Tantra Philadelphia Community

Tantra Philadelphia Community – Temple of Love

Some of the Tantra Community events are described below. New Facebook page just launched. The first event will be scheduled in March. Check the facebook community page at: facebook.com/TempleofLovePhiladelphia.

Asttarte’s Tantra Community she offered back in 2008 through a Meetup Group called Temple of Love is now back!

Cuddle Yoga Gatherings

Come join Asttarte in a liberating, relaxing, nurturing and intoxicating cuddling experience! We will join together in circle, create a context of safety and love, and then have a couple practices of creating the experience of being deeply loved and held. We will start the evening with a short guided meditation and welcome circle, and then move into the Cuddle Yoga practice.  This is not the same as the popular CuddleParties! It is a separate practice all together! We will end with a social hour! Check it out!

Hugging Power 

The Power of the Breath & The Value of Hugging class is a gentle class for those who wish to have a hands on experience that is safe and fun. This class will offer you a new way of learning the art of hugging, and can create connection to the divine and to those in your lives.

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