Emotional Healing

imagesDeep Relaxation Therapy
Receive support and guidance to travel to the parts of yourself incomplete, separate and unresolved within yourself. You may have spiritual contracts, agreements or vows made with others in this lifetime or others that are holding you back and keeping you stuck. Let’s travel together to see what is needed to heal and unravel into the spirit!

Quantum Intuitive Healing
New Method of Healing: All levels of healing, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, and energetically. It’s a process where I can see the energy that’s blocked on the body, and then I hone in to that place and we travel together to unravel the weight, block or denseness in that area and then we remove it. Then after it has been removed anything your spirit and body is open to is able to receive. Many times the session moves into a loving and tantric place from there. It’s very gentle, powerful, intense and magical!

Shamanic Soul Journey & Emotional Release (Similar to Intuitive Hypnosis Therapy)
May include inner child, past life & soul healing
Includes energy work, breathwork, karma clearing and emotional healing

includes consultation, counseling, intention setting and other relaxation practice on this site as time allows.

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