beginners or anyone on the path! It is awesome as a practice all on its own, or incorporated with other modalities. As a practice all on its own, yoga will take you further into your spiritual journey, create a feeling of love and peace in the body, improve your health and be the catalyst to listening to your inner wisdom.

Yoga is excellent for health by itself, however, it is a great addition to your already physical practice or health routine. When combining yoga to a meditation practice, spiritual and emotional healing journey, or in addition to your coaching Sessions for your life, it is a GREAT way to keep you centered, in balance and harmony with your body and mind. Yoga will help you feel focused to continue to do what is important for your life and when life seems challenging, it will help you know you can come through to the other side and life goes on!

Yoga IS Love! The practice of loving is the practice of yoga! Yoga creates a feeling of love in the body, and when you are being loving in any moment, you are practicing yoga!


dsc03265-1_aw8kMassage Therapy

Asttarte has been a Massage Therapist since the fall of 2001. She incorporates what it is your body is intuitively communicating its strongest need. We will asses based on what someone needs physically and where they are energetically, emotionally and vibrationally. Techniques may be one or a combination of Swedish, Shiatsu, or Thai Yoga Massage, Bodymind Acupressure, Reiki and Kundalini teachings. Relax, escape and heal!

A gentle, soothing and nurturing massage to release emotional debris, energetic debris and arouse your senses to a place of stillness, peace and love for the self again!

Several modalities of massage may be offered, as well as Intuitive Energy Work and perhaps Spiritual Counseling or Life Coaching.

Asttarte is trained and has been in private practice since 2001, and is known to be a Healer to Healers. She offers many tools and with massage, she integrates those tools to fit the unique experience you need.

She may provide you with a Spiritual Massage, incorporating the breath, crystals, the chakras and energy work. Or she may work more on the physical realm if you are experiencing discomfort or pain. She will create a session unique to you!

All Massage Sessions are calm and gentle and have the intent to surrender your heart! Blessings & Namaste~


Shiatsu Massage

5 Element Shiatsu
5 Element Shiatsu is a method of finding balance within your body through harmonizing the element or elements that are imbalanced. The elements are earth, air, fire, water and metal. In 5 Element Shiatsu, we learn the cycles of change in life, and the cycles that our bodies need to go through in every stage; fall, winter, spring, and summer. Everything has it’s cycle and everything changes. We learn that our bodies represent the changes we go through in every day of our life, and how we can always come back to center and take the steps needed to come around the full circle and cycle of every step we take, every stage and season we are in. As we allow our bodies to re-open and breathe through these changes in our lives, we can open and expand our bodies, so our mind, heart, body and spirit can be at peace once again. This is where we can then find peace within, and know stillness and love for life by allowing our bodies to come into harmony with each cycle and each change.

5 Element Shiatsu is a gentle, sometimes deep and profound healing massage session. It can allow ourselves to feel our wholeness, as well as get in touch with the subtle energies within us and around us. 5 Element Shiatsu works on pressure points along meridians and help to clear the passageways so that the chi, or energy in our bodies and energy system can flow openly and smoothly once again.

Zen Shiatsu
Zen Shiatsu is an uplifting, enlightening and full body awakening through connecting the body to the source of who you are. Zen Shiatsu is giving yourself a gift of deep relaxation and joy in your body once again. It allows one to feel gratefulness for life and to love your own body in a way you’ve never loved it or appreciated it before. You can feel what the meaning of pleasure is with Zen Shiatsu. A lot of deep healing can happen in Zen Shiatsu and if you are feeling disconnected from life, from your body, or have a great deal of stress, Zen Shiatsu can do wonders!

The technique is a deep pressure, as well as soft and leaves you feeling relaxed and filled with joy. see also
Thai Yoga Massage

The massage of guided and supported yoga stretching and full body opening. Thai Yoga Massage forces one to be in their body and be in their breath. Thai Yoga Massage is almost like a tantra experience because the depth you get in touch with yourself while receiving the massage is deeper than any other massage you could receive. The feeling of opening in the muscle tissue puts one at a place of surrendering to what is and going deeper into the sensation so that one can let go and release into the pleasure.

Jin Shin Do Bodymind Acupressure

~Allowing yourself to feel the emotions your body is telling you~
JSD is a method of bodywork created by a Psychotherapist to allow the emotions to come to the surface that the pain, discomfort, muscle spasm, or tightness is telling you. JSD creates the deepest feelings of peace, calm and bliss than you could ever imagine. You can easily go into a deep meditative state, have a blissful etheric connection to spirit, or have a huge revelation about an issue you’ve been struggling with in your life, by going deep inside yourself to find the root cause that is creating the imbalance, misalignment, pain or block in your life. You can get to the root of problems that you never knew you even had. You can find yourself again with Jin Shin Do. You can find your soul, your heart, and your truth. If you have never experienced a full hour or hour and 1/2 session of JSD, I highly recommend you try it. It could change your life, and only for the better! and



Wellness Coaching

Asttarte’s Coaching geared toward Health and Wellness is to support you to make choices that are going to work best for you. It is to help you see what you may have done in the past that have caused things to show up today, or perhaps open your eyes to see what you can now do to help your body, your mind and your overall wellness to be in balance and alignment. Many people overlook it, but your health and wellness is one of the biggest factors to your overall happiness. It affects your performance, your ability to be social, active, participate in your life and be a part of relationships.

Asttarte is particularly knowledgeable in the area of detoxing for weight or health, stomach issues, joint and muscle pains, chronic neck pains, spinal issues, healthy diet, food allergies associated with skin and rashes, herbs for healing, flower essences for emotional balance, sexual health, meditation and relaxation.