Goddess Healing


The Ultimate Goddess to Goddess Pampering Treatment 
Negotiable Services and Modalities within the Session
30 minutes of Consultation (or more as necessary)
30 minutes to 1 hr of Hug Therapy, Deep Breathing Meditation,
&/or Energy Flowing Breathwork Meditation
30 minutes to 1 hr of Kundalini Awakening Breathwork, Reiki or other form of energy Healing,
&/or Aromatherapy Bath Treatment
1 hour of Aromatherapy Bath Reflexology Foot Massage, Nurturing Hand Massage & Scalp Massage
(or you may choose any other massage technique available)
Excellent for women who deserve to be treated like a Goddess, but either don’t have time to receive it, or don’t have someone who treats you the way you deserve.
Excellent for stress, healing, relaxation & bliss!
Also fantastic for women who have a hard time receiving and most often are always the one’s giving.
And, an amazing way to help your body and energy to flow in the way it was meant to naturally, but sometimes over time from not being treated in the way women deserve, their bodies can get repressed and shut down.
Women Only! That includes females, wives, girlfriends, sisters, mothers, daughters & best friends!
A Total of 3 Hours of Being Treated Like a Goddess! You deserve the best!!!!

Discount Available Upon Request! Flexible times (can be 1 hours up to 3).


The Ultimate Healing The Wounded Feminine Tantra Therapy Treatment 
30 minutes of Consultation (or more time if needed)
30 minutes to 2 hours of Hug Therapy (as long as it takes for you to feel comfortable, safe & loved!)
30 minutes of eye gazing, comforting gentle touch, & Guided Energy Flowing Breathwork Meditation
1 hour or more of Full Body Massage (Gentle Relaxing oil massage or any other technique you prefer) and Sacred Healing (as your body is open and if & when you are comfortable doing so, or any other form of healing supportive to you that you would be open to in Healing The Wounded Feminine).

Excellent for rape or sexual abuse survivors
Excellent for child abuse survivors
Excellent for women who are unable to get aroused or juicy.
Great for women who feel unloved, under-valued and un-nurtured in their relationship(s)
Great for women who are scared, feel alone or lost.
Also fantastic for women who are open in their bodies and want to ignite the possibility to become even more open, juicy or alive!
Great for stress relief, relaxation & a deep and internal sense of bliss!
Women Only! That includes females, wives, girlfriends, sisters, mothers, daughters & best friends!
A Total of 3 Hours of Healing! (we may go over as needed and if time permits). Can be turned into a shorter Session as needed.

Discount Available Based on Need.

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