Guided Meditations

Guided MeditationsPrivate Guided Meditations
Gain access to your relationship with the divine
Purify and cleanse your spirit and soul
Understand your blocks to living
Reconnect to your innocence, your heart and your spirituality

Connect deeply to your inner womb, sacred center, lower chakras or upper chakras and create circulation for your ovaries, and beautiful sexual center
$100.00 per hr
includes consultation, counseling, intention setting and other relaxation practice on this site as time allows.*

Spirit Initiation Sessions~~
Sessions For Energy Movement, Spiritual Healing & Raising Your Spiritual Vibration
Any form of reiki, chakra balancing, energy healing, bodywork & more! 


Belly & Womb Breathing Meditation

When we breathe into the belly, we breathe into the womb and then we begin to breathe into all of ourselves. Belly breathing is a yoga practice, and moving it into the womb it becomes a tantra practice. By going deep into our womb center, with our breath, we are loving our wombs and loving all of who we are! This is a great practice to balance hormones, calm deep emotions, get in touch with how we are truly feeling and create overall relaxation in the body! If you are having issues with your lower chakras and want to go love yourself as a woman, let me guide you to breathing into your belly. From here, we may move into other practices for healing, expansion, peace and love!


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