What’s New


What’s New:

Coaching to support you in your relationships, whether to stay or leave and make the choices best for you, to love yourself fully and understand your deepest needs and the best steps to help you heal and gain access to your hearts feelings.
1st ten minutes of a Phone Call is a consultation.

Asttarte is a featured author in the book: Recovering the Spirit, From Sexual Trauma; from the Traumatic to the Ecstatic ~ See Books at AsttarteDevaYoga.com!

Workshops for women in the Philadelphia area ~ 
check the Workshops page and join the mailing list to find out dates and updates!
Cord Cutting Sessions

EET – Emotional Energy Therapy; a form of Gestalt Therapy, Hypnosis and Self Inquiry with the Inner Child.

Intuitive Hypnosis Therapy

Quantum Intuitive Healing

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