Therapy vs. Coaching

Why Coaching over Therapy??praiseworks-wordpress-com

Coaching is about building the life YOU want to live!

Coaching is about creating YOUR future! Having the life of your dreams!

Coaching takes where you are today and helps you build a new outlook on life to make your dreams happen for tomorrow!

Tantra Therapy Sessions

Please don’t confuse Tantra Therapy with Coaching. They are two totally separate and distinct practices. After many years of being in private practice for Healing Sessions, I’ve come to discover the missing link.

With Relationship Coaching, we can get to the bottom of your relationship troubles and untangle the web of confusion and dissatisfaction you are experiencing.

If you are sexually frustrated, lonely in a relationship, unacknowledged or not appreciated, distant from your partner, uninterested in being close to your partner, but love them, or only interested in sex but not the person, Relationship Coaching may be your answer.

If you’re not looking for Healing in your present relationship or an old relationship, but are interested in Tantra and trying to heal it on your own, a one on one Tantra Session may be more suited for you.  If you want to be closer to the one you love, or have a satisfying relationship today, please email me at and call 347-618-1276

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