A Workshop for Women

With Asttarte Deva

Feb. 15, 2013
Sat. 12 to 4

As woman, we will join together in circle, and celebrate our moons. We will  honor our feelings and create awareness of practices to surrender into our body, harmonize and recirculate our energy to create emotional harmony and balance.

You will Learn To:

Fall in love with yourself as a Woman; 
Acknowledge your inner fire and your inner child
Listen to your bodies inner wisdom
Take action and learn specific practices to circulate the ovaries, 
Meditations for your cycle and emotions.
Emotional Clearing for specific issues that are coming up for you
Do Mantra for Empowering the Woman
Yoga for Grounding, Centering and Calming the Woman


tantra anger releaseTantra Anger Release and Inner Power
A Workshop for Women

Come join Asttarte Deva Shakti Bliss for an all day healing extravaganza!

Transform your inner demons, your shadow side, and welcome in the light, the beauty and miracle of who you are!

Asttarte will offer:

Ø Healing Practices for Releasing Anger
Ø Tantra Yoga Practices for Releasing Anger
Ø Tantra Breathwork Practice for Releasing Anger
Ø Meditation for Inner Peace, Harmony and Balance
Ø Yin Yoga for Calm and Relaxation
Ø Breathing Practices to break open your inner demons!
Ø Breathing Practices for Grounding, Balancing and Self Love!


flower of a woman workshopFlower of A Woman Workshop  

Taught by Asttarte Deva.
Tell your wives and Girlfriends!

Empowering and unfolding the Goddess within you! Honoring and Embracing the Divine Feminine. Spiritual Healing practices to open up your heart, connect to your inner Goddess, Raise your Spiritual Vibration, Affirm you Deserve to be loved, let go of the pain inside you and be a stand for love ~ Becoming the Goddess you are meant to be.

A 2 Day Workshop for Women!
Day 1 will be filled with Spiritual practices, training and the workshop at large.
Day 2 women will have a chance to go deeper into their Healing, a Support Group of other women to be held by and to hold in circle, prayer and love.


Saturday, August 26th

“Empowering and unfolding the Goddess within you!”

“Honoring and Embracing the Divine Feminine.”

10 am – Tea, Pillows and Blankets
Setting up your space!
10:30 – What does it mean to be a Goddess?
11:30 – Your Spiritual Heritage – Who are Your Goddess Mentors?
12:00 – light snack
12:30 – Yin Yoga Class
2:30 – Goddess Healing Circle
sharing tears, challenges, struggles and joys!
3:30 – Goddess Meditation
Calling in our Goddess Ancestors, Prayers for Healing, Expansion and Empowerment
4:30 – Shamanic Healing
Releasing the pains inside us!
Breathwork Practices to move the emotions out!
6 – Shamanic Grounding
Drumming, Dance, Music and Gratitude
7:30 – Dinner
9pm – Affirmations of the Goddess
Creating an Affirmation for each Woman Participant
Taking a Stand for what she deserves!
10pm – Closing Ceremony

Today is only the Beginning!

Gratitude Stick
Drumming close – AHO!
10:30 pm – Reiki Healing for those who wish to stay


Informal Exploratory Adventure
Honoring the Needs of the Goddess
Women Empowering Women
Today is a chance to rest and integrate that which showed up for you yesterday.
There is no formal class planned or presentation held.
Today women get the experience of being held by other women if they need, relax, or go deeper into their healing.
Tea, Beverages and snacks will be available throughout the day.
Bring your pillows, blankets or Yoga mats.
Explore your Inner Goddess.
Share the Mother you are!

I’ll see you on the other side!



I wish for you all the love you ever dreamed of!


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