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tantra bloggers and writersTantra Bloggers and Writers, and Tantra Readers, of course!!!!

To any of you who are bloggers out there: do you find it interesting, that when you blog to one audience, you tend to write in a certain way, and when you blog to a difference audience, you write in another? For example, when I wrote in SexBlissLifeCoach.blogspot.com (or HERE MyLoverMyBestFriend.wordpress.com), I write sexy articles, juicy pieces on love, intimacy, romance, tantric awakening, etc., and when I write to my new blog site TrueTantra.net, I actually write about the core of what Tantra truly is, and when I write to my blog IntuitiveSoulHealings.com, I write solely about healing, yoga, intuitive experiences and emotional healing. And, while I’m on a roll, when I write to my blog for women, it is just that, a blog for issues related to women! (HealingSacredWoman.com)

So when I return here, even just looking at the blog, and being here, the energy is filled with excitement. It raises an energy that feels fulfilling, eluminating, inspiring and empowering. I may just want to make some changes after all! (Delete moon fruit’s site, and consider renaming TrueTantra.net back to AsttarteDeva.com)…just a thought. However, when I’m here, I want to share about some sexy happenings, or potential sexual happenings.

So what are some sexy things you have done lately? Or, what are some sexy things you’re thinking of doing, want to do, or would love to make different in your life? A new lover perhaps, a new romantic vacation, to take your girlfriend/wife/boyfriend/partner on an anniversary dinner or get-away? Or perhaps rent a cabin and join some friends on a double or triple date? I’d love to hear some things you’re up to, and please don’t be shy!!!!


(PS. check out my new blogs listed above)