Tantra Therapy Couples Coaching

Tantra Therapy Couples Coaching 

Shamanic Tantra Therapy Couples Coaching


Spiritual Shamanic Energy Healing

Any form of Gentle Energy Healing, Spiritual Healing or Shamanic Healing that shows up as needed in Session. To be determined upon Speaking or Meeting.


Shamanic Breathwork

Specific breathing exercise for connecting your kundalini energy to your source. Gets into yourself the specific issues you are dealing with that are ready to be released; anger, sadness, pain, grief, frustration, despair or fear. Removes the feeling of being alone, isolated from friends and loved ones and creates a deeper connection to those you care about the most. Lifts immediate stress, removing it as if it was never there before.

1 1/2 to 2 hr minimum session includes consultation, counseling, intention setting and other relaxation practice on this site as time allows and per discussion.


Transformational Breathwork

Specific breathing pattern to release stress and awaken to a full experience of bliss Awakening your breath to the blocks in your body, connecting your body and spirit, opening and expanding your heart and feeling satisfied and fulfilled in your body. Expands your capacity from being separated from humanity to being connected as part of the whole. Takes yourself from being an individual to being connected. Awakens a deep core pain stored far away inside your heart, and gives yourself the ability to let go and open up to a level of love for yourself and others possibly never felt before. Awakens a full potential of bliss no other breathwork can match.


If you want to be closer to the one you love, or have a satisfying relationship today, please email me at asttarte@lovesexandtea.com. You may fill out the Questionnaires at AsttarteDeva.com, take a peek at vcita.com/asttartedevayoga 




Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Tantra is available for healing, moving spiritual stagnant energy, repression, depression, relationship challenges, emotional healing, kundalini healing, chakra awakening, sexual blocks and more. One must have some spiritual background to do these type of Sessions. For those with no spiritual background, please see the Spiritual Program, and for those with emotional blocks, please see the Healing Program. One must have a base of spiritual knowledge and practice and be healthy in mind and heart to receive these sessions.



Tantra Level 1 is for those seeking Tantra and truly want to learn what tantra is, how to use it in your life and how to have it support you in your long term goals. To become a Master in Tantra, one must start with Tantra Level 1, and truly work on the foundation of tantra, understand and really live the understanding of tantra. To embody tantra is to start its journey from the beginning and build a true understanding from a place of wisdom and knowledge.

When one approaches tantra, and wants to learn, but is seeking it from a place of need, desperation, anxiety, frustration, anger, fear, sadness, or confusion, one must truly do the work to prepare for them to take on the journey of tantra. Tantra is not for any person. It is an Advanced Yoga Art and Ancient Wisdom from India, and is for those who “truly” want to embark on the Spiritual path, as well as for those who want to go deeper into Ancient Sacred Sexual Healing Arts. One must begin here! If you have worked through your emotions, and have embodied the breath, embodied the ability to be present and loving and no longer carry dense or dark energies, you are ready to take on Tantra Level 1. For those who still need to work through these barriers, we will start at the base level of healing; the emotions and the spirit.

For those who are ready for Tantra Level 1, you will learn:

About the Chakras and their healing purposes
About the breath, how you can work with your breath, and advance your breath to go deeper into the body
How to advance your energy to a higher level and circulate your kundalini energy flow
We may work on raising your consciousness to a higher level of awareness
About loving the self deeply with tantra!

Tantra Level 1 IS White Tantra!

Advanced Tantric Masters are practicing White Tantra.

Tantra is a practice of self love!

Tantra Level 2

Tantra Level 2 and Sessions for Energy movement allow you to release any blocks, body armoring, they create an opening in your energy so you can have more intimacy with your beloved and your greatest teacher; yourself. These sessions help to create openings and expansions so you can feel freer in your choices, your desires, and your role as a man or woman in the world. These sessions can be empowering, uplifting, releasing, relaxing, cleansing and rejuvenating. Sessions for Energy movement can be done with sound, the breath, body movements, energy and the powerful hidden energy of our thoughts. Some Sessions in Energy Movement might be the many faceted forms of energy healing and clearing I offer to teach you or to give you healing in, guided visualizations of your breath and your energy, massage techniques, breathing practices, chakra healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, and more.



Bliss Treatments for Couples 

Couples can come together and witness each other, or schedule one of the partner at a time. We will all meet together initially, and then proceed who will get started first and the structure that works best for each pair.

The Ultimate Emotional Healing Spiritual Therapy Treatment

30 minutes of Consultation, or longer if needed

10 minutes of Eye Gazing Deep Breathing Practice

30 minutes of Energy Balancing, Chakra Balancing, Chanting Emotional Vibrational Healing & Energy Balancing Technique

30 minutes +/- of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Matrix Work, IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) or Sound Therapy (screaming primal animal sounds, punching the floor or air in front of you while releasing anger, sounds and facial expressions, &/or Powerful Emotional Release Shamanic Exercise! 1 hour of Shamanic Breathwork, Ocean Breath or Powerful Guided Kundalini Awakening Breath from my Master Teacher (several kinds available to use) Excellent for those who are ready to take on their emotions, willing to admit their anger or sadness, and want to be empowered to be free of their feelings! Also fantastic for those going through major changes and transitions in their lives, or for those who are willing to step up to the next level of their evolution!

Will Total to 3 Hours of Complete Awakening!

You can create you Session however you like. This is a possible scenario! Discount Available Based on need.


The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Bliss Pamper Treatment

30 minutes of Consultation 1 hour of Reiki or other form of Energy Healing

30 minutes of Hug Therapy

1 hour of Shiatsu Massage, Jin Shin Do Acupressure, Thai Yoga Massage Bodywork or Spiritual Massage.

An excellent simple treatment of escape!

Great for women who need loving touch!

An excellent beginners Spiritual Healing and gentle loving Treatment!

Fantastic for those who know that all they need is a really long session of deep and utter relaxation!

Great for energy cleansing, self nurturing and body pampering or muscle healing.

A Total of 3 hours of Bliss! You can create you Session however you like. This is a possible scenario! Discount Available upon Request!


The Ultimate Healing Ecstasy Pamper Treatment

30 minutes of Consultation

30 minutes of Hug Therapy 30 minutes of Reiki or other form of Energy Healing

20 minutes of a guided Kundalini Breathwork Practice and Instructions of how to do it (specific breathing practice will be chosen depending on goals and issues that are communicated during the consultation)

1 hour of Deep Tissue Massage, Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Jin Shin Do or Spiritual Massage while incorporating the breathing practice taught prior to the start of the massage Excellent for those just getting started in spiritual tantra, feeling alone in the world, in pain or desiring a sense of pleasure and relief of stress Excellent form of self nurturing Awaken a heightened sense of touch, an ability to feel full body bliss solely with the breath and give yourself the gift of loving yourself!

A Total of 3 hours of Ultimate Bliss! You can create you Session however you like. This is a possible scenario!

Discount Available upon Request!


The Ultimate Spirit Energy Alignment Healing Treatment

30 minutes of Consultation

30 minutes of energy scanning and intuitive counseling

30 minutes of chakra balancing meditation or chakra balancing healing

1 hour of Reiki Therapy or other form of Energy Healing

30 minutes of Frequency Balancing and Axiotonal Alignment Techniques (Full Frequency Balancing Session or Axiotonal Alignment Initiation upon request or suggestion) May also receive cord cutting from someone you wish to detach from, past life healing, or angel card reading.

Grounding Techniques and deep embraced hug at the end!

Excellent for those undergoing a major amount of stress, those who want to expand their knowledge of spiritual healing and have hands on experience and for those who want one on one tutoring in self healing, spiritual enhancement and soul connection.

Excellent for those who have an understanding that we are all made of energy, and the more we cleanse our own energy, the more we can be purified of our past, connect to our spiritual power and make anything we want happen for our future.

Great for spirit guidance and understanding where you are presently on your path!

A total of 3 hours of connection to spirit and your soul!

You can create you Session however you like. This is a possible scenario!

Discount Available Based on need.

If an Axiotonal Alignment Initiation occurred during the Session, extra fees may apply. We can discuss this before agreeing to the Alignment.


The Ultimate Physical Stress Body Pampering Treatment

30 minutes of Consultation

30 minutes of Reiki or other form of Energy Healing

30 minutes of Jin Shin Do Bodymind Acupressure

1 hour of Spiritual Massage 30 minutes of head, neck, foot and hand massage!

Deep kundalini breathing always occurs even when not requested.

When the body needs to release energy and it flows through me, it happens naturally. My breath guides you to your relaxation. An excellent form of full body pampering from your every cell to your every muscle!

Complete and total stress relief!

Excellent for tired, sore & achy muscles or for those who don’t have energy to do anything.

A Total of 3 hours of complete ultimate relaxation!

You can create you Session however you like. This is a possible scenario! Discount Available Upon Request!


The Ultimate Love Yoga Workout Energizing Treatment

30 minutes of Consultation

30 minutes of Deep Breathing and Energizing Meditation 30 minutes of Hug Therapy

15 minutes of Yab Yum exercises

15 minutes of chakra toning

1 hour of Spiritual Massage Great for people who have a lot of passion and power, or sex drive but don’t know how to channel their energies effectively.

Great for people who have high emotions, but get caught up and stuck in them, instead of letting them move through you.

Excellent for opening blocked energies in the body Powerful Treatment for people who are guarded or repressed, or numb and stuck in their own bodies, and resistant to taking action in areas that matter to you or that would be important in your growth.

Also excellent for self nurturing and being given the gift of nurturing, heightened awareness & love!

A Total of 3 Hours of Kundalini Awakening!

You can create you Session however you like. This is a possible scenario! Discount Available Based on need.

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