Exciting – All Things New!

Exciting – All Things New!

Blessings Beloveds, or those few who find me here,

Today is a new day, and I am here to celebrate! Perhaps this post will cross the boarder to all my blogs, but who knows! It is time now to say good bye to struggle, and survival mode, and move into thriving and celebrating! I am onto bigger and greater things and as I speak, I give forth the ideal of perfection within my soul’s consciousness and midst of dramatic confusion! I have begun a couple new blogs the past month or so, and am raveling in the glory of speaking the truth of who I am; not that I didn’t speak the truth before, but every new layer adds to the dimension of pleasure and joy in this body! As we all open our hearts and our souls, so too does our body follow!

My grandmother had passed in June, and in this she gave me the greatest gift, and I still feel VERY close to her even in her angelic state. I feel as though she is now watching over me, protecting, guarding me and perhaps too guiding me! I surrendered to prayer when she left, and opened my heart back to the written word; the bible, and also to my craft, in wicca, and also to my prayer with Hindu mantras, and too with Buddhist mantras, as well as sensing the presence of angels, and laying down to rest each night feeling the presence of her and my angel guides beside me. My dear son and I now hold new crystals we have fallen in love with during our rest, for continued healing, prayer and meditation. We have discovered amazing mala’s made out of crystals that heal specific conditions and they are helping us on multiple levels!


I started a new blog yesterday, called: MusingsofASolitaryWitch.wordpress.com, and it perhaps will be my fun and crafty site; something I’ve kept in the dark for VERY long, but something that truly has helped me all these years, as I integrate reiki, intention, working with angels and prayer in every practice, and only have the intention for love, light and healing with every practice and for anyone who chooses to ask me to craft up an intention ritual for themselves.

My other blog with lots of info on all World Religions, as well as some of the beautiful mala’s I have acquired is here: Universal Wisdom. I placed a new post to my Tantra Blog yesterday as well, about the wonderful crystals, and especially some for the chakras and kundalini! AwakenToLiving.com.

My intention is have my rent paid by Wednesday, and I KNOW it will happen. I surrender and let go!

The Power of Prayer – A Universal Practice

Whether you’re a Sufi, or a Seek, a Muslim, a Hindu, a Witch, a Buddha, a Shaman or a Christian, or something else, there IS power in prayer, no matter what your faith is.

Prayer is a practice that has power no matter what style someone is praying, or what tool they are using to pray, prayer in itself doesn’t require a religion, nor a tool to utilize while doing it. However, there is significance for some, to acquire a tool like prayer beads or mala beads, or candles or something else, to allow someone to have a focus in which to place their mind on the intention at hand. However, INTENTION, is all someone really needs. Anyone can be intentional, and it doesn’t require any specific prayer to a certain God, or angel or God or other in order to put focus on what someone wants, needs or is praying about.

Prayer in itself is magical. It can allow someone to have faith in an outcome, a belief to make something possible, and allows a shift in their energy to instead be about fear or failure, to instead be about trust, faith, acceptance and allowance.

Prayer puts your intention out into the universe and opens and expands your energy to let go of the desire and put it into the energy of the world. Prayer shifts your consciousness and surrenders your will into the world and the energy you are putting out their has more space to return back to you. When you keep your prayer inside, stay silent and hold the energy internally, you are leaving the prayer up to your own source; rather than allowing the WHOLE universe to help and assist you. The energy of the universe is ENORMOUS! Why not let the whole energy of the world assist you in your dreams!

No matter your faith, prayer creates miracles! And magic certainly DOES happen!

The Power of Your Own Energy

The Power of Your Own Energy

The Power of Your Own Energy

How do you know what your own energy feels like? Do you ever notice how people respond to you differently in different moments? Perhaps you are feeling sad, or depressed. Do you notice how people often will avoid you, or keep their distance during those times; even unspoken. Even your phone will ring less.

When you are feeling vibrant, charged up with energy, excited about life and full of life, do you notice the extreme opposite response to those around you? How people just want to flock to you, they “want some of that”, they want to know how or why you feel that way, and even if they could just take a taste of it they might be happy, or perhaps, learn what you are doing. In Landmark terms, this would be called, “The Occurring World”, how the world occurs for those around you. And, the occurring world can change as often as you change, when you speak different words, and when you vibrate at a different energy. (The people around you don’t even need to change.  When you change, your whole world changes, but this is a separate topic we shall address later).

Even your animals will respond to you differently when you are vibrating at a different frequency; one of higher love, or joy, or happiness. They will want to play with you, or be near you; perhaps longer or more frequently!

How do you know what energy other people pick up from you? In other words, what is the vibration you are giving off to the universe, and how is it impacting those around you, and how do you change it, raise it, or improve to so the people around you will be drawn to you like bees?

You can be like your own Energy Master, and shift, move, play with your own energy; like a Chi Gong Master or a Martial Arts Instructor, as you will it, so shall it be!

{~However, it is ALWAYS important to honor how you are feeling, when you are in moments of vulnerability. When the moments of vulnerability, in particular have more to do with what is going on inside of you, rather than energy you took on or felt from others.~}

You can pull the energy up from the Earth!
You can raise the heat in your own body!
You can cool yourself with elements of water.
You can move the energy around with your mind and visualize it changing,
expanding or circulating it so that it flows.

How do you change your own energy? Will it!!!! It is with your own intent that you can shift your energy, AND, personal development, deep release work and emotional clearing will also make a HUGE difference in the ability to will it to change. When you are incomplete with your personal healing and in the middle of a huge grief process, per say, or deeply raged about something you had no control over, then there is no way you can will these feelings off. They are too big.

Your own energy has enormous power, and if it is blocked, then the power is hidden! If your energy is open, circulating, expanding or flowing, then you have all the access to do with it what you will. We will discuss more about expanding and playing with your own energy in future posts! Look for a post called: Changing Your Own Energy that will follow up this post! 🙂

Knowing Your Intention

Knowing Your Intention
Knowing your intention, or how Tantra or Sex & Intimacy Coaching Can Help you!

Perhaps this is you: “I don’t know what my intention is and I don’t know how to figure out what it is.”
Here are some possible scenarios: 
1). You are married and are feeling completely disconnected from your wife. You want to connect to her but you don’t understand why she is disinterested in sex with you. You’ve tried everything you can think of, and your struggling in your mind about what direction to take. You’re feeling at a loss and completely dis-empowered in your marriage. You love her deeply, but don’t feel as though you’re getting through to her.2). You are single and alone. You are feeling very lonely, although you are afraid of letting yourself be open to a new partner. You’ve been deeply hurt in the past, and you are afraid to be hurt again. You feel as though you tried as hard as you could and the partners in your past didn’t appreciate you, or recognize the good things you offered in the relationship. You feel fed up, frustrated, hurt and alone, and you are looking for a way to change how you behave in a relationship, the pain from the past, and your ability to be open to someone new.

3). You’re in a relationship but are feeling completely frustrated and dissatisfied… continued on site.

See more at my Tantra site AsttarteDeva.com on the page Intimacy Coaching. For men or women!

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